HilltopAds Review 2024: Is it the Best Advertising Network?

Do you have a great product, but you need help to reach your target audience? Then this HilltopAds Review is what can help you to make the most of your web or mobile traffic.

HilltopAds is a famous advertising network that comes with a wide range of features and benefits for publishers and advertisers. The network has been around for a long time now and has managed to combine smart tech solutions and a custom approach to enhance online business growth for publishers, webmasters, advertisers and ad networks.

So let's learn more about this Ad network in our HilltopAds Review.

HilltopAds Review – Quick Facts Upfront 

Network NameHilltopAds Ad Network
Network TypeCPC/CPA/ CPM
Payment MethodPayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Paxum, Bitcoin, Tether (USDT), Webmoney, ePayService and Capitalist.
Minimum Payment Threshold$10
Payment FrequencyWeekly
Referral Program5%
Contact SupportUSA:+1 (909) 297-5909
UK:+44 (20) 3287-5909
Email: [email protected] 

What is HilltopAds Network? HilltopAds Review

HilltopAds Overview

HilltopAds is a UK-based CPC/CPM/CPA Ad network that provides various types of ads. The ad network is a global one and serves billions of ad impressions to over 190 countries. It works well with publishers and advertisers for various verticals. HilltopAds can help you grow your profit and also help you to earn some extra cash!

Since 2014, HilltopAds, the international advertising network, has been helping advertisers to get the best audience with scanned and verified traffic and also offering them a 305 increase in income for website publishers in monetization. It has become one of the best advertising networks annually and has years of experience with international clients, which helps them to get a deeper and wider understanding of what's trending and what's best.

The platform focuses on connecting the right publishers directly with the best Advertisers via the most conclusive ad formats like display banners, in-video ads, Popunders, Pushup Ads, Instant messages and direct links. Though popunders are the favorite ad format, HilltopAds work on providing traffic to the most converting ads. Plus, the network also offers support in the form of experienced international Personal Managers.

Hilltop Ads Logo

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Now let's just quickly have a look at few of the benefits you can get if you join HilltopAds Network.

Benefits of HilltopAds for Publishers

HilltopAds for Publishers

If you join HilltopAds Network as a publisher, you can witness the following benefits.

  • HilltopAds accepts various traffic types from all GEOs.
  • It is also best at pop advertising and has a huge variety of CPM offers for your traffic. Request CPA / CPC offers from your Personal Manager.
  • Hilltop Ads accepts websites with mainstream, and non-mainstream content and websites with different types of high-quality traffic are also accepted.
  • HilltopAds offers to reach all users as they maintain up to 100% and not block the fill rate without blocked impressions, so you can get higher revenue.
  • You can make big money from your website, and you will get paid weekly from a variety of payment methods.

Benefits of HilltopAds for Advertisers

HilltopAds for Advertisers

If you join HilltopAds Network as an Advertiser, you can witness the following benefits.

  • HilltopAds Advertisers can get top Traffic GEOs with the Best Rates
  • You can get Verified Traffic as they scan Traffic for bots, viruses, and malware with its powerful in-house and third-party fraud filtering tools.
  • HilltopAds offers Competitive CPM rates for the best quality traffic for top GEOS.
  • It is an easy-to-use Self-Service platform with fast campaign approval and launch.
  • Advertisers can also buy Traffic from its Smart RTB platform, especially for the media buyers.

HilltopAds Ad Formats | HilltopAds Review

HilltopAds Ad Formats

HilltopAds Network is constantly updating its Ad formats inventory and is also in line with the new trends in digital advertising. It offers several high-converting Advertising units that are in accordance with the latest BetterAds policy and also act as a perfect AdSense Alternative. Let's check out the HilltopAds Ad Types.

In-Page Push Notifications

This type of Ad format is new but is already a successful digital ad format. Push Notifications offer high conversions as they are displayed as alerts.

This type of Ad has the following benefits:

  • It is Native to Website content and also users' interests.
  • It has the Highest CTR as they are displayed when the user is not browsing apps or websites.
  • These Ad types are almost delivered instantly to any device and also can be modified.
  • It offers real traffic with the user's consent to get push notifications.


This Ad type is very popular among video platforms, engaging and relevant pre-polls and it can blend into video content thereby offering easy monetization.

As online gaming and video games are widely popular and are also among the main online entertainment niches, you can take advantage of this platform on mobile devices and desktops to advertise your products or even monetize your video content.


This type of Ad format is widely popular among Affiliates as it offers higher payouts than traditional display ads. The popunder or site-under landing page appears hidden behind the main browsing window and is shown after the browser window gets closed or minimized, whereas the popup ads are mainly served on mobile devices, and popunders are for desktops.

Direct Links

This type of Ad is the most flexible ad format and can be used anywhere on the website. When a code is provided, it fits best into the website's content and is used with Call to Action Buttons, Text links and 404 pages. Advertisers who want a high volume of cheap traffic use this kind of ad type to boost their site's traffic. Also, the Publishers can use this Ad type as a blind link as it is CPC-based.

Display Banners

HilltopAds offers top converting banner sizes for mobile devices and desktop. It also supports iFrame for HTML banners. 

Desktop banners –

  • 160×160
  • 300×250
  • 728×90

Mobile banners –

  • 300×50
  • 300×250
  • 300×100

How to Join HilltopAds as a Publisher?

Join HilltopAds as a Publisher

You can get started on your journey as a Publisher with HilltopAds by following the steps which are as follows:

  • You first have to visit the HilltopAds Official Website and Sign up as a Publisher.
  • After that, you have to add your site in the Manage Sites & Zones Tab.
  • Then you shall get a verification code that you must place on your site.
  • As your website gets verified, head to the Manage Site & Zones section and click the Add Zone button and then select your Ad format. Then Place the resulting code in the code of your website, and the Ads will start showing instantly.

Publishers will be paid weekly after the minimum balance of $10 is reached. It will be paid via prefered payment systems like PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, Capitalist, Tether (USDT)

Targeting Options in HilltopAds

  • Browser
  • Mobile carrier
  • GEO (Country, States, City)
  • Connection type
  • Time Targeting
  • White and Black Lists
  • Frequency Capping
  • Brand mobile device
  • IP Range, ISP, Mobile carrier
  • Language

HilltopAds Payment Methods and Rules

The publishers can withdraw money from their account if they meet the minimum earning of $10. Also, the frequency of payment is weekly, which is excellent! The transaction will begin after the end of the week in which the set target was met.

Advertisers can lead their money from a wide range of global payment services like Capitalist, Paxum, PayPal and USDT (TRC/ERC), and Bitcoin, along with Wire Transfer and even WebMoney. They can also get a chance to get it changed into Bitcoin and sent across through a Wire Transfer.

Also, the platform does not demand any fees for landing pages, but the services can have their own charges. These charges range between 3-5% in the case of PayPal on each amount that you enter into the HilltopAds account. On Wire transfer, the charges can be even more.

HilltopAds Support

HilltopAds offers good customer support. In the case of Publishers, they offer multiple ways to get in touch with their team. The team is available 24/7 via live chat and the ticketing system. Plus, connections to Skype, Telegram, and email are also there for the users, along with dedicated lines for general questions, tech support, and publisher and advertiser-related queries.

You also get the Account Managers for help, and they are experienced professionals who respond almost immediately. They provide tips when it comes to campaign creation. For those who prefer to get in touch over the phone, they have dedicated numbers for UK and USA users.

HilltopAds Referral Program

The HilltopAds also has an active referral program which allows its publishers to earn even more. The Referral Program allows an existing user to refer another publisher to the network, and if they reach the $10 minimum, you can earn 5% of any commission they make.

HilltopAds CPM Rates

Now in our HilltopAds Advertising Network Review, we will check out the CPM rates offered by the platform.

HilltopAds Mainstream Traffic

CountryMainstream CPM Rate

HilltopAds Adult Traffic

CountryPopunder CPMBanner CPMIn-video CPM

Pros and Cons of HilltopAds Review

  • HilltopAds offers good CPM rates.
  • Payouts are made every week.
  • The minimum Payout is only $10.
  • You don't have to update ad tags on your website.
  • Customer Service is offered via live chat, telephone, Skype, Email and Telegram.
  • You can manage all of your ads through the Ad-Spyglass admin panel, including Network ads your ads.
  • Self-Service Panel is not there, so if you have to make any changes to your campaign, you have to get it first approved by the Manager.

Top FAQs Related to HilltopAds Review 2024

What is the HilltopAds Advertising Network? 

HilltopAds is a popular ad network that is for both publishers and Advertisers. It helps publishers to monetize their traffic and welcomes large and small publishers by offering only a $10 minimum income threshold to set a realistic site goal. Though the network is a fairly new ad network, it is quickly becoming among the big competitive players on the market.

What are the payment methods provided by HilltopAds Network? 

HilltopAds offers popular payment methods like –¬†Bitcoin, ePayService, Paxum, PayPal, USDT, Webmoney, and¬† Wire Transfer.¬†

What is the minimum payment threshold in HilltopAds Network? 

The Minimum Payment threshold is only $10 and the payment is done weekly. 

What are the Ad Format offered by HillTopAds? 

HilltopAds offers the Following Ad types: 
Push Notifications 
Video Ads 
Direct Links 
Display Banners 

Final Verdict on HilltopAds Review- Is HilltopAds Network Reliable? 

After doing this HilltopAds Review and reading all the positive reviews about the network, we can definitely conclude that it is a reliable Ad network. The Ad network offers various advantages for both Advertisers and Publishers, which makes it the best among the rest. With Reliably Higher CPMs, the network does outperform its competitors in among the many crucial factors. Even its referral program serves as an added top-up income which is fantastic!

The Earnings are paid weekly via various payment methods. Customer support is available via Skype, telegram, email and also live chat which is really a vital help for the Advertiser and Publishers. Given the fact that it is not a Self-Service platform, these mediums of support are really vital.

We hope that you like HilltopAds Review. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding the network, you can pen them down in our comments sections below.

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