AdsPower Review 2024: What Level of Support does it Offer?

Your search for the #1 Stealth Browser Ends here. We are presenting you AdsPower Review, which is going to deliver a comprehensive solution for your browser requirements.

In this era of the digital age, everyone is worried about their security. Whether it be E-commerce Marketers or even other businesses, all are ensuring that their browsers are fully complainant and offering robust securities.

They have concerns like phishing, SQL injection, code injection and various other unethical activities that can potentially pose significant harm to their business. And when reputation is at stake, you do require proper security, which is going to protect you from all such threats.

But these threats do become minimal with Anti-Detect Browsers. These browsers have slowly become mainframe alternatives to traditional browsers, and one such Virtual Browser is AdsPower Anti-Detection Browser which is used by 800,000+ users and makes it highly popular.

What is AdsPower? AdsPower Review

AdsPower Reviews

AdsPower is a Virtual Browser that protects you from all types of online malpractices. It ensures that marketers and businesses have complete control of their websites and offers them robust security. It claims to be a solution specially designed for multi-account management.

It offers various solutions for Multi accounting, Traffic Arbitrage, Affiliate Marketing and SMM. No one likes to be tracked in this Digital age, but your browser fingerprints can cause you a potential threat as these fingerprints collect information about a remote computing device.

So when you have platforms like Google and Facebook, do allow users to have more than one account. Here comes the issue! When you use two accounts from the same device, they will detect that your accounts share identical browser fingerprints, and they will then get linked to each other, which will result in banning both of them!

But with AdsPower, you will not face this issue as it allows you to use more accounts which will increase your profits in multiple ways. While most of the other antidetect browsers are mainly focused on improving usability, AdsPower is focusing on and researching browser fingerprinting and thereby offering cutting-edge masking technologies which make it stand out!

A few of the top perks that make AdsPower stand out are:

  • 100% fingerprint customization and ONE-CLICK profile creation.
  • Separate Environments which won't leak real information.
  • Cloud Data Sync, where data encryption, transmission encryption and server encryption will take place
  • Global coverage with Multi-region ever deployments in Asia, Europe and America.
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Browsers Offered by AdsPower

AdsPower Browser comes in two types which are – Sun and Flower. Aren't their names naturally friendly? Let's have a look at what these browsers promise to offer.

Sun Browser 

Sun Browser is robust enough and does not send the user's information to Google, thereby making it an ideal browser. So if you are someone who has to use multiple google accounts without exposing your real information, you can definitely go with it! This browser from AdsPower is made on the chromium engine along with the added browser fingerprint management feature.

Flower Browser 

The name of this browser starts with the letter ‘F,' so you can guess that it is based on the Firefox engine, which indeed is correct! This browser is dedicated to online privacy but is still better as it comes added with browser fingerprint management capabilities.

Powerful Features and Benefits offered by AdsPower 

Next, in our AdsPower Review, we will have a look at the various power-pact features offered by it. 

Fingerprint control

It is among the fundamental features offered by AdsPower, which allows you to create separate browser profiles for devices with unique and distinct fingerprints. It provides native fingerprints that mask your device by which each account appears genuine and is not detected by the anti-fraud system. Plus, it also offers Mobile Device Simulation for iOS and Android devices for more diverse person-like tasks.

Browser Automation

AdsPower is just simply fantastic if you have to automate repetitive tasks on any platform. It offers a selection of well-developed automation features which help with it. For this, it offers you Proxy Matching Automation which quickly gets integrated with multiple popular proxy types and automatically chooses an IP Address. You also have a No-code RPA Automation, which is going to automates the mundane task using an RPA robot. Moreover, it also provides you with a Local API to automate tasks as per your requirement. Not to forget Facebook Automation which primarily has been a feature of AdsPower and is designed for working with multiple Facebook accounts.

Team Collaboration

It allows you to get proper team collaboration by streamlining your business workflows through which you can increase your productivity. No matter how big your workforce is and how far your employees are working from – AdsPower has got you all covered!

It allows you to group your profiles to quickly operate a batch of accounts. Plus, you can also control members' access to profiles with permission management. Even it allows you a profile-sharing option where you can share your account with team members without changing their fingerprints. It even allows you to monitor all operational activities.

Robust Data Security

This is among the main features offered by AdsPower, as it allows you to work safely with all your encrypted critical data and offers authentic security measures that guarantee that your accounts stay protected. Your data is encrypted with AdsPower and its transmission and storage servers. Even the tool deploys numerous security measures to ensure that your accounts will not be banned or snatched from you by offering you a two-factor authentication and IP whitelist.

Solutions offered by AdsPower

AdsPower offers you a host of solutions that benefit users of all types. Six major kinds of solutions are offered by AdsPower, which are:

  • Traffic Arbitrage
  • E-Commerce
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Data Collection

 Let's have a brief look at how AdsPower is offering solution for all of these. 

AdsPower for Traffic Arbitrage

Traffic arbitrage is where you buy and sell traffic, and the arbitrage specialist makes money by buying cheap traffic and selling it at a much higher cost. This has now become a business where the quality of traffic is unpredictable, and also the conversion rate is unsure. So here, to nullify the risks, you have to operate accounts in batches to get more profit-making opportunities. But when you make numerous accounts, you are also getting them banned, and this can cause serious revenue threats.

But with all the powerful features discussed above, AdsPower is going to prevent those accounts from being banned and help you to make those look real and natural. It ensures that each account has unique profile information and operates in a unique independent environment. In short, you can easily manage hundreds and thousands of accounts with AdsPower!

AdsPower for E-Commerce

Cross-border e-commerce businesses thrive on the basis of offering products on the internet and making revenue from them. As most people have created their own websites and importing off-site traffic, it also increases the risk associated. E-commerce marketers who work globally know the importance of having a robust, secure browser.

To increase sales, you require a large number of e-commerce accounts through which you can sell across multiple platforms and regions. So here comes AdsPower. When you manage numerous accounts from one place, you can get banned, or your account may be restricted. But with AdsPower, all those accounts will look natural, as if a human is operating them.

AdsPower for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is where you create and publish your content on social media and get sales. It is among the leading online industry around, which is helping businesses to generate fantastic sales. It can help in building brand image and increasing traffic to your website.

But when you engage with your audience using a large number of social media accounts through batch accounts which do increase your brand exposure – you can get caught by search engines as they notice the activity from a synchronous operational account which can create operational risks. But not with AdsPower, as it will allow you to manage all those batch accounts uniquely and risk-free.

AdsPower for Advertising

So when you advertise online, your main objective is to drive good sales, which can make your business profitable. Targeted ads are more likely to reach and produce greater efficiency as the platform's algorithm will identify the people who have searched for specific items or interests.

But these algorithms can also land you in trouble as they can identify account information. It increases the exposure of the products, but if you do this via bulk ad accounts, you can get caught and also your account security will be at risk. It can also cause a threat to your campaign's success as well. By using AdsPower, you can sit back and relax as the platform will make sure that your accounts are not caught and lost!

AdsPower for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another space where AdsPower can help you. Under Affiliate Marketing, when you have more accounts, it can increase the visibility of your brand and also bring you more sales. That's what is often referred to as batch accounts. It is beneficial for mass promotion, but for that, it is better to organize your products and then advertise each one of them.

So when you have multiple accounts to take care of, it is undoubtedly made more accessible by AdsPower. As more websites are devising ways to detect numerous accounts, you need the AdsPower platform to protect your identity and help you promote better.

AdsPower for Data Collection

AdsPower also offers a solution for Data Collection. E-commerce marketers accumulate data from various sources as their business is global. This actually helps them to understand the region and also the competition space.

But there are many websites that have adopted anti-data collection policies. Frequent devices which visit and perform the same operation on a certain web page in a short period of time, then the website will limit the device's access speed or even limit the access. But with AdsPower, you can simulate different devices browsing the website and curtail this risk of being detected.

AdsPower Pricing Plans

Adspower Pricing Plans

AdsPower offers Four Pricing Plans – Free, Base, Pro and Custom.

AdsPower Free Plan 

In this plan, you get access to 2 environmental quantities along with firefox kernel, Browser Fingerprint Configuration, Platform account password, Cookies import, Synchronize account data across multiple devices, Mobile Fingerprint Environment Simulation, Local API and a whole lot more! This plan is excellent for users looking to try out AdsPower.

AdsPower Base Plan – $9/month or $7.2/month annually

It comes with all the features of the Free plan along with 10 environmental quantities and features like an upload plugin, operation log, authority management, Share fingerprint environment, RPA robot (5000 points for free) and Free Training.

AdsPower Pro Plan – $50/month or $40/month annually

In this Plan, you get all the features of the Base Plan along with a few more additional features like a Profile recycle bin, Profile storage (additional payment) and Automatic proxy matching.

AdsPower Customized Plan – Customized Pricing

This Plan is all about what AdsPower has to offer. You get features like Custom profiles, a Custom team, Tailored solutions and a whole lot more!

Top AdsPower Alternatives – AdsPower Competitors

Now in our AdsPower Review, we will have a look at its top competitors and see where they stand against it.

AdsPower vs. Multilogin

Multilogin Review

Multilogin is also a fingerprint browser, just like AdsPower. Along with this Google Core browser, it also offers a Firefox core browser with multi-core processing functions. It has ensured an excellent level of data security. It has taken reliable security measures such as critical data encryption to ensure that no one else can read the data except the user himself. But let's see how it stands against AdsPower.

Firstly after comparing the two browsers, both offer product security, but in terms of the user experience, we will say that AdsPower's interface and function settings are much easier and better.

When we talk about batch management, well, AdsPower supports it for all accounts where you can filter, export, move, share, automate settings, etc., and can also batch edit account notes, select tags and a whole lot more! But with Multilogin, this feature is certainly limited as it can delete, group and export in batches.

Next, we considered the Browser Automation feature, where we found that AdsPower offers a comprehensive automation service. Initially, its automated management function for Facebook was widely recognized by users, but along with this, it also provides a browser automation function where you get more templates that even can be customized according to your needs, template stores and various other functions to make sure that you get started with RPA quickly.

Multilogin has the CookieRobot function, which is powerful only to do simple actions like browsing pages and clicking to watch the browser. It does not support users to set more automation, and it does not offer any customized features as well.

AdsPower also offers the Recycle bin function, which supports the recovery of deleted environments within 7 days. But you don't get this feature in Multilogin.

Talking about Pricing, AdsPower is budget-friendly and also offers a Free plan. The Initial paid Plan of AdsPower only costs $9/month, plus you also have the option to go for a complete customized plan as well. Whereas you don't even get a Free Trial or a Free Plan in Multilogin, and also its pricing plans are much pricier.

AdsPower vs. Dolphin

Dolphin Review

While we were comparing these two, we came across numerous Best Fingerprint Browsers. One such is Dolphin! And when we compared it with AdsPower, we came across the following conclusions:

  • AdsPower offers a complete dual-core fingerprint browser in China. Along with this, it also provides browsers based on the Firefox kernel. But in Dolphin, you only have the browser based on the Google kernel, and also its account security is pretty limited.
  • AdsPower offers you a multi-core processing function that you don't get in Dolphin.
  • AdsPower also offers you Android and iOS as UA options. At the same time, Dolphin misses out on the fact that its UA version is a limited one.
  • In terms of Pricing, they both come with a Free Plan, but Dolphin Browser pricing begins from $89/month, which is more expensive compared to AdsPower.

Top FAQs Related to AdsPower Review 2024

Does AdsPower offer a Free Plan?

Yes. AdsPower offers a complete Free Plan where you can try out the platform and test its features before going for any of its paid plans.

Does AdsPower offer a Free Trial?

Yes. Along with the Free Plan, AdsPower offers 3-Day Free Trial for its Base and Pro plans. 

Which are the payment methods supported by AdsPower?

AdsPower offers numerous payment methods like Alipay, Credit Cards, PayPal, WeChat, Webmoney, Sofort, iDEAL, Vietin Bank Visa, Mastercard, Trustly, Przelewy, and Yoomoney.

Which platforms are supported by AdsPower? 

AdsPower works on numerous platforms like Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon etc. 

How to begin with AdsPower?

As in many use case scenarios, you first have to sign up for a fresh account with AdsPower and activate it. After that, you have to download the app. And then, after entering the app, you get to choose a pricing plan which you can select according to your needs, and then click on the red button “upgrade,” which is at the bottom, to continue purchasing.

Final Verdict – Can AdsPower Really Help My Business?

After doing this in-depth AdsPower Review, our answer to the above question will be a big YES!

The simulated fingerprinting environment offered by AdsPower is something awe-inspiring. It provides each environment which is entirely unique browser fingerprint. This is beneficial as it can make you appear to be a different device from the websites you visit. So when you have to run accounts in bulk in these environments, these accounts will not be suspended or banned, which is excellent news for you.

With the features and solutions this browser offers, there is no doubt that it is going to be widely and globally used. You can undoubtedly rate it as the World's #1 Virtual Browser. Moreover, it offers Expert multilingual support in English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Chinese, which is just fantastic. With a Free Plan, Flexible pricing options, Referral program and great real users reviews – We highly recommend AdsPower!

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