7+ Best TikTok Ads Spy Tools: Our Top Picks for Adspying

Are you a dropshipper looking for winning products on TikTok? Your Hunt ends here as we have for you 5+ Best TikTok Ads Spy tools that are going to help you spy on your competitors’ winning ads and products. Some of these listed best tiktok ad spy tools are pretty excellent in terms of product searching whereas few are more targeted over other important parameters of ad spying. We have also listed these TikTok ad spy tools based on different parameters such as pricing plans, features, operations across other social media platforms, and more.

You will find all the information needed on the Best TikTok Ads Spy Tools, along with answers to various questions which guide you to make a better-informed decision.

Why Tiktok Ad Spying Tools? – Top Reasons to look for TikTok Ad Spying Tools 

TikTok is among the world’s fastest-growing social media platforms, which has over 205 Million Downloads. It also has 1 Billion Active users. So we can state that it is undoubtedly changing the way how people engage with the material and also what type of content is shared on Social media Platforms. And most importantly, it is used to increase the accessibility of short-form videos to a broader audience.

So when we discuss the term “AdSpy” well it refers to various social media platforms where you can spy on the competitors ads. There are several types of Ads that are placed within the videos including static images, banner ads, animated GIFs, text overlays, etc. But the main issue here is that this type of Ad campaign is really tough to track.

And that's where a few of the techno-geeks have invented some tools named the “TikTok ads spy tool.” These tools are handy for marketers where they can check out their competitors and then effectively devise their Ads strategies. The Best TikTok Ad Spying tools are really helpful for marketers to know how their competitors are using ads and getting successful. These tools almost offer guaranteed success for all marketers and help them stay of their competitors.  

The Best TikTok Ad Spy tools can help you to find all the winning dropshipping products and every niche. While most of the TikTok Ad Spy tools do offer a Free version, while some of them offer a trial period and also a refund policy.

Benefits of TikTok AdSpy Tools 

Spying TikTok Ads manually is something that is time-consuming and also more tiresome. Also, as the competition has increased, the data which needs to be assessed is vast. And with enormous data and thousands of videos, pages, and other stuff, it can almost be confusing and also strenuous.

Also, at times when you see your competitors ahead, you do feel to check out their ads and what is the mantra that makes them successful. And with the Best TikTok AdSpy tools, you can easily spy on their ads and check out their ad insights. You can also search the related ads to keywords and also the ads that are running specifically in a particular region, and more. And don't consider these TikTok Ads Spy Tools ordinary as they are far more advanced, and though they look similar to landing pages, their dashboard contains all you need to spy TikTok Ads.

So what's the big thing in these Best TikTok Ad Spy Tools? 

  • You can check out all the winning products. This is really handy for marketers and dropshippers. They can use these TikTok Ad Spying tools to find the TikTok Dropshipping ads and discover all the trending and winning promotional videos. You can also verify them with good promotional data is also there to help you get the right products for your targeted market.
  • Plus, you can also get access to quality Ad material from which you can derive a lot of creative inspiration, scripts, and stories from the Ad library, and you can also keep yourself updated with the latest Ad market dynamics, which will help you clear your ideas even more.
  • You can also better manage the Ad Campaigns where you can quickly analyze advertising data provided by these spy TikTok ads, by which you can learn more about your competitor's Ad strategies through ad time, likes, views, and more. You can also check out more about how they build their Ad content for a particular product.

7+ Best TikTok AdSpy Tools

#1 PiPiADS

PiPiADS Review

First on our list is PipiAds which is an exclusive Tiktok AdSpy Tool that has an extensive database and is also termed as one of the world’s leading TikTok advertising and collection platforms. What makes this tool #1 in our list is its extensive TikTok ads library and filters, and it is a tool dedicated only to TikTok Adspying.

Along with this, this tool provides you with inspirational ads from all over TikTok and also selective references like Etsy, Shopify etc., which can help you to reveal imaginative ads. PiPiADS mostly helps you with the following:

  • Find Hot-Selling Products
  • Check out the Best Niche for Dropshipping
  • Monitor your Competitors' Ads
  • Use Shopify Extension Tool (PPSPY)
  • Etsy and Best-Selling Products

Without a doubt, this tool is capable of delivering only the winning dropshipping products, as the tool itself is dedicated to TikTok. You can even run creative ads and monitor them, along with spying on your competitor’s ads and strategies.

PiPiADS can be a good-to-go choice for searching across ads campaigns alongside a huge database of TikTok ads, from my experience so far across the majority of TikTok ad spy tools, PiPiADS offer quite an excellent user interface with all the needed data, whereas on the other hand what really gained my attention was PiPiADS chrome extension, as PPSPY can help in running a good analysis around things like live sales, total products and more; which all combined can be used to make better advertising strategies.

PiPiADS will also help you to get in-depth information about ads like impressions, Ad likes, Date of Ads, Popularity, comments, etc. Plus, it will also offer you a methodical investigation of ads, ads plan for landing pages, Ads costs, etc. Well, it has everything to be the best tool for spying on TikTok Ads.

Is PiPiADS the best TikTok adspy tool?

PiPiADS is one of the most powerful ad spying tool best for dropshippers, digital marketers, and TikTok influencers that look forward to running an analysis while exploring the TikTok ads. In addition to that, with the PPSPY (Shopify tool) you can also look forward to other important data for Shopify sites (competitors) which also includes total sales made, live sales, best-selling products, Facebook and TikTok pixels, and more.

PiPiADS Pricing Plans – Does PiPiADS Offer a Free Trial?

PiPiADS Pricing Plan

PipiADS also offers a 3-Day Trial for just $1, which users can use this TikTok Ad spy tool and see if it suits their purpose. Following are the pricing plan details of PiPiAds:

PiPiADS Starter Plan – $77/mo

  • For 1 person
  • Unlimited Winning Products
  • Ads Per query – 200
  • Ads Per Detail Per Day – 50
  • Product Per Details Per Day – 50
  • Advertiser per query – 50
  • Advertisers’ details daily – 50

PiPiADS VIP Plan – $155/mo

  • For 1 person
  • Unlimited Winning Products
  • Ads Per query – 2000
  • Ads Per Detail Per Day – 200
  • Product Per Details Per Day – 200
  • Advertiser per query – 1000
  • Advertisers’ details daily – 200

PiPiADS Pro Plan – $263/mo – Best for Multi-users

  • For 5 person
  • Unlimited Winning Products
  • Ads Per query – 5000
  • Ads Per Detail Per Day – 1000
  • Product Per Details Per Day – 1000
  • Advertiser per query – 3000
  • Advertisers’ details daily – 1000

And if you have a few specific requirements, PiPiADS also offers an Enterprise Plan which is for more than 5 people. You can also customize the number of users and usage for your business.

#2 Minea

Minea Reviews

Minea is another TikTok Ad Spy tool that helps in product research by analyzing all the different social media platforms to see which are the winning products and thereby recommend them to you. This tool should be your go-to resource for hunting winning TikTok products. On the other hand, one of the features that make Minea an excellent option is its accessibility across different social networks, these social media platforms include Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

This tool can effortlessly analyze your competitor's Ads to find the ones that have winning products in them to replicate them. You can check out Ads, the number of likes and shares, plays, the llanding pages, options to download, and much more. A unique feature of Minea is its chrome extension which is extensive and fast.

You can use Minea for:

  • Product Research
  • Notification of new products
  • Analyze Competitors’ ads.
  • Check out Influencers to Market Your Products.
  • Find the Best Niche

Minea is an all-in-one dropshipping tool that can also help you to define a creative strategy for your brand along with finding the winning products for you.

Why Minea is a good choice for you?

One of the most important features that make Minea a good-to-go choice for users is its accessibility to more social media platforms as compared to other TikTok adspy tools in the market. Minea can be an excellent choice for digital marketers and dropshippers that are operational on different social media platforms.

Minea Pricing Plans – How much is Minea?

Minea Pricing Plans

Minea offers three different pricing plans which also include Minea free plan. If we look closely from a user perspective having a free trial or plan can be an excellent thing to explore the user interface and features that are offered by the tool itself.

Minea Lite Plan – 0€

The lite plan can also be considered as Minea Free Plan, the free plan include the following features:

  • Facebook Ads
  • 250 Research Credits
  • Ads Details
  • Influencer Research
  • Chrome Extension
  • Advanced Filters

Minea Starter Plan – 49€ or 474 €/year

In this plan you get all the features of the Lite Plan along with: 

  • 10,000 Research Credits 
  • Works on Facebook ads and Snapchat ads (Coming soon)

Minea Premium Plan – 99€ or 831.96 €/year

In this plan, you get all the features of the Starter Plan along with:

  • Shop Analysis
  • Pinterest Ads
  • TikTok ads
  • 100,000 Research credits

#3 BigSpy

BigSpy Review

Next on our list of Best TikTok Ad Spy Tools is BigSpy, which is a TikTok Ads spy tool that allows eCommerce business owners to search for different ads. BigSpy has a massive database of ads. It is also regarded as an AdSpy platform that has the largest database of Ads. With BigSpy, you can track and analyze your competitor's ad traffic and also the conversion rate. BigSpy covers a wide variety of niches and offers Ads from various niches.

It is known to offer you a lot of trendy, in-demand, and low-competitive products. BigSpy also offers competitor landing page links and Ad performance. Also, with enormous Ad data, you also get filters where you can search by country, platform, language, and device type. This can help you to narrow down the search results. Apart from this, BigSpy can also help you to see products that have high rankings and are currently trending. It will keep you on the right path to selecting the right product for your e-commerce store. Also, BigSpy does not just work with TikTok alone but also works best for other big social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo.

Why BigSpy is a good choice for you?

Since BigSpy has been in this ad-spying ecosystem for quite some time, the trust factors are comparatively high for BigSpy. On the other hand, the BigSpy basic plan starts at a cost of just $9 which is quite an excellent choice to move on with for dropshippers. Users can also try the $1 Bigspy trial to get known with the features and data analysis offered by BigSpy

BigSpy Pricing Plans 

BigSpy Pricing Plans

Bigspy currently offers 3 different pricing plans categorized on the basis of features and search limitations, these users can be categorized as starters, intermediates, and advanced-level users.

BigSpy Basic Plan – $9/month 

1 Seat 

  • Switch Industry: 3/mo
  • Queries: 20 Daily
  • Track Ads: 25 Daily
  • Facebook, Instagram
  • Limited Equipment’s
  • Download: 25 Daily

BigSpy Pro Plan – $99/month

All features of Bigspy in the basic plan along with: 

  • All Publishers & Networks
  • Unlimited Queries 
  • Track Ads: 250 Daily
  • Downloads: 250 Daily
  • Audience Analysis
  • Unlimited Search Filtering
  • Limited Featured Ads
  • Limited Ad Ideas
  • Limited Equipment
  • Online Support

BigSpy VIP Enterprise Plan: $300+/month

  • Unlimited Switch Industry
  • All Publishers & Networks
  • Queries: Unlimited Daily
  • Unlimited Download, Track Ads, Search Filtering, Featured Ads, Ad Ideas
  • Playable Ads Analysis
  • Top Charts
  • Audience Analysis
  • New Trending
  • Unlimited Equipment
  • Unlimited Data Usage
  • Online Support
  • Multi-Account Seats
  • Special Team Support

#4 FlowSpy

Flowspy Review

FlowSpy is a TikTok Ad Spying tool that has the largest searchable database of TikTok Ads. It is helpful for finding winning products, along with highly profitable campaigns, in a few minutes. Plus, it also fetches insider information by spying on competitors & market.

FlowSpy offers you all the important data for TikTok Ad Spying, like the impressions, active days for an ad, engagement, Estimated ad spend, like rate, and much more. Plus, there are also some advanced filtering options that FlowSpy offers for performing more targeted analysis for Advertising and Marketing operations. FlowSpy is very helpful for dropshippers and e-commerce operations as they can find the ad impressions along with the like rate, landing URL, etc., which is helpful for forming a better Ad strategy. Also, they can discover more winning products before anyone else. It offers features like Advanced Filtering, Updated Database, and Product Research, which make it an all-around TikTok Ad Spy Tool.

Why choose FlowSpy? Best TikTok Adspy tool?

FlowSpy is quite an excellent choice for dropshippers, social media marketers, and Tiktok influencers that seek to explore more and more for TikTok ad spying operations. The easy-to-use interface can be considered one of the crucial factors making Flowspy an excellent tool for many. You can also use these ad campaigns to hunt down the hot products in the market.

FlowSpy Pricing Plans

FlowSpy Pricing Plans

FlowSpy has 3 different plans. Plus, it also offers a 7-Day Free Trial, which is great for someone to test the tool out and know whether it is beneficial for you or not.

FlowSpy Starter Plan – $49/month

This plan costs you $49/month and provides you access to 250 Ad details along with searching unlimited ads. Plus, you get all the premium features, and you can collect all your favorite Ads with a single click. Additionally, you also get the Invoice & Reporting feature.

FlowSpy Pro Plan – $99/month

With this plan, you can search unlimited Ads and view 1000 ad details per day. You also get all the features of the starter plan along with Priority Support. The FlowSpy Pro Plan is best suitable for Tiktok influencers, dropshippers, and digital marketers that have intermediary-level usage of ad analysis.

FlowSpy VIP Plan – $159/month

In this plan you get all the features of the Pro plan and you can view 2000 ad details per day. Basically, FlowSpy VIP Plan is best suitable for businesses that seek to explore more for ad spying, if we see and explore the plans, the VIP is also suitable for dropshippers that are quite a scaled-up business.

#5 Anstrex

Anstrex Review

Next, we have Anstrex, which is a legit Native Ads Spy Tool that offers a wide range of tools specially designed for digital advertising agencies and marketing companies. It has over 15 Million ads from 50K+ Advertisers, which are spread across 92 countries. Plus, it also offers access to your competitor's ads data by which you can research and know where you can grow more.

The tool generally provides all the ad's competitive intelligence data right in front of you so that you can easily read all the details associated with products. This tool mainly unlocks the secrets of native advertising by which you can quickly build campaigns simply by exploring what is working for your competitors. With this tool, you can:

  • Save your time that goes into an endless research
  • Make your Ad spending more efficient.
  • Access more native advertising networks than any other native ad-spying tool.

The Anstrex Pop spy tool is a smart and easy-to-use tool that lets you spy on pop ads and offers complete insights and ideas by which you can make your campaign more effective. This powerful Ad Spy Tool can also analyze your pop campaigns in real-time, giving you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Why Anstrex is a good choice for marketers?

Unlike most of the ad spying tools listed in our article for best tiktok adspy tools, Anstrex is a bit different. Not only Anstrex can help you explore native ads, but also works on push ads, pops, and ads related to dropshipping. Well, users can look forward to Anstrex bundles or choose individually depending upon their choices.

Anstrex Pricing Plans

Anstrex Pricing Plans

The Pricing of Anstrex depends on the product you choose. So Anstrex has 4 products to offer which are: 

  • Anstrex Native 
  • Anstrex Push 
  • Anstrex Dropship 
  • Anstrex Pops 

In the Anstrex Native, you will find three pricing plans which start from $69.99/MO/USER and goes up to $219.99/MO/USER.

In the Anstrex Push, you will find three pricing plans which start from $89.99/MO/USER and goes up to $219.99/MO/USER. 

Next, you have the Anstrex Dropship where you will find three pricing plans out of which you have the Free Plan and two paid pricing plans

In the Anstrex Pops, you will find three pricing plans which start from $89.99/MO/USER and goes up to $219.99/MO/USER.

#6 PowerAdSpy

Poweradspy Review

PowerAdspy is another TikTok Ad Spy tool that is an intelligent next-generation Social Media Ad Spy tool that helps uncover your competitor's strategy and gives you an edge over your competitors. This Ad intelligence tool lets you spy on competitors' ad strategies on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Quora, GDN and native ads.

This tool has made its name prominent when we talk about the Best Ad Spying tools. It helps dropshippers and e-commerce marketers to thrive in their marketing campaigns. It has a very large database of over 6 million ads from over 15 countries. And this data is updated daily.

So with such enormous Ad Data, you can analyze and find great winning products for yourself. You can check out the most relevant products for your region or country. And for this enormous database, you also get filters that can help you to narrow down your search results. PowerAdSpy not only allows you to view current ads which are running, but you can also view ads that have been run in the past and analyze them.

PowerAdSpy Pricing Plans 

PowerAdSpy has a Free Plan and 6 different paid plans. 

  • In the Free plan, you have the access to all marketing channels and you get 100 searches/1000 ads for 10 days.
  • Next, you have the Basic Plan which costs $49 and only supports Facebook and Pinterest Ads. 
  • Third is the Standard Plan which costs $99 per month and supports Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest Ads.
  • Next, you have the Premium plan which costs costs $149 per month and supports Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest Ads.
  • Fifth Plan is the Platinum Plan which costs costs $249 per month and supports Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and Pinterest Ads.
  • Sixth plan is the Titanium Plan which costs $299 per month and supports Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, and Native Ads.
  • Finally you have the Palladium Plan which, costs $349 per month and supports Facebook, Instagram, Google, Reddit, Quora, GDN, YouTube, Pinterest, and Native Ads.

#7 Dropispy

Dropispy Reviews

Dropispy is among the Ad Spying tools which have the largest database of classified Ads for Social media in the world. It is targeted to help you find ads that are best performing and provides ad data that can boost your marketing campaigns. Plus, it also allows you to do searches with more detailed filter options. You can use the creative search if you already have an idea about what you are looking for.

Dropispy also offers access to thousands of Social Network advertisements on a daily basis thanks to its advanced technology. You can search according to the Media type, the page name, the date when the ads were created, and also the date they ended. Even you can filter according to countries and languages, as Dropispy covers about 53 languages.

A few of the other filters include gender or age, which can be based on reactions and engagements on the page. Plus, Dropispy also has a unique feature called the “Shop Search” feature, where you can search according to the platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc. You can also search according to domains and shop types.

Why Dropispy is a good choice for you?

Similar to what Bigspy offered,  Dropispy has been in the ad spying business for quite some time, Dropispy also offers a free plan as well which can be used in order to make better analyses based on the user interface while getting access to all the basic features. Overall, Dropispy can be an excellent choice for dropshippers, affiliate marketers, and businesses that work with competitive ad analysis.

Dropispy Pricing Plans

Dropispy Pricing Plans
  • The best thing about Dropispy is that it comes with a Free Plan. In the Free Plan of Dropsispy, you get limited credits per month along with Access to the AdSpy tool and Basic Filters and unlimited downloads.
  • Next, you have the Premium plan, which costs $29.90/month, where you get 150,000 credits per month and Advanced Filters, access to the Shop Spy Tool, Recent Ads and all the features of the Free Plan.
  • The third plan is the Business Plan which costs $249.90/mo, where you get 180,000 credits per month and all the features of the Premium plan.

#8 Adplexity

Adplexity Review

Adplexity is among the best Ad Spy tools for marketers and e-commerce businesses to ensure that their campaigns are successful. The tool offers a heap of fantastic features and filters by which you can find all the essential details to make campaigns profitable worldwide.

The platform can easily monitor and download promo materials like landing pages and banners right from most of the popular ad networks, along with ad exchanges from more than 70 countries. It is also the best desktop, mobile, native, and push ads spy tool available on the market.

You can check out all the campaigns running in 75 countries and get real-time insights on them that run on the mobile ads exchange, desktop, and Native Intelligence. Plus, it also helps in easily discovering profitable campaigns running in desktop and mobile popup source traffic. It also lets you download every landing page in a .zip format directly from the dashboard. It can also uncover ads promoting Affiliate Offers from over 100 Affiliate Networks with just a single click button.

Why choose AdPlexity?

Similar to what was offered in Anstrex, you can use AdPlexity in order to run your competitive ad analysis over different ads campaigns including mobile, desktop, native, push, e-commerce, and more. Whereas, the only issue that people might encounter is the cost of AdPlexity, as one has to pay different costs depending upon their choice.

AdPlexity Pricing Plans

Adplexity Pricing
  • The per-user cost of AdPlexity Mobile is $199 per month.
  • The per-user costs of AdPlexity Desktop are $199 per month.
  • The per-user cost of AdPlexity Native is $249 per month.
  • The per-user cost of AdPlexity Push is $149 per month.

Top FAQs Related to Best TikTok Ad Spy Tools

How to spy TikTok Ads?

Well, to spy TikTok Ads, you can use any of our mentioned Best TikTok Ad Spy Tools like PiPiADS, Minea and BigSpy. In these tools, you only have to enter the word, and the rest of the tool will find for you which ads are currently running on the products and much more.

Are there any TikTok Ads Spy Tools for Free? 

Well, most of the TikTok Ad Spy tools come with paid plans, but few of them, like Minea and BigSpy, do offer a Free plan. But in the free plan, you get limited features by which you can only explore the tool a little and will not get its entire usage.

Why should you go for TikTok Ads Spy Tools? 

Various reasons and factors are there which you should choose the Best TikTok ads spy tool. The first one is obviously the fact that you cannot manually spy on TikTok ads and campaigns because of huge competition. Secondly, you will have to put in much effort and time to scroll through thousands of pages to discover winning products and campaigns. So these two major reasons are the ones why marketers should choose the TikTok ads spy tool that helps them to find viral TikTok ads & products.

How to select the Best TikTok Ads Spy Tool? 

The market is flooded with lots of TikTok Ads Spy tools that offer various features and benefits. Some of them offer a free trial, while a few of them also offer a free plan. So to choose the Best TikTok Ad Spy tool depends on the requirement you have. You can definitely go with our 5+ Best TikTok Ad Spy tools and choose any of those to spy TikTok Ads.

Conclusion – Are these 7+ Best TikTok Ads Spy Tools Really Worth it? 

So that was our list of 7+ Best TikTok Ads Spy Tools, which you can choose from and can guide you in your marketing ads. There are a plethora of ad spying tools in the market for TikTok Advertisers and especially for eCommerce marketers, but why waste precious time? We have carefully curated this list of 7+ Best TikTok Ads Spy Tools to help you out, and you can go with any one of them. The TikTok ad spy tools that we have listed over here are some of the best that can not only help ecom sellers but digital marketers as well. I would recommend you make a good analysis of these ad spy tools as some tools like PiPiADS and Minea are only operational on TikTok whereas, on the other hand, other tools are operational on different social platforms, so whatever tool best describes you can be selected.

So which of these Ads Spying Tools are you going to choose? Please drop them in the comments section.

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