Review 2024: Is it a Reliable Ad Network?

Looking for an in-depth review? Here it is! In this review, we have tried to cover almost all the features and tools that are offered by Adport while understanding how you can leverage your advertising and publishing operations. It is worth mentioning that, as an advertising platform offers some excellent figures, such as 3 billion+ monthly visits, and the availability of around 220 Geo is something in itself.

Adport has equipped itself for advertisers and publishers, who are experiencing a digital revolution, in various ways. Push notifications, popups, in-page pushes, direct links, interstitials, and rich media are a few of Adport's multi-format offerings. The webmaster, advertiser, agency, affiliate, and ad network are all included on Adport's mobile and desktop platforms.

Adport offers a wide range of services that may be used to monetize you as an advertiser or publisher. To start, we will examine what Adport can do for you in-depth as an advertiser or publisher. AdPort is a great option for advertisers in terms of advertising, as we will look at all the features it offers and how they may help you as a whole in the later sections.

How Advertisers & Publishers can use Adport? In-depth Review Reviews

As an advertising network, Adport offers some excellent features for both advertisers and publishers. Overall, Adport offers different ad formats and some standalone features that can work as an upscaling factor for you. In the below-mentioned sections, we have mentioned some of the perks that one can get while using Adport for advertising and publishing operations.

Minimum payment requirement $50
Payment methodsCredit cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Paxum
CommissionUpto 85% Revshare
Commission typeeCPM, Revshare, CPL

How can Advertisers take Benefit from

Adport for advertisers

Below mentioned are some of the perks that can be really helpful for advertisers while using

  • Worldwide coverage: Adport's global reach makes it a compelling option; with more than 220 Geos and diverse categories, offers a large subscriber list so that marketing and advertising efforts are more targeted.
  • Advanced filter options: Adport provides several filtered targeting options; geos, region, device, carrier, and OS version are all among them.
  • Multiple creatives for Push ads: Using Adport, you can perform A/B testing to improve upon tried and true formulas, regardless of which set of targeted filters feels best; this way, everything can be analyzed in a better way.
  • Automated ad optimization: Adport provides automated ad optimization, which can be beneficial for advertisers in many ways; ad optimization may help save time and effort while expanding the reach and lead generation.
  • Anti-fraud protection: Adport's anti-fraud protection, in addition to all the benefits listed above, may help to ensure that safe advertising practices are performed. The automatic and manual bot filtering found in Adport's firewall is designed to prevent fraud.
  • Multiple ad formats available: Adport offers a variety of ad formats that may be used for a variety of purposes. You may optimize these ad formats based on audience group, device, and location so that you may find the ad format that is most suitable for your purposes. These ad formats include caskets, punchers, spinners and tripods.

How can Publishers take Benefit from

Adport for publishers

Adport offers some excellent features for publishers; some of them are mentioned below:

  • Rev share: One of the key features that make an advertising network a good choice for publishers is the commission; well, if we look at this thing, offers up to 85% revenue share, which is comparatively high in the market.
  • Easy integration available: Well, having an easy integration for can be really helpful in a number of ways, as it makes things easy going from the publisher's POV.
  • Real-time data: Another perk of using as your advertising network basically includes real-time data seen for your advertising and publishing operations.
  • Monetizing every single user: As a publisher, converting all of your traffic into monetary perks can be really helpful for your product listing, etc.; as a result, you can earn more eCPM on your traffic, returning more overall earnings.
  • Multiple payment options: While using an advertising platform, publishers always seek multiple payments as it can help in delivering more value and trustworthiness among publishers. If we look forward to, it offers various payment options, including Credit cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Paxum, therefore making it an excellent choice among publishers.

Since we are now done with all the perks that both advertisers and publishers have, its time to get along with the ad formats that are offered by Adport for its users.

Adport Ad Formats: Expanding Reach using Ad Formats

Having different types of ad formats by your side can be really helpful in a number of ways, as it can help in making things better overall for your advertising and publishing operations. Below mentioned are some of the ad formats that are offered by Adport:

  • Push notifications: Push notifications are a type of clickable message that is sent to mobile and desktop users who have signed up for push notifications; furthermore, these notifications may result in higher conversion rates due to the fact that they are delivered to recipients who have given prior consent to certain websites or apps, resulting in higher overall reach.
  • Pop-up and on-click notifications: Pop-ups and on-click notifications can be an excellent way to improve the reach of your ads. In addition to this, the pop ads appear on a new tab when your recipient clicks a site item, resulting in increased user engagement and revenue. When they're advertising, they appear on your recipient's screen as they browse and display the website you're promoting, which can be an excellent revenue generator with 100% completion.
  • In-page push notifications: In-page Push notification ads on a webpage are a new, user-friendly method for advertisers to connect with their audiences. An in-page push notification appears on a webpage, but it does not require subscription permissions and appears alongside relevant content (on a publisher's website), making them more likely to be found. It is available on all OSs, devices, and browsers (including iOS). In-page push notifications, therefore, may be an excellent next step to generating better leads and reach.
  • Smartlinks: Overall, Smartlink can be an excellent thing for both advertisers and publishers, as it can deliver the finest offers. Smartlink picks the most suitable offer for each user from the traffic you drive automatically and efficiently. You can put it on images, text links, or hide it under a button. It can also be used in conjunction with other types of advertising, such as pop-ups or push notifications. Smartlinks, in general, can be good for both companies and consumers.
  • Interstitial: An interstitial ad is a full-screen or overlay ad that is shown at natural transition points in the flow of an app or website. It usually covers the interface of the app or website. When an ad is displayed, the user can either click on it and continue to its destination or close it and return to the app or website. There are two available options as an advertiser: classic or scratch-based ads.

Looking forward to more ad types, you can make your way around some additional ad types and formats that can help in making the user experience way better:

  • Puncher: The Puncher ad format is worth mentioning, as it appears at the bottom of the page and consists of two images. Using pre-defined skins, ad interaction is likely to increase, resulting in content that is both shareable and engaging.
  • Tripod ads: The Tripod ad comprises three distinct pictures, and this is a terrific method to convey diverse offers to the audience. Just like the other ads described earlier, the Tripod ad appears at the bottom of the screen and is only available on mobile.
  • Spinners: These ads, which are typically located in the lower right corner, are dynamic and show two different images. Apart from displaying two different advertisements or bargains in a single position, spinners can be a good way to reach a larger customer base by making them interactive and shareable using pre-made skins.
  • Caskets: Caskets expand from the bottom of the site but collapse to stay at the bottom to reach a larger audience. Pre-defined skins can be a great way to reach a wider audience and generate better results in terms of reach and lead generation.

Since we have now covered up all the features and ad formats, now comes the question of whether Adport is an excellent choice overall for you.

Top FAQs on Review

What is an Ad network?

Ad networks are online advertising platforms that connect advertisers with publishers. Ad networks are often free and easy to use, but there are a few pros and cons to consider before you sign up. Ad networks typically charge advertisers a fee to display their ads on a publisher’s website. Depending on the ad network, this fee can range per 1,000 impressions. Ad networks also offer other benefits for both parties involved in an advertising deal.

Is a trusted choice compared to Google Adsense?

If you are looking for a trusted Google Adsense alternative, can be an excellent choice, has also recently added rich ad formats.

What are the different types of ad formats available for Advertisers? offers 5 different ad formats for Advertisers including Push, Pop/On Click, In-Page Push, Smartlink and Interstitial. In addition to all this also offers different rich media options as well including Casket, Puncher, Spinner, and Tripod.

Final Verdict: Is a Good Advertising Network for me?

Although Adport can be an efficient option for advertisers and publishers, it is a good choice for both. In terms of ad formats, Adport has everything a marketer or publisher would want to boost reach and conversions. Advertisers and publishers will get the most out of push, pop/onclick, in-page push, smartlinks, and interstitial ad formats.

One of the more interesting aspects of Adport is the rich media options available for mobile users, including casket, puncher, spinner, and tripod. In addition to all of that, the commission structure is pretty excellent, with up to 85% rev share available, which is higher than the commission offered by other networks and platforms.

Adport has got around 300 publishers, 500 advertisers, 220 geolocations, and over 3.5K campaigns running, in addition to monthly traffic of over 3 billion. Therefore, Adport can be an excellent choice for both advertisers and publishers.

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