11 Best CPV/PPV Ad Networks for Advertisers & Publishers in 2024

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Are you looking for the best CPV/PPV Networks? Well, we have brought the Top 11 Best CPV/PPV Ad Networks. 

The advertising industry is one of the most lucrative industries out there. Not only does it help to promote the products and services of a brand of any company, but it also helps in projecting a positive image of any company and its products or services. Advertisements can have a significant impact on customers in both the digital and physical worlds, with both parties susceptible to being influenced by persuasive content.

Nowadays, many platforms are available by which advertisers and publishers can manage online platforms for their businesses. In this article, we are giving you the list of Best CPV/PPV networks for Advertisers and Publishers. Both the publishers and the advertisers can benefit from it. 

The advertiser or ad sponsor can increase their customer base while the publisher gets paid for giving them space on his site or blog to place ads.

What are Ad Networks? 

Ad networks have been increasing in popularity as they acquire inventories and sell them to advertisers as packaged impressions. They are known to save time, provide quality content, and can be used for various tasks. These networks also have the ability to offer premium placements and exclusive segments that the publisher does not market.

Many publishers are known to specialize in one particular type of advertising format. Therefore, publishers looking to monetize via one particular format should consider ad networks. For Example there are CPM ad networks and video ad networks

Different Type of Ad Networks 

Following are the main types of Ad Networks: 

  • Vertical Ad Networks: These are topic-based Advertising models. For example, automotive ad networks, fashion ad networks etc. 
  • Inventory Specific Ad Networks: As the name suggests, they focus on some inventory. For example, Videos, Mobiles etc.
  • Affiliate Advertising Networks: These are the ones that make use of revenue share, CPA or CPC pricing model. 
  • Premium Ad Networks: Such type of ad networks provides inventories from famous publishers. 

So after knowing about what ad networks are, so what are the Best CPV/PPV Ad Networks available?

Top 11 Best CPV/PPV Ad Networks. 

1. RTX Platform

RTX Platform Review

RTX Platform is another advertising network worth considering if you want to diversify your affiliate income and make more money. RTX Platform has an extensive history of working with affiliates, so it is easy to see that they have the knowledge and expertise needed to be successful when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Lets see how they help they monetize your Blog Post.

  • Push Ads are not the overwhelming type
  • Native Ads that seamlessly integrate with your site
  • FullScreen for making a larger impact
  • Custom Searches where your site search functionality will include text ads

So it’s no surprise to see that this is a pretty typical strategy for a network like this, although one thing I would really like to see is the introduction of contextual link ad units.

RTX Platform has partnered with several typical websites and digital publishers and is proud to work with a wide range of online advertising niches. These niches include health, finance, travel and dating. We also work with games and education clients. They also work with software developers. 

So even if you are developing something like a new extension or a toolbar, they are not opposed to it. Their advertiser has a catalog that includes companies like Norton, eBay, Santander and Quicken Loans, which make it more impressive. Well, to say the least, RTX has built a reputation among affiliate marketers for making their ad code easy and possible. Plus, you also get a few of the big advertisers to work with. 

2. Media Traffic 

Media Traffic Review

Media Traffic is a cost-per-click affiliate-based platform, which means the more clicks, the higher your payout. This network has many advantages for affiliates as it offers plenty of space for ads and gives you a better understanding of how well ads are performing, thereby increasing your ROI and targeting the right customers. Media traffic is a user-friendly, easy-to-use platform with a user interface that is optimized for both new and experienced users.

The procedure to use the Media Traffic dashboard is simple and can be done in a few minutes. In addition, it only requires three steps. The company's customer service is excellent, and every account holder will be assigned an individual account executive; this means that you will get personalized support tailored to your individual needs.

The only flaw that I found in Media Traffic is the application process. The individual in charge of advertising must submit a hard copy of the completed application form that has been duly signed and all the necessary documents and all of required details. So if your documents are not complete, the chances of your application getting rejected are high.

3. 50onRed

50 on Red Review

Next is another network that gives global market coverage for only $0.002 per view is 50onRed. Along with the pay-per-view traffic, 50onRed also provides display and intext traffic, which is powered by the same interface. This feature helps advertisers save on extra expenses on the display and in-text advertisements. Its user-friendly interface makes it the ideal choice for a reliable & efficient CPV network. The estimated financial investment you would need for this campaign would fall around $500. The pricing for 50onRed is very competitive and falls within the same price range as its competitors.

However, with the addition of a few more keywords and relevant keyword phrases, it can cost you as low as just $0.005 per view, which is an excellent price for any company that seeks to reach new customers. The traffic on 50onRed has been excellent, which can lead to the maximum number of conversations.

4. LeadImpact 

Lead Impact Review

Regarding the economic options in the online advertising industry, LeadImpact is a reliable name. This is great for advertisers with a small budget that doesn't want to compromise on traffic demand. The visibility of the advertisement window is fantastic. It can be seen by people through different modes of advertising, such as search and email, along with the display channel. The program also contains using targeted URLs and keywords to reach the prospects in the network.

The Lead Impact network program also offers to target the prospects like any specific country or region. It also allows advertisers to easily select their desired language option in order to provide a more personalized experience.

5. Clicksor

Clicksor Review

One of the most interesting networks for advertising is Clicksor. This network specializes in a variety of different advertising formats, including CPM, CPI, CPC, and CPV. It has a variety of ad formats that include graphic banners, pop-unders, search boxes, interstitial advertisements and contextual banners. Clicksor, which advertises on a high Alexa ranking website with a large number of page views, pays the publisher 85% of the ad earnings. It offers eighty-five percent of the ad revenues generated from the advertisements to the publisher.

Clicksor is known as a great advertising network, with no significant disadvantages other than the fact that there are often ads on this network that contain malware.

6. Infolinks

Infolinks Review

Banner ads, although still very popular amongst advertisers, are unfortunately associated with a significant problem: banner blindness. Users consciously or subconsciously ignore banner ads because they are seen as an unwanted intrusion into the browsing experience. Infolinks solves this problem by offering a wide range of free-to-use and valuable ad units that include InFold (overlay ads), InText (text links ads), InTag (tag cloud ads), InFrame (banner ads in margins and frames), and In-Screen (smart interstitial ads).

The availability of such solutions leads to improved SEO, less intrusion for website visitors and users, an increase in the relevance of web pages on a site and better space utilization. Infolinks generates astonishingly increased monthly revenue for over 350,000 publishers. They are known to work with the biggest advertisers, namely Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and eBay. The platform is very easy to add to a website and is open to any publisher with no setup fees or minimum page views or visitors requirements.

7. BidVertiser

Bidvertiser Review

Though your payouts may vary, BidVertiser is an ad network that is committed to using a very different monetization model. In BidVertiser, you can earn money for each ad this is clicked, and the publisher can also earn additional revenue if the click leads to conversion, which sales for the advertiser. BidVertiser supports a variety of different ad formats, including banners, skyscrapers, rectangles, and more!

Publishers can also use the point-and-click layout tool provided by these units to customize the layout of their advertisement based on their website’s look. They have a bidding system which ensures that the publishers are always payed the highest possible revenue from each ad unit. The reporting interface is very intuitive to use and provides any publisher with a great degree of control over their advertising performance. They can easily monitor their ad performance, clicks, click-through rate, and total earnings.

8. Zeropark

Zeropark Review

Next, our list of Best PPV Ad Networks is a name people often don't consider when talking about CPV networks or PPV networks even though they have been in the game for decades. The name is Zeropark. Publishers get to choose from a variety of ad types, such as popovers/interstitials, push ads, or domain redirects/parked domains. They can also choose from several popular and profitable verticals like crypto, dating, trading, nutraceuticals and gambling. They have advanced anti-fraud features that inform affiliates and ensure their safety.

They also give advertisers a cost per click that they have full control over. The most unique feature I like about Zeropark is that they offer a lot of importance before someone becomes an advertiser or a publisher. In Zeropark, you can sign up for a free weekly newsletter; you can even watch webinars, etc., without setting up an account on it. Zeropark also goes the extra mile to attract clients by offering free stuff, indicating they treat their paying clients better than most PPV advertising competitors. 

9. CPV Marketplace

CPVmarketplace Review

CPV or Cost Per View advertising is an improvement to any marketing campaign that provides leads or prospects to your company who are really interested in the products or services that you provide. CpvMarketplace is a revolutionary online marketplace that helps you to attract visitors who are interested in cutting out their competition and dealing with you instead. Also their PPV network has shown to improve above-average conversions. This PPV Affiliate Network maximizes the effectiveness of your campaign and delivers potential customers to you at the moment that they are interested in your product.

It is a cost-effective advertising platform that fulfills your need to target specific audiences at a cost that you can select. It uses a cost-per-view model, meaning you only pay when the target audience views the advert. The only downside I feel is the cost involved. It is simply not a cheap PPV traffic source for your internet advertising needs. But they can be great if you are running a small online marketing test based on potentially high conversions.

10. DirectCPV

DirectCPV Review

DirectCPV is one of the most popular CPV networks on the market. It offers the best value for your money and is an affordable way to advertise your brand. DirectCPV allows you to target the specific keywords and locations that are most relevant to getting the most out of your spending, which helps in increasing the number of conversions that happen and leads to a triumphant return on investment. This network displays interstitial ads when you load their site in your web browser.

These ads take over the whole screen and sometimes are impossible to get rid of without closing your browser. Advertising through DirectCPV will save you a lot of time by giving you a fully-featured landing page that already has a full-screen size banner to advertise with.

11. OddBytes 


OddBytes is amongst the top CPV/PPV networks and has grown in popularity due to its ability to target consumers. They offer a platform for displaying advertising as well as contextual text links, which helps consumers make an informed purchase decision. They are also known for providing an excellent traffic flow with the sole aim of special purchases. OddBytes is a customer-centric company that offers effective customer support services.

The dashboard this company provides is very user-friendly and helps in the optimization of advertisements to be displayed in no time. Though there are certain disadvantages involved, including a referral program, a low minimum deposit amount, and its high price.

What is PPV? 

Pay Per View is the placement of an online ad on a website when a visitor opens up the webpage. This can be through pop-up ads, full-page size ads, new browser tabs or text links. These networks offer a payout every time an ad is viewed, even if the ad isn’t actually clicked. This is because impressions count as views, and you can earn money for delivering them.

Pay Per View is the most commonly used measure of advertising campaign performance because it is the easiest to calculate. It refers to how much money an advertiser pays for every thousand views of their Ad. The ads are served in the form of pop-in, pop-under or a full page takeover and vary from network to network. Volume is the crucial difference between PPV networks and typical affiliate networks. If there are not many high-quality publishers who offer billions of potential clicks each month, then there is also nothing to convince the advertisers to stick around. 

Top FAQs on Best CPV/PPV Ad Networks 2024

What is CPC Program?

A Cost Per Click (CPC) program charges advertisers when a user views their advertisement, and for every single click, the network charges money from the advertiser. This is a very popular internet advertising model that has been around for many years, and it is projected to be one of the most profitable forms of online advertising shortly.

What is CPV Program?

Cost Per View (CPV) is a pricing model that is used in mobile user acquisition and brand awareness campaigns by advertisers. With this model, advertisers pay each time their ad is viewed. CPV pricing models are becoming increasingly popular because they are inexpensive for advertisers and offer very high-efficiency rates for marketers.

Conclusion- Are these CPV/PPV Networks Reliable? 

To conclude, All the above Top 11 Best CPV/PPV Ad Networks are some of the popular best CPV/PPV network programs for advertisers and publishers in 2024. Also the best Pay-Per-View networks are becoming even better – they now offer more than just a means of monetizing display ads but provide a system for linking out to other related content. We do recommend these networks so that you can get some help while looking for a good CPV network provider. If you register for any of the above network platforms, it will not only help you make a little bit of extra money but also draw in more potential customers to your business.

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