AdSpy Review 2024: $150+ $75 OFF Coupon Code + Free Trial

Easily create winning marketing strategies? Guaranteed engagement with your target users? Want to find out the best spy tool for you? Get what you seek with the help of this AdSpy Review.

There are millions of posts being made every second across the length and breadth of the Internet. Each of them wants to get the attention of a particular target set of users.

So you, the creator or the advertiser, will constantly be trying to guess the words you should use, the kind of video you should make, among others, to get the attention of those users. The unfortunate reality is that the days of guesswork generating reach and revenue are long gone.

If you want to get anywhere on social media platforms in today's industry, you need an advanced social media spy tool like AdSpy. We mention AdSpy directly because even a general adspying tool is of no real value today.

Only the largest database of ads with the correct search options can help you achieve your advertising campaign's success as you envisioned for it on Facebook Ads and every other platform. 

The advanced filters which make the AdSpy database a searchable database are available to you at special rates today. Read on for our detailed AdSpy review to understand why you need to get this ads spy tool today. 

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AdSpy is the largest Facebook ads spying tool used by all the Marketers, Business owners, Social Media Managers, Agencies & Analysts to know what others are doing on Facebook and Instagram ads.


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What are the Factors Behind the Success of AdSpy? AdSpy Review

AdSpy, of course, has a massive database of both Facebook and Instagram ads.

It should be noted that this is the world's most extensive database of the same, which is on offer here. But really, what sets AdSpy apart from all the intelligence tools out there is the wide variety of intuitive features built into the interface.

Adspy features

Let us take a brief look at the same below:

#1. Check feedback on any Ad 

This feature allows you to see and filter through comments on every ad. This essentially allows you to see the audience's responses to certain types of ads and see the mistakes to avoid and the techniques to use.

You can also track your competitor's campaigns, take the elements working for them, and include them in your campaigns.

As AdSpy is an advanced search tool, you can filter through the comments to detect positive and negative feedback and many other helpful indicators. These include essential keywords, engagement levels, etc. 

#2. Easily navigate their interface

The advanced range of search features in AdSpy is well known, but we want to focus on how convenient they have made these search filters to include in usage.

You can directly see if the text you're thinking of including is part of successful campaigns, advertiser tags and names for specific ads, total engagement (likes, comments, etc.), type of media used, and many more.

The range of features is so vast that most of them are ones you find out in your usage, as they are all conveniently placed exactly where you will need them. Some which we found particularly interesting were:

  • 1. User Reaction Compilation
  • 2. Timeline of the ad
  • 3. The last time someone interacted with or saw the ad

#3. Detailed Audience Analytics

AdSpy has connected with an extensive web of data providers. So the scraped ad data comes with a lot of data on the users who interacted with the ads.

This data includes the target user's geo, gender, age, and many more accurate demographics about your potential customers. You can also get comprehensive audience analytics by checking these stats for popular ads.

#4. Optimized for Affiliates

Search for ads by their associated affiliate networks or even by the affiliates themselves. Search for particular offers is also available and see how others are successfully promoting the exact offers.

As all data is harvested directly from the landing page URLs of the source websites, the information is completely error-free and uncorrupted. 

#5. Reaction Search 

Have you ever thought that reactions people use to react to posts on Facebook are a convenient way to isolate and optimize your posts per that ad? 

AdSpy is making that a reality by helping users see how users reacted to Facebook Ads so you can quickly get streamlined data on different ads in your vertical. 

#6. Product Research 

AdSpy has the largest collection of data on all things in the market it is obvious that they will be aware of approaching market trends.

If they pick up high traction on ads for particular products, their software will make a note of it. This makes the tool a must-have for dropshippers and affiliates. 

#7. Clean Interface

Searching through millions of entries in seconds is no easy process. Nothing can stymie your study thanks to fast servers, efficient programming, clear interfaces, and well-presented data.

A large database entails going through millions of data points every second. This challenge is heightened by the fact that some tools have sub-par use interfaces.

Keeping this in mind, AdSpy has made a point of creating a clean, fast, and easy to use interface for all of its user's thanks to their speedy servers and highly-curated presentation of all data points. 

Do Affiliate Marketers need AdSpy? 

If you're facing a cash crunch in your affiliate marketing revenue right now, we can assure you that AdSpy can get you back up to your earlier income and further the moment you join it.

At its core, AdSpy is a tool that has been built by many experienced affiliate and digital marketers to serve others from their industry.


The dedicated search box for affiliate networks, specific offers, and even specific affiliate marketers is to help you reach the heights of the marketers and networks you're observing. 

You have to remember that AdSpy is a spy tool. When you see the winning offers, the high-profiting affiliates, and all the data around it, you also see how they're promoting those offers to get such results.

You get a ready-made marketing strategy to base your campaign on or at least to get inspired by. The direct data on the dos and don'ts of every campaign ensure success at every turn. 

Do Dropshippers need AdSpy?

Dropshippers generate a big chunk of their revenue by advertising on Facebook and Instagram. The amount of traffic and conversions which can be generated using social media is something dropshippers are familiar with.

This is why product research or dropshipping spy tools are gaining in popularity. What many dropshippers are missing out on is that their product research or dropshipping tool is incomplete as they are not tracking how the actual ads are performing on social networks.

Using a Facebook Ad Spy tool like AdSpy can help you gain a much better understanding of ideal campaign strategies in your vertical at a much quicker rate.

AdSpy is also allied with many eCommerce and Shopify-like platforms to include more ads for you to study as part of your research. For example, if you start using Shopify, you will see there are a ton of ads around the platform.

These thousands of ads are probably listings for dropshipping stores. You get profitability data on all these stores and can also explore new niches using this method.

During and after the pandemic, Dropshipping is booming, so if you're looking to enter the industry, come prepared with AdSpy.

Does AdSpy have Good Customer Support?

Their support team deals with over 1.2 million users. They have ensured that the quality of customer support also grows alongside the growing number of users.

As the UI is rather straightforward, we don't think you'll be requiring any help, but if you do, their team is available to you at your disposal.

All technical, financial, and other queries in between are dealt with at a maximum of 24 hours but mostly, users' issues are solved within a couple of days.

How to Get Started on AdSpy? AdSpy Review

The following tutorial is for users who want to try out the software before they make a purchase.

  • Head on over to the official site of AdSpy and click on Get Started
  • Create your account and log in using your username and password
  • Take the URL of any Facebook or Instagram ad and paste it into the search bar. Apply filters according to your preference.
  • The data results will be displayed below in the search bar itself
  • Click on save the current search to save the search you just made so you can maintain a history and also refer to the ad again after further research (you can restore the ad from the drop-down menu above under the select search option)
  • Adjust search terms to go through a host of similar ads. 
  • Go to the top right corner of ads you want to get the ad copy and engagement generated data for that ad
  • Click on high-performing affiliate networks from the AdSpy dashboard and see the offers they are promoting and whee and how. 

Following these steps in your free usage will help you get a better idea of the value AdSpy will bring to your working environment.

Can I Get AdSpy for Free?

After you register your account, you get a certain number of ad credits completely free.

AdSpy Pricing Plans

They offer a simple pricing plan at $149 a month for complete access to AdSpy. It should be noted that the average price of a top AdSpy tool is over $200 for basic plans, so the pricing here is more than fair.

AdSpy Pricing

You can use this to browse the ad library and experience some features. There is no direct free trial on offer here.

As affiliates themselves have designed the tool, they decided to ensure that all users can access it regardless of financial constraints. The $149 price is part of an introductory offer, so it is available for a limited time, so do take advantage of it. 

🌟 Top FAQs on AdSpy Review 2024

✅What is AdSpy?

AdSpy is the world's most powerful and largest Facebook and Instagram ad spying tool. It allows you to search through over 20 million adverts from more than 150 countries.

✅Is AdSpy for free?

Yes, AdSpy gives a 2000+ Views FREE trial. If you are a new user, you can try AdSpy for free. To spy on your competition, sign up for a free AdSpy account.

✅How expensive is Adspy?

Adspy pricing begins at $149 per month, and you will have the key to getting inside your competitor's head, as well as all of the other juicy features that come with Adspy.

✅Is AdSpy good?

AdSpy is an excellent tool for professionals and affiliate marketers to use because it provides a wealth of information to work with and helps you grow your online business even more.

✅How to find dropshipping Ads on Adspy?

Dropshipping is primarily supported by Facebook and Instagram ads. There are a lot of great products that sell well through Facebook paid ads. AdSpy has thousands of winning dropshipping and Shopify ads.

Conclusion: AdSpy Review 2024 | Is Adspy worth It?

Ironically, the tool, simply named AdSpy, is so much more than just an adspy tool. The huge database, affordable unlimited usage, an excellent responsive customer support team, landing page details, and insanely helpful filter features are all the factors you need from your adspying tool to build successful ad campaigns.

We particularly liked the addition of tracking ad campaigns by their affiliate IDs or checking the affiliate program, which was performing well because the potential revenue generation with this level of data is unimaginable. 

A standard industry fact is that ads that are not targeted are useless but what use are targeted ads when your ad doesn't contain the content your target user wanted to see.

Building social engagement as a digital marketer today requires the right set of tools, and we think after this AdSpy review choosing one particular right tool just became a whole lot easier for you.🚀🚀

9.3Expert Score
AdSpy Review

AdSpy is the largest Facebook ads spying tool used by all the Marketers, Business owners, Social Media Managers, Agencies & Analysts to know what others are doing on Facebook and Instagram ads. Try it now!!

  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced filters and searches options
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Biggest ads database
  • No Tiktok Ads
  • No Google Or YouTube Ads
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