AdsEmpire Review 2024- Is it the Best Affiliate Network?

Are you an Affiliate Marketer looking to boost your income? This AdsEmpire Review should definitely help you in doing so.

Be it any Entrepreneur, managing a successful business requires continuous growth. This growth corresponds to the new horizons which you can explore to generate a new source of income. This certainly does not mean starting a new business but figuring out how to improve and expand the current one by offering more value to your consumers and followers. And that's what the new Affiliate marketing has become.

AdsEmpire Review – Facts Upfront 

Ad NetworkAdsEmpire
Commission TypeCPL, CPS, CPA
Minimum Payout$250
Payment FrequencyWeekly, Monthly
Referral CommissionN/A
Available Payment MethodsWire, Paxum, PayPal, Genome, Paysera, Bitcoin

What is AdsEmpire? In-Depth AdsEmpire Review 

What is AdsEmpire

AdsEmpire is another fast-growing Affiliate network that offers uncountable profitable opportunities with dating vertical for affiliates and advertisers. It is a new tech network that focuses on adding the latest features to make the job of affiliates easier. They have the best technologies to help you monetize 100% of the traffic in any convenient way, either via direct CPA offers or Smartlink.

It is continually improving ways to earn more money through traffic monetization and offers exciting CPA offers and Smartlink services. Also, it only provides dating vertical which you can totally focus on. So irrespective of the niches, you can get along with this network as international traffic is accepted. Also, there are no chances of cheats, frauds, or incentive traffic being accepted by AdsEmpire. Also, the traffic has to observe any corporate rules outlined by the platform or its advertisers. By doing so, you can definitely accept high-quality traffic.

How to Join AdsEmpire? (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Join AdsEmpire

Well, I found it quite easy to join this network and start your incredible programs with it. Also, there are numerous ways to do that like:

  • An Advertiser
  • CPA network Affiliate
  • A SmartLink Affiliate

Just follow these simple steps to join AdsEmpire. 

  • First, head to their official website and start signing up, which will hardly take a few minutes.
  • Next, you only have to fill in the necessary details like name, website, email and other essential information.
  • Just follow the steps and mention what exactly you want to do with AdsEmpire by specifying the correct information.
  • And then wait for the account to be approved.
  • Finally, as soon as you get the good news that your account is being approved, you can complete your registration process quickly.

As far as my experience with AdsEmpire is concerned, it took me 2 days to get this process done along with the waiting period. But as it got approved, I found it much easier to use it. And when I started my campaign, even their team members did help me out with the process at my convenience.

What makes AdsEmpire Special ? Advantages of AdsEmpire 

Advantages of AdsEmpire

AdsEmpire is a leading and continuously expanding network that offers both affiliates and advertisers a variety of profitable options across various niches. Their most advanced monetization tools allow you to monetize 100% of your traffic in numerous ways, including direct CPA offers and Smartlink technology.

  • Unique Platform: You can use CPA and Smartlink offers both at the same time.
  • Best offers: They offer you the best selection of the most converting offers
  • Verticals: AdsEmpire focuses only on Dating vertical.
  • GEOs: Their offers cover more than 50 countries, with the best EPCs covered by the platform’s offerings.
  • Profit: You can get additional revenue with our rewards and bonuses after monetizing 100% of your traffic
  • Tools: They offer their LP optimization tools will choose the best landings for you
  • Payment: They offer flexible payment options with a wide selection of options
What are the Accepted Traffic Types by AdsEmpire? 

AdsEmpire accepts all legal traffic that does not break their advertiser's corporate laws and standards. Also, they don't accept fraudulent traffic, incentive traffic or chat traffic. So make sure you are aware of the fact that few of the sponsors restrict traffic sources such as SMS, Email, Clickunder or Popunders and Celebrity. And if you do not alert your account manager before time regarding such traffic, then the company reserves the right to withhold part or all of your traffic values. I would recommend you check the description of each special deal, as there may be other general traffic restrictions for specific offers.

AdsEmpire Payout Scheme- How does AdsEmpire Offer Payouts? 

Payment Terms of AdsEmpire 

AdsEmpire offers commission on a NET30 basis which can also be adjusted to a weekly basis provided that your account currently generates more than $500 per month and also your preferred mode of payment is not Bank Transfer.

And the payment methods offered by AdsEmpire are: 

  • Wire
  • Paxum
  • PayPal
  • Genome
  • Paysera
  • Bitcoin

Also, note down this point that if your statutory maximum of $1500 is not even met once, they will downgrade your payment plan and then the commissions will be paid on a Net30 basis rather than a weekly basis. And then, if you want to return to weekly payments, you have to meet the indicated maximum of 5 weeks in a row. Once you meet that criteria, you will be upgraded back to weekly payments. In case the commissions exceed $3000, the bank charges will be split evenly between you and them.

In case your account balance falls below the minimum balance, it will be carried forward the next month until it reaches the minimum balance. Moreover, AdsEmpire reserves the right to chargeback payments for Qualified Actions that do not match the standards mentioned in their payment terms. As you are an Affiliate and are working as an independent contractor, your relationship with the company cannot be classified as an employee.

Any social security charges, fees or taxes based on profits taken through the company are solely your responsibility.

Terms of Fine by AdsEmpire- Key points to note!

Oh yes. There can be fines. Now that's because whenever you provide obsolete, incorrect or wrong billing data, the company has to pay band penalties for the reimbursement commission paid. And to overcome that, AdsEmpire has the right to collect additional charges or fines for an incorrect or old payment function.

So in what case the company can fine you? Well, we have enlisted a few of them: 

  • You failed to notify your personal manager in a timely manner after updating your payment information.
  • You have them incorrect, erroneous, or out-of-date payment information.
  • You alter the payment details without notifying them (after the payment was done.)
  • Because of negligence or other instances which they incur additional fees.

Fines & Deductions by AdsEmpire

The fine amount to be charged is determined on the invoice amount and ranges from:

  • Fine of $50 or equivalent in the currency of payment for invoices up to $5,000.
  • Fine of $100 or equivalent in payment currency for invoices between $5,000 and $10,000.
  • Invoices over $10,000 – the amount of the fine is determined by the facts of each case, but I think that it will not be less than $200 or the equivalent in the payment currency.

Who should Choose AdsEmpire? 

  • Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Local businesses
  • Website Owners
  • Any other type of Business Owners

In what Cases can your AdsEmpire Account be Suspended?

AdsEmpire can suspend or close your account on the following grounds: 

  • If you violate their terms and conditions
  • If you don't abide by their Email policies and Partners' PPC policies
  • In case your site is using a trademark of our partners to advertise a dating site that is not part of their list
  • If your site is hosted for free
  • Your site has only banners and minimal content
  • In case your site is only in the development phase
  • Your site is not accessible or does not function correctly
  • Your site contains abusive or inappropriate information
  • If any automatic program redirects users from your site to a site of their partners.
  • Unlawful photographic material or content is placed on your website

Which Offers of AdsEmpire you can Use? 

Following are few of the offers by which you can try out. Check out AdsEmpire website and try out these latest offers for the best prices. 

AdsEmpire Offers

These are the latest Dating brands on DE, AT, CH, BE, and NL geos.

FindeDates, Treffegirls, DatesGernDE$4,00 /$4,00
FlirtenHier, EspaceFlirt, ModeFlirtAT$5,00 / $4,50
DateMij, LieveLiefde, TousLes2, AmourEtMoiBE$3,50 / $3,00
Senioren-dates, Imluving, Flirtyon, TaptoloveNL$4,00 / $3,50

There are also other offers like: 

  • XxxKiosk — mob $4.00 / web $4.50
  • ScharfeLiebe — mob $4.00 / web $4.50
  • HomoRadar — mob $4.00 / web $4.50
  • LilaHerzen — mob $4.00 / web $4.50
  • Engelderliebe — mob $4.00 / web $4.50
  • KlasseLeute — mob $4.00 / web $4.50
  • BumsFlirt — mob $4.00 / web $4.50

AdsEmpire Rewards and Recognition 

AdsEmpire Rewards and Recognition

Awards and recognition are like adding more feathers to caps for any company. The efforts of a company are recognized by the community as being good. And AdsEmpire has certainly got a few of them. 

It is awarded as the best marketing solution provider of the year at the Dubai Affiliate Grand Slam award ceremony. Now that's a significant achievement for an Affiliate network. AdsEmpire does want to know our users, and this is a great way to do so. Also, the AdsEmpire's biggest meetup yet took place a few weeks ago.

AdsEmpire, along with Conversion Club, also organized an epic event in Dubai for affiliates from all over the world. This was great as people made new partnerships, enjoyed themselves and shared their experiences. Now the purpose of such events is to connect you with the industry leaders and grow by connecting to people whom you normally wouldn’t.

AdsEmpire also sponsors many events across the Globe one among them was FIFA event which was held in Mexico. Also, the network was shortlisted in the International Performance Marketing Awards as well.

Pros and Cons of AdsEmpire – AdsEmpire Review 

  • AdsEmpire is an intuitive and unique platform.
  • It offers a wide range of offers 
  • Global Coverage with more than 50 of the top EPCs in the world.
  • Offers optimization tools for Landing pages
  • Offers optimization tools for Landing pages
  • It offers expensive payout rates when compared to its competitors. 

Top FAQs on AdsEmpire Review 2024

What is AdsEmpire?

AdsEmpire is a leading and fast-growing Affiliate network that offers numerous profitable opportunities with dating vertical for affiliates and advertisers. They make use of top-notch technologies to help you monetize 100% of your traffic in convenient ways via direct CPA offers or Smartlinks, or even both.

Which are the Payment modes offered by AdsEmpire? 

AdsEmpire offers Wire, Paxum, PayPal, Genome, Paysera, Bitcoin payment systems.

Is there any prime vertical in AdsEmpire? 

Dating vertical can be considered as a prime vertical in AdsEmpire with the highest conversions.

What is the minimum Payout for AdsEmpire? 

In the case of Payoneer, PayPal, Wire Transfer and Paxum, the money transfer amount is $1500 per week, and the minimum payout is $250 per month.

How often is the Statistics on AdsEmpire updated? 

All the statistics on AdsEmpire are updated every 15 minutes in the ‘Reports’ section of your account.

How long will it take to approve your application? 

As per my AdsEmpire Review, mostly, they do need 48 hours to review an application.

AdsEmpire Review – Final Verdict | Is AdsEmpire Worth the Shot?

Affiliate Marketing has now become a million-dollar industry and provides sustainable income opportunities to all the Affiliates who are sincere and dedicated and have a commitment over the longer run. And in this field, you have to rapidly grow and keep yourself updated with the latest advertisers and affiliate offers which can serve you a higher income.

And for a successful Business, you do require tools, and that's where AdsEmpire can help you grow your Business with outstanding features and its latest technologies and much more, which can help you get 100% out of the Affiliate marketing Business.

Hopefully, this AdsEmpire Review did help you in figuring out if it can work well for you.

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