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2Performant Affiliate Network Review

2Performant is a Technology Company and a leading Affiliate Network based in Romania. The Affiliate Network believes in providing marketing democracy, transparency and performance. It believes that online marketing can become accessible to anyone if they have the right skill and effort. The Network also supports a new class of independent, highly skilled professionals and also open-minded business entrepreneurs.

The Network is super fast, along with being user-friendly and intuitive. It offers all your needs, including API for automating everything. Plus, it has a team of dedicated professionals who are going to help you grow and achieve the results you are dreaming of! Advertisers and publishers love the Platform as it constantly adds dozens of new shops each quickly.

2Performant For Advertisers

2Performant offers you Pay per Conversion Advertising where advertisers can access over 11 years of online expertise. You can quickly launch Affiliate Program for your online store and connect to numerous Affiliates and online sales specialists with over 5,00,000 sales.

The Network grants you access to a community of thousands of Affiliates who can become your customers and help you promote your products/services. You can expect your sales to grow, and you only have to pay your affiliates only for completed sales. The Affiliate Network also offers you tools to work with thousands of partners at one go with one invoice.

Plus, you can expect more traffic from various sources, and the best part is that the traffic that does not convert is absolutely FREE! You get the freedom to choose your Affiliates, and then you can decide how much commission you wish to offer. 2Performant also provides you with various ways to keep track of your sales about where they come from, who is advertising your store, and from where.

Benefits of 2Performant for Advertisers

  • 2Performant offers you real-time statistics and a comprehensive dashboard through which you can monitor all your activities from a single interface.
  • The Network also offers you multiple payment methods.
  • The Platform also offers tracking codes for your assistance which you can add to your website quickly.
  • Advertisers get a separate promotion section where they can announce all their latest updates about their sales campaigns and new offers.
  • It also offers a direct messaging system to stay in touch with the community. It also provides custom conditions that offer you enough flexibility.
  • Lastly, it offers you Advertising Banner Tools and API usage through which you can convey your brand's message clearly and inculcate automation.

2Performant For Affiliates

2Performant for Affiliates is an excellent way to earn passive income online. You get to choose from hundreds of online stores, promote them and earn an excellent commission. You could generate online sales and great revenue if you got the digital skills.

If you have a Blog, a website, Vlogs, Comparison sites, Cashback sites, Publishers, PPC Experts, Email Marketing and Content websites – All of you can become Affiliates with 2Performant. The Network has over 531 advertisers who are working, and it has paid €27,694,487 to its affiliates in commissions!

Benefits of 2Performant for Affiliates

  • You get the freedom to choose which programs you work with and how to achieve the goals you set.
  • It offers Affiliates a way to earn extra money in their free time, or they can even bravely take up Affiliate Marketing as a Full-time lifestyle or business.
  • As a 2Performant Affiliate, you get a chance to work with big brands which you have not even thought of!
  • You can work from anywhere and earn significant revenue.
  • Even you can grow your skills to drive better results.

2Performant Mode of Payment and Minimum Payouts

  • According to 2Performant, it processes your payment request each Wednesday and verifies the same between last Wednesday and Tuesday. So the payouts are offered weekly.
  • Also, the minimum payout which you can withdraw is 25 EURO or 100 RON, excluding bonuses offered by 2Performant.
  • The Payment methods offered are – PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer.


We have reviewed 2Performant Affiliate Network and found it to be highly beneficial for both the Affiliates and the Advertisers. Also, after reading all the online reviews about the Network, we can undoubtedly say that it is a reliable Affiliate network that will deliver excellent support through which you can achieve your goals.

Specification: 2Performant

Number of Offers


Commission Type


Minimum Payment


Payment Frequency

Weekly upon request

Payment Method

PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer

Referral Commission


Tracking Software

In-house proprietary platform

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