iMonetizeIt Review- Best Smartlink and CPA Platform of 2024

Are you thinking of getting into the affiliate marketing industry but are not aware of where to begin with? Do you still think affiliate marketing is not your thing, and it's really a tough nut to crack? If yes, you are thinking all wrong. Our iMonetizeIt review will answer you!

Affiliate marketing is the easiest industry to get into, given you have access to the right resources at the right time. And when talking about resources, affiliate networks would be the best thing for you to invest into!

This is because, the more credible the network is, the better the payout and offers would be.

Also, in our recent search, we discovered how important smartlinks are for growth. And, with keeping that in note, we further went on a quest for networks specialising in just 1-3 verticals. To our surprise, from a larger pool of networks, we just found a few matching our preferences – exclusive offers and better payouts, and iMonetizeIt is one among them!

What is iMonetizeIt? iMonetizeIt Review

IMonetizeIt Review

iMonetizeIt is a powerful affiliate marketing network built by a team of top tier professionals from the industry. Just as the name suggests, the developers help users monetize the most through this platform with bare minimum efforts. The best part, the team dedicatedly works on reviewing and building best offers daily for its users. The platform works with all types of traffic – starting from app, social, native, search, banner, push, to email.

The IMI Smartlink technology is the first ever auto technology of auto targeting, allowing users to get maximum profit from traffic monetization. The smart algorithm of iMonetizeIt picks up the most suitable and converting offer for the company's traffic and provides them with maximum profit.

The IMI CPA products by iMonetizeIt offers users a wide range of exclusive and in-house offers with high payouts. The CPA's provided here are great affiliates who are just starting out in the market and want simply the best offers.

Lastly, iMonetizeIt proprietary geo-targeting system easily monetizes the user's 100% traffic, covering almost every last impression!

Benefits of choosing iMonetizeIt over other networks!

  • Exclusive offers and best in industry payouts
  • Global offer coverage from across 200+ GEOs;
  • Reliable payments and quick payments via Wire/Payoneer/Paxum/WebMoney/Capitalist/BTC
  • Offers real-time and accurate stats
  • Extra monetization opportunity with adaptive creatives, pre-tested funnels, and unique LP
  • Dedicated Account Manager who is professional, helpful, responsive, and available 24/7
  • Adsbridge – a Free Tracker available for campaign optimization

Verticals available on iMonetizeIt

iMonetizeIt verticals

Dating Vertical

Back then, IMI was all about dating, and even now it's the platform's key vertical. Coming to the affiliate space, dating is undoubtedly the trendiest vertical to start with – all thanks to a wide audience and the highest CR.

As of now, iMonetizeIt developers have even developed new sub verticals completely based on dating. So, if you are someone wishing to get into dating, but something more specific, you can get into niche dating and mainstream jumps.

Nutra Vertical

Whether you are a veteran in the industry or a newbie, the Nutra vertical by iMonetizeIt will help you grab good dollars within a few time period. The team provides dedicated support to each user and provides right preferences according to the target audience given.

Games Vertical

iMonetizeIt's games vertical is really a game changer. The team has already prepared optimized funnels and promo material for each partner. Hence, all of these will help affiliates monetize any type of traffic with maximum efficiency.

IVR Vertical

The IVR vertical by iMonetizeIt presents users a wide list of IVR and Click2SMS offers for mainstream and dating verticals. This vertical is known for opening newer and greater opportunities for monetization. More specifically, tier 3 and 4 traffic, best for newbies who are just entering into the market.

Niche Dating

After dating, niche dating is the highly requested vertical among iMonetizeIt partners.

And more!

Advantages of iMonetizeIt

Advantages of iMonetizeIt

Global Coverage

With iMonetizeIt you will get global offer coverage. The platform accepts 200+ GEOs, from across all devices and platforms.

Free Tracker

Apart from being the best CPA and Smartlink platform, iMonetizeIt even offers users a free tracker to monetize 100% available worldwide traffic. The name of the tracker is Adsbridge and it is built to perfectly fit the needs of any affiliates.

IMI Loyalty Program

iMonetizeIt believes in building a friendly corporate philosophy. Hence, from the initial stages only, the team often held contests and gave rewards to their partners.

User-friendly Interface

iMonetizeIt comes with an incredibly easier and accessible user interface, anyone can access it quickly and get data fast. Moreover, the tool offers real time and accurate data all just within a click.

Apart from so many advantages of joining iMonetizeIt, luckily, the joining process is easier tool

Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, IMI has got you covered with all its benefits by just signing up. If you want to grab their unique smartlink solution, click on the IMI Smartlink button, whereas if you want to join their CPA Network, you can click on join IMI CPA.

For registering, you simply have to enter your first name, last name, email address, and birthday. Next, you will have to choose from what you want to work with iMonetizeIt at – as an affiliate or as a company. You'll even have to mention what CPA networks/smart links you are currently working with and how you hear about them.

After signing up, you will get access to an easy-to-use dashboard where you can check out all the recent stats and insights. You can even see offers, campaigns, revenue, and more.

To find the best offers through iMonetizeIt, you can navigate through the dashboard and find the offers section. Make sure to further filter the offers by payouts, verticals, GEO, and other related parameters. Once done, you will get a list of plenty of offers having conversion types, traffic, and restrictions related information.

iMonetizeIt Smart Links Details

Yet another thing iMonetizeIt is famous for is its smart links. The best part here is, any naive user can access it with much ease. You simply have to go to the menu button and build your own smart links based on your requirement.

You will have to enter the name, choose any vertical and a sub vertical, and lastly add a domain. Users can even add tracking tokens to get the most out of the links.

As compared to the competition out there, this Smartlink generator by iMonetizeIt is much more advanced. The team uses their own proprietary solution of auto targeting. This solution basically helps users to maximize their profit from traffic monetization.

The iMonetizeIt team also provides amazing customer service, check it out how

The major advantage of choosing iMonetizeIt over other platforms is the team's excellent 1 to 1 support to all its users. Yes, you heard that right – from the initial days itself you will get a personal account manager, available for you 24/7. This manager would not just be professional and helpful to you, but even they are highly responsive when it comes to resolving issues.

To make the most out of this service, we would recommend you to ask your representative what's working already in the market. They will give you thorough insights about what to promote.

You can even understand more about the platform through their cool browser extension and telegram bot. Both these resources would truly help you to make the most out of your time and improve your overall efficiency.

Everything you need to know about iMonetizeIt Payment Structure

Payments would never be an issue with iMonetizeIt. It pays its users on NET7, NET15, and NET30 basis, that is, either four times, twice or once a month. However, the NET7 payment basis is quite rare and is granted usually on iMonetizeIt team's decision.

Next, the team processes the payments within 7 business days after each payment happens. If the amount exceeds $1500, the team offers wire transfer as a mode of payment too. Otherwise, if the payout is less than $1500, affiliates can use other payment methods, like – PayPal, Epayments, WebMoney, Paxum, and Capitalist.

If you wish to get your payment in any of the above mentioned methods, the minimum amount earned here should be $80.

The best part here is, iMonetizeIt even offers users bonuses to anyone who refers iMonetizeIt to a third party affiliate. The commission rate here is 5% of all net revenue generated by the third party affiliate.

Conclusion- Is iMonetizeIt truly the Best CPA Network for Affiliates?

After being in the industry for quite a long period, iMonetizeIt offers affiliates a slew of advantages from a wide range of verticals. To be more specific, iMonetizeIt majorly focuses on dating offers, health and beauty category, and gambling. Needless to say, all these categories can undoubtedly help affiliates make a ton of money in bare minimum time. If you are more into organic traffic than paid ones, iMonetizeIt has even got you covered with smartlinks.

Lastly, the best thing we liked the most about iMonetizeIt is its simple and beginner-friendly dashboard. Yes, anybody can use it no matter whether they are just starting out or into the industry for long. Users can quickly check their daily stats and revenue by just a click. They can even filter them all by timezone and dates.

There is also a menu available for users to create smart links or promote standalone offers as well as set up payments. The offer section by iMonetizeIt covers a list of top offers that can be filtered by vertical, geo, and payouts.

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