What exactly is AdsFast?

AdsFast is an ad agency that promotes Android and iOS apps massively. It has a highly curated collection of advertising ideas that help in generating mobile web traffic. Headquartered in the USA, it specializes in generating top promotion ideas. Also, it has partners, namely Adjust, AppsFlyer, Kochava, and others.

Top Features of AdsFast

Every company differentiates due to its unique features. Likewise, AdsFast also has some appealing features that are listed below:

Account Management team: AdsFast has a fully dedicated account management team that helps the users in case of any query and concerns. In addition, they answer any query within one day. They also have a team of expert professionals who cater to users' needs and preferences. Hence, you will not face any challenges once you avail yourself of the AdsFast membership.

Fraud detection team: AdsFast provides its users with a feasible fraud detection plan that helps remove suspicious and fraudulent activities. Additionally, removing the fraudulent activities help in maintaining quality traffic in ads. Also, it helps promote the Android and iOS apps organically. Eventually, you can increase your ad’s visibility greatly.

Advertising policy: AdsFast has got a viable advertising policy. Moreover, it emphasizes targeted and data-driven advertising. In addition, there are risk-free pricing campaigns like CPA, CPI, CPL, and others. Interestingly, it provides worldwide coverage for accumulating mainstream traffic.

Network expansion: AdsFast has a team of expert professionals who work passionately for the customers. In addition, you can work with its network of more than 300 professional publishers, ad networks, and media teams. Eventually, you can know and understand how to promote the ads organically. Additionally, you can expand your network while communicating with the media team and publishers.

Smart monetization models: AdsFast always uses a feasible and curated collection of advertising strategies to promote your Android and iOS apps. It provides its users with smart monetization models for increasing the organic mobile traffic to your ads. In addition, it supports server to server, SDK, and API methods.

Quality reporting: Of course, tracking the ad's performance is of utmost importance for any advertiser. In this regard, metrics cannot be overlooked. So, AdsFast provides its users with an advanced yet quick reporting system. When you demand a quality report, it can be generated on your requirements.

Customized platform: AdsFast provides users with a user-friendly platform to help them utilize it without hassle. In addition, you can easily get all the services as per your requirements as AdsFast provides customized services, which can help you increase the scalability of your business.

Fast conversion: AdsFast can help you convert your suspects to prospects. It has separate policies for publishers and advertisers. Moreover, you can get targeted data-driven advertising, risk-free pricing models, worldwide ad coverage, and a massive network of professionals when you are an advertiser in AdsFast. Additionally, you can get a supportive accounts team, multiple integration systems, sad placement strategies, and smart monetization models when you are a publisher at AdsFast.

An affiliate program: Users can enroll themselves in the affiliate program of AdsFast easily. They need to apply, and AdsFast reviews it and updates the user about the application status within two days. Afterwards, the user needs to agree to the affiliate program's terms and conditions, and AdsFast can approve the application.

Confidentiality: AdsFast is a reliable platform that prioritizes its publishers' and advertisers' security and safety. In addition, it has zero spam tolerance that helps maintain the traffic quality. Moreover, it provides numerous offers for new and experienced publishers.

Smartlink: AdsFast provides its users with SmartLink that helps track the ad performance in real-time. In addition, it approves the ads after checking for malware, viruses, content, and other harmful downloads scripts.

How does AdsFast work?

AdsFast formulates an advertising strategy for every ad to deliver to your target market. It has a useful inventory of media partners, whom they connect directly. Eventually, the media partners help promote your ads massively. In addition, its fraud detection software helps remove any pitfalls and suspicious activities while promoting your ads. Hence, it helps bring quality traffic to your Android and iOS ads.


We can infer that AdsFast has ample benefits that compel users in using it. Moreover, we can expect more significant developments in its features and functionalities in the coming years. Undoubtedly, the quality reporting system, fraud detection policy, account management team, dedicated customer service, smart monetization models, and network expansion are the benefits of using AdsFast. Interestingly, the best thing is it promotes increasing the overall visibility of a business by increasing the mobile traffic organically. However, the pricing policy is not mentioned clearly on AdsFast. Also, there are various alternatives of AdsFast like Playbeat, MotorMobile, Dekafy, OfferSeven, and others.

Furthermore, the primary concern of AdsFast is promoting apps and ensuring traffic quality. Additionally, it helps remove the meaningless content and viruses (if any) from the Andoird and iOS apps. Finally, it does not promote the app that has any spam. So, AdsFast is a worthy platform that helps publishers and advertisers get the maximum reachability. So, there are major plus points for AdsFast. We will come again with an informative article to enhance your acumen greatly. Let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

That's all for now! Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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