Top 10 Best Makeup Affiliate Programs: Our Top Picks!

In this article, we will discuss our 10 Best Makeup Affiliate Programs.

The Beauty and Cosmetics Industry continue to grow, worth billions of dollars. According to a few reports, the makeup and beauty industry is the most lucrative product category and has a market value projected to grow by 463.5 billion dollars by 2027.

The cosmetic industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% Annual Rate consistently. But what it has for the Affiliates? Well, let me explain.

As it is a billion-dollar industry, as an Affiliate, you cannot ignore the cosmetic or makeup industry because you not only get access to a wide variety of Best Affiliate Programs, but you also get an enormous commission rate per sale.

So even if you are just beginning your Affiliate journey or you are looking for new programs to promote, you can read our 10 Best Makeup Affiliate Programs and get some fantastic insights!

How have I compiled this list?

Before we dive into our list, I would like to share how we compiled this list.

In order to handpick our 10 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs, I have analyzed merchants over 80 Top makeup blogs which are sending their readers to Affiliate Links

I also analyzed blogs of top beauty brands to deliver you my picks. Basically, if a favorite makeup blog is repeatedly linking to the same site, there's a good chance that its converting for those products and their audience.

The list of 10 Best Makeup Affiliate Programs is totally based on the Affiliate Strategy behind the internet's top beauty websites and blogs.

Now let's begin our list of the Top 10 Makeup Affiliate Marketing Programs.

10 Best Makeup Affiliate Marketing Programs

#1 Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty Review

First on our list is a brand that is the largest beauty retailer in the US and has over 1,200 locations. The brand's Affiliate Program is also quite exciting and is based on its commission alone. And this commission can be as high as 10% per sale.

Ulta Beauty also works with various brands, but I feel that their cookie duration is not disclosed clearly. But they have a wide range of products and brand policies which make promotion easy. They also offer a 2-hour in-store pickup Offer, Free Gifts, Coupon Codes, Free Shipping, Affiliate Specials and much more.

It's also a close competitor to Sephora as it has a wide range of beauty products for a loyal fanbase and is also very much active on the VR scene. The Ulta Beauty Affiliate Program is also a fantastic program to be a part of, as it offers tremendous earning potential and also supports a brand that has supply chain transparency, amazing discounts and cruelty-free products.

Program NameUlta Beauty Affiliate Program
Commission10% per sale (Skimlinks), 1% (Sovrn)
Cookie durationNull days (Skimlinks), Not listed (Sovrn)

#2 Sephora

Sephora Review

Sephora is a premium brand that has been for long dominating the beauty industry with its omnichannel marketing approach. Also, the brand is known to rake up an early adopter mindset which is a tactic that has been helping them not only be the first ones to embrace VR technology and m-commerce, but it has also helped them to come out profitable even during COVID-19.

The brand knows what they are doing and what its customers like. This is quite evident in their Affiliate program. They have partnered with Rakuten, Sovrn and Impact, and its Affiliates can earn a commission rate of up to 7.99%.

The other critical aspects which Affiliates can leverage are their free samples and free shipping offers in content for any brand you choose, and it will compel your readers to buy. But remember that acceptance into the Sephora Affiliate Program happens manually. And once you're in, you will have access to Affiliate-exclusive promotions and pre-made banners.

Program NameSephora Affiliate Program 
Commission0-5% base commission (Rakuten) 5% base commission (Rakuten) 3-8% web sale (Impact) 2.5-7% web sale (Impact) 4-10% web sale (Impact) 4% (Sovrn), 7.99% (Sovrn)
Cookie duration30 Days (Rakuten, Impact), Not listed (Sovrn)
MarketBR (Rakuten), SG, MY (Impact), NZ, AU (Impact), NZ (Sovrn), KR (Rakuten), HK, AS, PH, TH, ID (Impact), Global (Sovrn)

#3 MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics Review

While compiling this list of Best Makeup Affiliate Program lists, we came across the fact that many bloggers in the makeup niche love MAC Cosmetics as the brand does the selling on its own. Compared to its competitors, MAC comes out 3rd place for brand recognition.

MAC cosmetics is known for its sleek packaging and products infused with high-quality products along with innovation. If we take their Powder Kiss lipstick's “Devoted to Chili” shade has been the brand's fan-favorite for the past many years. And the reason behind this is that they simply reinvested the standard of MAC bullet packaging with a soft-matte finish twist.

The Commission offered by MAC Cosmetics can go as high as 10% (Skimlinks). One caveat: cookie duration is either not listed (Skimlinks, Sovrn, FlexOffers) or is low: Just 7 Days (Rakuten).

Affiliates can benefit from the fact that the promotion of MAC can work well on beauty blogs, coupled with Pinterest Campaigns and Instagram Channels.

Program NameMAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program 
Commission10% (Skimlinks) 8% online sale (Skimlinks) 4% (Rakuten) 6% (Rakuten) 5.41% (Sovrn)
Cookie durationNot listed (Skimlinks, Sovrn), 7 days (Rakuten)
MarketersGlobal (Skimlinks) CA (Rakuten) Global (Sovrn) AU (Skimlinks) US (Rakuten)

#4 NARS Cosmetics 

NARS Cosmetics Review

NARS cosmetics was launched in 1994 with only 12 Lipsticks at Barneys New York. But for such a low product range, the demand for unique colors was overwhelming. And since then, the brand has come a long way and, most recently, is offering beauty NFTs up for Sale.

Just like MAC, the cookie duration of NARS is 7 days, but we can overlook this as the commission per sale rates can be as high as 14% (Skimlinks), which is considered rather high within beauty affiliate programs.

The brand is known to deal in rich colors and exquisite design along with a long list of special offers customers can enjoy like:

  • 20% OFF upon referral
  • 15% off the first purchase
  • Free shipping on orders over $35
  • Buy now, pay later
  • Free samples and more!
Program NameNARS Cosmetics Affiliate Program 
Commission10% (Rakuten) 5% (Rakuten) 8% (Sovrn) 6% (Rakuten) 8% all orders (Pepperjam) 14% (Skimlinks) 10% (Skimlinks)
Cookie duration0 days (Rakuten) 4 days (Pepperjam) Not listed (Skimlinks, Sovrn)
MarketBR (Rakuten), BR (Skimlinks), UK (Rakuten), CA, US (Pepperjam), US, MX, TW, KR (Skimlinks),  FR (Rakuten), Global (Sovrn)

#5 SkinCeuticals

SkinCeuticals Review

SkinCeuticals is a UK-based brand that has an almost cult-like following. I have seen that many professionals within the skincare industry and loyal customers alike swear about the efficiency of this award-winning company's advanced skincare products.

The products of SkinCeuticals feature high-potency formulas and are backed by years of research and outstanding consumer reviews. This makes the brand an excellent choice for Affiliate Marketers.

The brand offers an attractive 10% Commission on all sales and also offers Affiliates a chance to peg themselves as an influencer who really knows what works. They can take leverage of an easy registration process, and there are SkinCeuticals' affiliate managers as well who are ready to guide through the Affiliate Process.

Last but not least, the brand promises branded creatives and exclusive limited offers that Affiliates can place on their website. Plus, it also offers advance notifications on product launches and special offers.

Program NameSkinCeuticals Affiliate Program 
Commission5% (Awin), 6% (Sovrn) 8% (Skimlinks) 6% (Rakuten) 5% (Skimlinks) 7% (Sovrn) 10% (Skimlinks) 6% (Skimlinks) 6.03% (Sovrn) 10% (Sovrn), 
Cookie duration1 day (Rakuten), 30 days (Awin), Null days (Skimlinks), Not listed (Skimlinks, Sovrn)
MarketBR (Rakuten), BR (Skimlinks), Global (Sovrn), FR (Rakuten), UK (Rakuten), CA, US (Pepperjam), US, MX, TW, KR (Skimlinks),

#6 Cult Beauty 

Cult Beauty Review

This is another UK-based skincare and makeup brand and a news site as well. So what's the news?

Well, the first is that the UK location can be attractive for both European and North American customers. Secondly, the brand carries a ton of exclusive brands and products only available at Cult Beauty. Now that's excellent news for those customers who are tired of those same old products and ready to try out something new.

This continues as the brand offers a competitive commission structure of up to 15%. And Affiliates are regularly provided “artsy banners” that look great on any beauty blog. So as an Affiliate, as long as you have an aesthetically pleasing website, you will be quickly approved for this program.

Program NameCult Beauty Affiliate Program 
Commission12% base commission, 1% Product Brand on The Ordinary list ; when SKU is on the list Electronic /ToolsGoodyBag/Box's/Collaborations/Special SKUs /SKU begins with GB ; Coupon on Coupon Codes list (Skimlinks)
Cookie durationNot listed (Skimlinks, Sovrn), 30 days (Rakuten)

#7 Revolution Beauty

Revolution Beauty Review

At times when you often promote clean, cruelty-free stores and products, you should definitely add Revolution Beauty to your list. Along with the high-quality, wide range of products, the brand also takes pride in being PETA-certified and 76% vegan.

With a commission rate ranging from 2-5%, which is slightly lower compared to other Beauty Affiliate Programs on this list, their products fall in the affordable range, which can draw bigger sales, so ultimately, you can help both the customers and the planet earth by promoting Revolution Beauty products. Bit of a win-win situation for both!

Program NameRevolution Beauty Affiliate Program 
Commission2% for existing customers (Awin), 5% standard commission rate (Commission Factory) 4% for new customers, 
Cookie duration30 days
MarketFR, DE, UK, US (Awin), AU (Commission Factory)

#8 Dermstore

Beauty Bay Review

Dermstore is a brand that makes all the makeup products with the help of an actual dermatologist or is vetted by the same expert. It is a retailer which carries professional-strength formulas from top skincare brands. It offers customers exclusive access to products that typically are only available at a dermatologist's office.

The brand has an excellent product line to promote if Affiliates are looking to feature specific products which are backed by Scientific studies. The payout offered by Dermstore Affiliate programs ranges from 2% (return customers) to 15% (new customers) with a $5 per item purchase through their Skimlinks network.

Affiliates have an excellent opportunity to sweeten their Affiliate links with features like “Shop now, Pay Later,” Customer Cashback program and new customer coupon codes.

Program NameDermstore Affiliate Program
Commission12% base commission, 15% new customer purchase, 2% return customer purchase, 5% new customer purchase (CJ Affiliate), 5.05% (Sovrn), $5.00 on select purchases (Skimlinks), 
Cookie duration30 days (CJ Affiliate), Not listed (Skimlinks, Sovrn)

#9 Review

Boots is another UK-based beauty & skincare store that specializes in pharmacy-grade products. And its on our list because of its interesting Affiliate Program. And its Affiliate Program allows you to earn more when driving new customer acquisitions and enjoy Affiliate-only offers and promotions. Along with this, they can also check out Affiliate codes and trackers vigorously for misuse.

Also, there are a few products like Fitbit, Chanel, Dior or Dyson which are not eligible for commission payouts. You can also earn commissions from the brand Fenty Beauty, but you cannot actively promote it without the brand's prior consent.

Once you make sure you have learned about all their clauses and exceptions, you can earn up to 10% for all eligible beauty products.

Program Affiliate Program
Commission2-4% for new customers, 0-8% (Sovrn), 10% (Skimlinks), 1-2% for existing customers (Awin)
Cookie durationNot listed (Skimlinks, Sovrn), 14 days (Awin)
MarketGlobal (Sovrn), AE (Skimlinks), UK (Awin)

#10 Beauty Bay

Dermstore Review

This brand was founded in 2007, and if you are obsessed with beauty and wish to run a blog with the latest and greatest on beauty products, You can just go ahead with Beauty Bay!

The brand mainly focuses on selling the world's largest beauty brands and allows clients to access all the premium and unique makeup products on its website. Along with this, it offers premium quality products at affordable rates.

The Beauty Bay Affiliate Program offers a 10% commission, and its cookie duration is 30 days. The brand has a global market span of over 100 countries. Its Affiliate dashboard is also quite unique and get's updated quite frequently. Even it has a management that is highly supportive and offers advertising materials.

If you are running a website aimed at a global audience, Beauty Bay is a great platform to monetize your traffic.

Program NameBeauty Bay Affiliate Program
Commission7% standard commission, 10% Beauty Bay own brand (Awin), 2% per discounted/electricals sale, 7% returning/new, 15% standard commission (Skimlinks), 40.83% network commission rate (Sovrn), The Ordinary, 10% Beauty Bay own brand (Awin).
Cookie duration30 days (Awin), Not listed (Skimlinks, Sovrn)

How to Promote Top 10 Makeup Affiliate Programs Effectively?

All those Beauty and Makeup Affiliate Programs listed above offer a great opportunity for Affiliates to earn big. But, No website can market itself. So it is important that Affiliates do research and identify the best hacks to reach their targeted audience. Along with this, you can also follow the below-mentioned tactics in order to create a strategic plan, to begin with.

Social Media Marketing 

It has now become one of the most effective and common ways to reach out to the targeted market. All the social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter do have billion of users monthly, and you can utilize this opportunity to create engaging and convincing techniques to convince them to purchase products through your Affiliate Link.

YouTube Marketing 

Much of the research has now shown us that most potential customers are likely to purchase if you show them visuals, including images or videos. You can also explain to your audiences how to use particular items and link those videos to the company's site. YouTube, as you all know, is a great platform to help you go with the promotion of products.

Email Marketing Campaigns 

If you have a larger audience of subscribers on your site, it is highly important to have a mailing list at hand. It is handy in convincing clients to continue buying from the company. Also, your customers will stay updated with the latest information on new products and discount offers by which you can also make them your regular customers and earn big!

Blog and Forum Posting 

You can also make a blog or forum where users can discuss the niche. You can also be a part of blogs and forums by which you can provide clients the information regarding the products. Along with this, it in-return will help you to build your brand in the industry.

Top FAQs Related to 10 Best Makeup Affiliate Programs

What is a Makeup Affiliate?

The Makeup Affiliate Programs allow you to promote beauty-related products like makeup, skincare, etc., through which you can receive good commission by selling those online.

How to become a Makeup Affiliate?

Well, it is pretty easy to become a beauty Affiliate as you can join the Affiliate programs mentioned above and get Affiliate links and start promoting goods and earn high passive income.

How to join a Makeup Affiliate Program?

You can join the Makeup Affiliate Program if you have a website (blog) or YouTube Channel or if you have a good number of followers on any social media platform. You can join these Programs and start earning by sharing the Affiliate links provided to you.

Which are the Best Makeup Affiliate Programs for Beginners?

Here is a list of the best makeup affiliate programs for beginners: 
Cult Beauty 

Which are the Top Makeup Affiliate Programs in India?

In India, you can rely on the following Top Makeup Affiliate Programs.
Beauty Barn Affiliate
Nykaa Affiliate Program
Glambot Affiliate
You can join these Affiliate Programs for Free.

Final Verdict – Can you Earn Big with these 10 Best Makeup Affiliate Programs? 

Honestly, the makeup & beauty industry will continue to grow at a rapid pace, and the industry as a whole has become a billion-dollar industry where you will be witnessing tremendous growth in the future.

For the Makeup Affiliates, it is highly critical to pick the right makeup and beauty programs and generate more sales. Affiliates should also be gradually taking steps towards building a positive image among customers to gain more trust.

Finally, make sure you choose from the 10 Best Makeup Affiliate Programs listed above, as almost all of them are Free to join and provide you with instant account setup as well.

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