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This article will mention some of the features and tools that makes ExoClick an excellent choice among other Ad exchanges and network exchanges. One of the significant factors that ExoClick has flourished since 2006 is its different channels for advertisers and publishers. In addition to that, it is pretty amazing to know that in 2006 when ExoClick started, the daily ad impressions were somewhere around 100 Million by 2008, which increased to a stage of 8.5 Billion daily impressions in 2020.


Benjamin Fonzé has done quite an excellent job in terms of expansion as an affiliate network; well, it is worth noting that ExoClick has expanded quite a lot, in terms of online advertising services, the reason why I called ExoClick an online advertising service is due to its ad exchange that works very well in a balanced manner for advertisers and publishers.


For Advertisers:


As I have already mentioned that ExoClick works in a well-balanced manner to deliver the best possible value to its advertisers and publishers, this balance between publishers and advertisers helps in several ways. From an Advertiser POV, ExoClick delivers a significant number of features / key factors, and some of them are as follows:


  • Multiple Ad Formats: This can be counted as one of the main reasons that makes affiliate networks run as a successful one, multiple ad formats like HTML banners, GIFs, etc., are some of the media ad formats that can be used by Advertisers for delivering better web and mobile advertising. Some of the ad formats that ExoClick delivers are; In-page push notification, interstitial ads, email ads, popunders, banners and much more.


  • Audience targeting: One of the main features that makes ExoClick a better option among other affiliate networks is its traffic targeting which can be filtered along with different parameters such as geo, language, OS, devices, browsers, etc., as a result, can help in better targeting.


  • Behavioral targeting and real-time bidding: Real-time bidding can be a great thing for advertisers as it gives you access to advertisers for accessing billions of daily impressions. And retargeting helps in making and delivering better results in terms of conversions, as targeting the potential customers or the traffic group which has reached a particular stage in the funneling process.


Well, in addition to all that, ExoClick also delivers some excellent services for advertisers, such as:


Members Area Advertisers: This section basically refers to the benefits an advertiser can have, some of them include exclusive offers, displaying banners for reaching CTRs up by 5%, and this member area is an ideal service for advertisers dealing with Dating, Games, Nutra and Cam verticals.


Email Marketing: ExoClick not only delivers email as a media ad format but also a micro-targeting strategy; this, as a result, helps in reaching the target audience group in a more impactful way. Another key feature that ExoClick serves is its broad network; as I have already mentioned, it covers all significant GEOs like North America, Europe, and DACH.


Automation Tools, Programmatic offers (integrations) and Conversion tracking are some other essential services offered to Advertisers. The services and features are not limited to advertisers; ExoClick delivers some excellent services and features for Publishers. The automatic tools include some automatic bidding and page optimization, whereas the Programmatic part lets you explore different parts such as integrations, better ROI with access to a massive inventory and much more.


Ad Formats by ExoClick for Advertisers and Publishers: In-page push notifications, Mobile Ads, Video Sliders, In stream Video ads, Out Video Ads, Video Banners, Sticky Banners, Display Banners, Email Clicks, Mobile instant messages, and much more.


For Publishers:


ExoClick offers some excellent services and has tailored them while keeping publishers in mind, and these services/features include:


Global Coverage: As mentioned above, ExoClick offers global coverage, which can help reach a broad audience group.


Multiple Ad formats: As mentioned above, ExoClick delivers a wide variety of ad formats for its publishers like HTML banners, GIFs, push notifications, popunders and much more.


SaaS Tech: ExoClick has made quite a name in terms of tech; ExoClick has its own in-house programmatic ad platform, which helps deliver an easy-to-use interface while getting along with multiple features on a single click.


Referrals: In addition to the features and services, it's worth noticing that it offers a share of 5% for the lifetime earnings regenerated by publishers.

Payout methods offered: ExoClick offers its payout across different platforms; Paypal, Paxum, Wire transfer, and Web money.




ExoClick is overall an excellent ad company that offers you two different aspects for publishers and advertisers, one being an Ad exchange and the other being an Ad network. Overall, the features and services offered so far are pretty great when compared to other affiliate networks available.

It's worth noticing that ExoClicks software delivers around 20+ different ad formats, with optimised trafficking, providing data and stats that can be helpful in several ways for both advertisers and publishers. In addition to all of this, Benjamin Fonzé in ExoClick offers some great services for publishers such as easy approvals, control on CPM rate ads, worldwide coverage and much more.

ExoClick also offers its services alongside different DSPs and Ad networks; Overall, ExoClick is a great ad platform that offers global services with multiple features.

Hopefully, you got an idea of what ExoClick is and how you can utilize it as an advertiser and publisher.


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