Adsellerator Affiliate Review

Don't know whether Adsellerator is an excellent choice as an affiliate network? Are you confused about choosing an excellent affiliate network for you?

Well, Adsellerator has made some name as an affiliate network, but what features and payment methods are offered by Adsellerator?

You might be amazed to know that Adsellerator has made its name among the top-tier players in terms of high payouts, commissions, etc.

What is Adsellerator?

Adsellereor is an affiliate network that offers a wide variety of offers to different sectors of businesses and was founded in 2015 in Moscow, Russia. It can help you with business leads, affiliate promotion and monetization tools to help you build your business. In addition to all the tools and features, adsellerator has more than 3000 partners with around 174 clients. Well, Adsellerator delivers different services as per the need of the advertisers and partners. While using the services offered by Adsellerator, one thing that made it a standalone affiliate network.

For Advertisers:

As I have already mentioned above, Adsellerator offers different services for advertisers and partners. As an advertiser, you can get along benefits such as traffic from owned sources, anti-fraud solutions, advertising materials development, and much more.

For Partners:

Adsellerator offers different services for partners such as Dynamic personal payouts, excellent customer support, and cooperation with different payment methods. The standalone feature found in Adselleratoe was its payment methods and the payout options that are offered, where most of the affiliate network offers bi-weekly payout frequency. In contrast, Adsellerator offers up to daily frequency payout options.

Balance in the Ecosystem

One of the things that grabbed my attention was its balance between the publishers and the advertisers, having a balance between these two parties can result in better traffic quality monitoring as well as advertising solutions for both parties; this can also be helpful in running an impactful advertising campaign at the same time.

Flexible Payment Options

As compared to other affiliate networks, the payment options offered by Adsellerator are much more. The payment methods offered by adsellerator are:

  • Webmoney
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Paypal and much more

In addition to all this, the type of commissions that Adsellerator offers are CPA and CPS.

Hopefully, this small brief has helped you get an overview of what Adsellerator is and how advertisers and partners can help it for their benefit.



Specification: Adsellerator

Number of Offers


Commission Type


Minimum Payment

1500 rubles

Payment Frequency


Payment Method

WebMoney, QIWI, Capitalist, Yandex.Money, Bitcoin, Wire, Bank Card

Referral Commission


Tracking Software


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