8 Best iGaming Affiliate Networks 2024: Our Top Picks!

The world of iGaming is ever-expanding, with more and more people turning to gambling as a source of entertainment and income. With the industry estimated to be worth over $240 billion in the United States, it's no wonder that gambling affiliate networks are becoming increasingly popular. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 8 best iGaming affiliate networks, so if you're looking for a reliable and promising iGaming network, you've come to the right place.

Read on to learn all about the best gambling affiliate networks out there and how they can help you make the most of your audience and affiliate marketing operations.

What is an iGaming Affiliate Network?

An iGaming affiliate network is an online platform that connects affiliates with iGaming operators and provides them with the tools they need to promote and monetize their websites or blogs. iGaming affiliate networks provide a wide array of marketing services, such as tracking and reporting software, content marketing, optimization and analytics, and more.

iGaming affiliate programs and networks also offer access to a variety of iGaming operators, including sportsbooks, online casinos, and poker sites. By joining an iGaming affiliate network, affiliates can monetize their website or blog by earning a commission when a visitor clicks on a link or banner and makes a purchase. This is a great way to generate additional income and is becoming increasingly popular among website and blog owners.

What to look for while choosing an iGaming Affiliate Network?

There are certain parameters that are needed to be covered while choosing an iGaming affiliate network, this includes:

  • Commission rate: Usually, the commission rate of good iGaming affiliate networks ranges from 20% to 60% commission rate along with revshare or hybrid commission model.
  • Cookie Duration: The cookie duration for an iGaming affiliate network might range from 15 days to 45 days on average.
  • Revenue model: Most of the iGaming affiliate networks and programs work on CPA and Revshare models, but you might also explore CPL, CPS, etc. as revenue share models.
  • Withdrawal/Payout: The minimum payout across affiliate networks and programs might vary on the payout method chosen by the affiliate.
  • Payout Methods: Choosing the right payout method can be one of the crucial factors when choosing the right iGaming affiliate network, most of the affiliate networks offer basic payout methods, but you can choose the one according to your needs.

Now the question arises, which one should you choose? Which iGaming affiliate network is best for you? Which iGaming affiliate network offers the highest commission rates along with a wide range of offers? What will be the cookie durations? Payment methods? and much more.

8 Best iGaming Affiliate Networks

Now that we are now done with what iGaming is? Let's take a look around the list of the 8 Best iGaming affiliate networks and understand which one sets your requirements.

1. Crakrevenue Affiliate Network

Crakrevenue Review

With over 700 offers and 10+ years of experience in the affiliate marketing space, Crakrevenue has earned its place among the top CPA affiliate networks in the market. Not only has Crakrevenue been a reliable source of income for affiliate marketers, but it's also been a great choice for publishers and advertisers alike. Our commitment to excellence is evidenced by the 20+ international awards we've been awarded in the last 5 years, making Crakrevenue a trusted go-to for users around the world.

Below mentioned are some of the key factors that you might wanna check out:

250+ GEOs availableData powered Auto optimization
$100 minimum payoutCheck, wire, Paxum, ePayService, FirstChoice Pay available as payment methods
HasOffers (Tracking Software)CPI, CPL, CPS, Revshare
Dedicated Affiliate ManagerWeekly, Bi-Monthly and Monthly Payout available

2. Algo Affiliates Affiliate Network

Algo Affiliates Review

The next iGaming affiliate network in our list is Algo Affiliates, with over 1500+ top-quality offers and 50,000+ partners worldwide, Algo affiliates can be considered as one of those affiliates to which you can look forward to. Algo Affiliates also works with Smartlinks along with some other options as well.

Some of the key features that make algo affiliates an excellent choice among affiliate marketers, advertisers, and publishers due to several reasons, basically including:

Funnel OptimizationWire and Crypto (Payment methods)
$250 (Minimum Payout)HasOffers (Tracking Software)
CPA & CPL commission type availableWeekly Payout available

3. Leadbit

Leadbit Review

Leadbit is one of those affiliate networks which has been performing really well in terms of delivering some excellent services to affiliate marketers, advertisers, and publishers. With over 1500+ Offers and in-house proprietary tracking software; Leadbit has been a popular choice among affiliate marketers and advertisers.

Here are some of the key features offered by Leadbit making it an excellent choice to move on with:

1500+ Offers availableCPA (Commission Type)
$50 (Minimum Payout)Capitalist, Credit Card, ePayments, Paxum, PayPal, WebMoney, Wire (Payment Methods)
In-house tracking softwareOn Demand Payment Option available
Real time custom reportsBanner Rotator & Free Translation

4. Adsterra

Adsterra Review

Adsterra can be considered among some of the best affiliate networks based on different parameters. Adsterra being founded in 2013 make it a trusted choice with over 245+ GEOs and 33,000+ affiliate partners.

Not only Adsterra has been a popular choice among affiliates but also advertisers and publishers. With 18000+ publishers & over 1 billion ad impressions per day.

Here are some of the key features offered by the Adsterra network making it an excellent choice overall.

Founded in 2013 (Trusted by many)CPA & CPM (Commission Type)
$5 Minimum Payout for WebMoney & PaxumPaypal, Webmoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, and Tether (USDT)
Multiple ad formats (popunders, videos, native banners, etc.)Multiple verticals available
Anti-ad block system available100% fill rate & 10 min approval

5. Pin-up Partners

Pin-up Partners Review

Pin-up partners is another trusted iGaming affiliate network in our list with CPA and Reshare model, whereas what really makes it different is the use of a hybrid model as well which can be activated upon request. Overall the CPA offers are pretty excellent ranging from $25 to $50, whereas the rev share model is up to 50%.

Pin-up Partners basically offer 2 different options in terms of Casino and Bet, namely, Pin-up Casino and Pin-up Bet. Here are some of the key features which are worth mentioning:

CPA $25 to $50 & Revshare up to 50%Personal Manager 24/7
$15 Minimum payoutBi-weekly or upon request withdrawal.
Webmoney, Bitcoin, QiWi, Neteller, Wire, and Skrill (Payment Methods)More than 4000 slot games & Cybersport bets are available.

6. CPA#1 Affiliate Network

CPA 1 Review

CPA#1 affiliate network has been one of the best-performing iGaming affiliate networks in the ecosystem. CPA#1 affiliate network was founded in 2017 and has made its way around some of the best CPA affiliate networks overall, with 166 GEOs and 17000 affiliate partners, CPA #1 has made partnerships with several companies such as 1XBET, Betway, LeoVegas, and many more.

Here are some of the key features offered by the CPA#1 affiliate network:

150+ OffersCPA, CPL, and Revshare model
Weekly Payment availableAffise (Affiliate Tracking Software)
Webmoney, QiWi, Bitcoin and Yandex Money available 

7. Mostbet Partners

Mostbet Partners Review

Mostbet partners is another affiliate program that focuses on delivering its value to traffic over different traffic models including online casino programs, betting programs, and esports. So whatever your traffic is, Mostbet partners have got something for you. Mostbet partners basically work under 3 sub-niches which include betting, online casino, and cybersports.

Here are some of the key factors which are worth mentioning:

CPA from $20 to $120 & Revshare up to 60%50+ GEOs covered
Minimum Payout of $50Payment methods available WebMoney, Paxum, QiWi, Bank Transfer, Capitalist, Neteller, Yandex Money,
Withdrawals can be made upon requestTransfer of data by PostURLs

8. MyLead Affiliate Network

MyLead Review

MyLead affiliate network is one such iGaming affiliate network with over 4900+ affiliate programs, with over $11 Million paid to the publishers, Mylead affiliate has made quite an impression overall. One of the key reasons that make MyLead a bit different from other affiliate networks is the revenue/commission models available, these basically include CPL, CPA, CPS, PPI, SMS, IVR, SMS Chat, and Smartlinks.

Here are some of the key features worth mentioning offered by the MyLead affiliate network:

3000+ Offers available$20 Minimum payout option available
Bank transfer, Bitcoin, PayPal, Revoult, WebMoney, and Skrill available as payout methods.In-house tracking system for affiliates
Multiple revenue models including CPL, CPA, CPS, PPI, SMS, IVR, SMS, and Smarlinks.Payout/Withdrawal Duration ranges from 48 hours to 14 Days.

Top FAQs on Best iGaming Affiliate Networks 2024

Is iGaming a good vertical for affiliate marketing?

Yes, iGaming can be considered one of the most profitable affiliate marketing verticals in the affiliate industry. These basically include casinos, betting, and esports as well.

Which CPA affiliate network covers most GEOs?

Crakrevenue can be considered as one of those CPA affiliate networks which offer 250+ Geos for affiliate marketing operations.

Is iGaming a profitable niche?

Yes, iGaming can be a profitable niche for affiliate marketers, but a bit competitive due to the high commission rate that it offers.

Conclusion: Which is the Best iGaming Affiliate Network?

In conclusion, the world of iGaming is rapidly expanding, and with it, the potential for affiliate networks to generate income. With so many options on the market, it's important to find the right network that fits your needs and goals. We have provided you with the 8 best gambling affiliate networks, so you can confidently choose the one that works best for you, The choice of your favorite iGaming affiliate network may depend upon different factors like commission rate, cookies, number of offers, and much more. With the right network, you can maximize your income and take advantage of the growing world of iGaming.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best iGaming affiliate network, place the affiliate links, and step into your stream of passive income.

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