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Earning good money online can be a daunting task. But don't worry. CPALead is here to help you out. CPA Lead is a premier performance-based Affiliate Network which is dealing with leads related to online Advertising. It is one of the leading networks in the industry that competes with several rivals to create an impact. It also comes with several exciting tools to attract publishers and advertisers.
  • Offers weekly and monthly Payouts
  • Contains lots of offers
  • Very easy to use
  • Impressive commission rate for publishers.
  • Referral program for extra earnings.
  • Few users have complained about late payments or no payment at all.

CPALead Review – What is CPALead?

CPALead is a premier CPA network available to both advertisers and publishers. The platform began in 2006 and since then has paid in excess of over $100 million to its users all around the globe. It has over 700,000 publishers from all over the world, which proves that it is not new in this field. It is known for its Banner ads, interstitial ads, pop-unders and content lockers and provides publishers a guaranteed EPCs of 20% or greater in the US and other countries.

CPALead is basically a website that allows you to install a survey gateway on the side, each time someone fills a survey from the site; one earns somewhat from $0.30 to $1.50.

This network is more inclined towards being a real-time bidding DSP and SSP marketplace that connects mobile app advertisers to anyone with mobile traffic. Whether you are an app developer looking to monetize your app, you are an Affiliate Marketer who is looking to direct CPI offers, or you are a mobile ad network looking for additional CPI offers, the network has got all the solutions to offer.

CPALead Affiliate Network revenue models are CPA, CPL, and CPI. In the CPA Revenue model, publishers earn money only when an audience performs a specific action.

Benefits of Joining CPALead Affiliate Network

Daily Payments

CPALead has a dedicated payment department that has only one job, and that is to make sure you get paid every day. They have never missed a payment.

Publisher Tools

The platform offers various tools for publishers like Offer Wall, API and SDKs, which are also being continually updated with the latest and the most innovative features.


The platform has paid out over $100,000,000 to over 1,750,000 members in over 180 countries. It has also received many awards, including INC 500.

Self Serve Advertising

CPALead has a CPI real-time bidding marketplace that brings installs to your Android or iOS app in just 4 minutes.

Referral Program

CPALead also offers an exciting referral program where you can refer your friend and earn a 5% bonus from their earnings.

More Rewards

Not only will they pay you for the traffic, but they will also reward you with medallions, trophies, iPads, t-shirts etc.

How can you Earn from CPALead?

CPALead is a legit CPA network that has been around since 2006. And the platform pays publishers to display adverts on their websites and apps. And there are many ways by which you can make money from it.

First, we will begin with the orthodox way, where you can add native ads, interstitial ads, banner ads, pop-unders or pop-ups to your website or app. And the platform's design displays the top offers available for your audience's country and device. When an audience clicks on that offer, the publishers get paid.

Next is where you earn money by sharing links to Affiliate Product Niches. The Affiliate Product niche is a page that offers access to a hidden file or hidden link in exchange for audience interaction with the ad. As the audience interacts with the Advertisement, they gain access to the content. CPALead has 600+ niches that are available for publishers to share and earn. And the best part is that you don't require a website to earn by this method.

The earnings that you can make on CPALead are entirely dependent on how many conversions you can make. If you put in hard work and develop a website with massive traffic, there is no one stopping you from earning a lot from CPALead. In short, there is no limit to what you can earn from CPALead.

Payment Methods and Minimum Payout of CPALead

Publishers who work with CPALead can receive their payments at the end of every week or month. They can be paid on a daily basis, where they offer getting paid every day for offers labeled as Fast pay offers. There are also a few offers in their system that pay on a NET30 basis. And if you wish to avoid those, then you can promote offers that have the ‘Fast Pay' label next to them.

The platform has a $10 minimum requirement set before you can request a payment.

And they payment methods offered by CPALead are: 

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Direct Wire
  • ACH or Bank Check.

How does CPALead Work?

The working of CPALead is simple, where it brings advertisers and publishers together. And the aim behind this is to provide monetization avenues for publishers and create advertising reach for advertisers.

For publishers to get paid, they have to place ads on their websites, social media accounts or mobile apps and games. These ads can be ad walls, pop-ups, pop-unders, mobile traffic and exit traffic. And each time when an audience completes a specified action on an ad, publishers earn a commission. Being a publisher, you can target specific niches, countries, demography, and also mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

Marketing Tools Offered by CPALead

Publishers can really be successful with CPALead also because of the tools it offers. By using these tools effectively, publishers can get good conversion rates running campaigns. Following is the list of tools available on CPAlead for its publishers:


You can also call Superlink the super tool of CPALead. This link is used to monetize traffic from all over the world. So when a person clicks on the link, the link will redirect to a page where the top offers related to the person's demographics will be displayed. And it does not end here. These Superlinks can be posted anywhere, including social media, which is uncommon when compared to other networks.

Content Locker

It is one of the best tools offered by CPALead, which allows the publishers to lock the premium content on the website and only make it available to the person once the offer is completed. This is really handy when your website has unique content, and you can lock it using the content locker until the user completes that offer. After it is done, CPALead will automatically reveal the content.

Exit Traffic Tool

This tool works by offering a survey or an offer to the existing audience for them to complete. After they have completed the offer, they will be allowed to move on. This tool is really an impressive one that can help you gain a lot.

Download Widget

This tool is really handy when you have free downloadable content like eBooks, Audio or video tutorials. At times audiences are not interested in paying for products. But with the download widget, CPALead can help you earn money even from free downloads.

Link Locker

This tool is fantastic as it eliminates the need of a website. It does not require a website for you to use and allows you to lock any link you want. For instance, you find any content on the web that fits your niche, so you can lock the link to the page using CPALead’s link locker and make sure audiences complete an offer before they are redirected to the link you locked.


To conclude, the CPALead is a 100% legit network that can be considered by Affiliates, especially the ones who prefer performance-based marketing. The reputation of the network is also growing day by day, along with its credibility, as it offers best-in-class service to both publishers & advertisers.

Specification: CPAlead

Number of Offers


Commission Type

CPA, CPL, Content Locking

Minimum Payment


Payment Frequency

Daily, Weekly, Net-15, Net-30, Early Payment (upon request)

Payment Method

PayPal, Payoneer

Referral Commission


Tracking Software

In-house proprietary platform

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