JuicyAds Review 2023: Upscale Revenue with Adult Ad Network

Looking for an unbiased JuicyAds Review? Well, I just tried out how JuicyAds can be your choice while looking into all the different aspects like ad formats, CPC, Geos, Offers, and much more. In addition, we'll also be exploring some of the best practices for your affiliate marketing operations. So, let's get started and dig up, why Juicy ads have been considered one of the best adult advertising platforms for many affiliates and advertisers.

Before we hop into this JuicyAds review, it's worth mentioning that I have been using Juicy Ads for quite some time now. After using it for my adult affiliate marketing operations, it has helped me get some excellent results as compared to adult affiliate networks. The ad formats and High CPC offers can be considered among some of the major USPs of choosing Juicy ads in a long run.

If we drive through memory lane, using JuicyAds did not start giving revenues straight away, of course, now I have a significant part of revenue into affiliate marketing comes from JuicyAds, but in order to increase your revenues or get a proper kickstart for your adult affiliate marketing operations, you need to have a proper strategy. I will be mentioning some of the common mistakes along with must-try practices that a person should look forward to.

What is JuicyAds? Why do people use it for Adult Advertising?

JuicyAds Reviews

JuicyAds is an adult network that can be used by both advertisers and publishers, it came into existence in 2006, and has been performing well in the adult ad networks segment since the adult ads network has been around for a long time, it can be considered as a reliable option as compared to other adult ad networks in the ecosystem. JuicyAds also offer some excellent features in terms of delivering value to the users, these features include native advertising, an easy user interface, thousands of campaigns with over a billion impressions daily, and much more. We'll be taking a deeper dive into these features later in this JuicyAds review.

So, let's get ahead with the article and have a better analysis of how you can leverage this adult ad network along with different types of ads to upscale your operations overall.

JuicyAds for Advertisers: JuicyAds Features

An affiliate network can be basically categorized into two different parameters, one for the advertisers and another one for the publishers, as both of them have been playing a vital role in a smooth running of an affiliate network. An affiliate network basically requires both advertisers and publishers for giving better results to the network and the users.

Below mentioned are some of the features that JuicyAds have to offer to advertisers:

Anti-Fraud System by JuicyAds

The Anti-Fraud System by JuicyAds can be considered one of the important features for advertisers, as this might result in using traffic from fraudulent sources which might show you have great traction on your affiliate campaigns but not result in better conversions. The JuicyAds has been delivering some great value in that aspect and can be a great upscaling factor for advertisers.

Advanced Targeting by JuicyAds

Advanced targeting basically helps in better targeting this includes filtering across different parameters such as targeting on the basis of:

Device TypeBrowser/OS
LanguageCountry GEO
IPAlexa ranking
Day Partying/HourlyConnection
Blacklist and WhitelistNiche/Channel

All of these different filters can help in performing the right type of analysis for traffic management, etc. For example: If you are targeting a certain device type under certain GEOs, JuicyAds will basically help you with that.

One Account for all operations

This feature can be pretty helpful for affiliate marketing operations, where in most adult advertising networks require you to make two different accounts for advertising and publishing, JuicyAds does not require two separate accounts, you can have a single account for both advertising and publishing operations. As a result, if you are into both of these practices just use one account while performing a reinvestment type of practice.

Rapid Placement

The instant placement of ads is quite important when it comes to marketing operations. The JuicyAds offer instant placement of all flat-rate direct buy purchases from the marketplace. This rapid placement might be important when it comes to making quicker moves as compared to your competitors. The instant placement of ads can be one of the important factors when it comes to getting ahead of your competitors.

Customer Service by JuicyAds

JuicyAds offer some excellent services when it comes to customer service, JuicyAds offer a dedicated account manager for its customers, and this, as a result, can help in solving things on a better level. Whether it is optimization, account setup, or anything else, JuicyAds customer service can be helpful on so many levels.

JuicyAds Latest Technology

JuicyAds offer this new and updated tech named JuicyAds SexyTechnologyâ„¢, this tech was introduced in 2014 and has been delivering great value to users in that aspect. If we look into the features the JuicyAds help in improving the performance of campaigns and engagement with the offers that you use. Juicy Ads also offers automatic source optimization which is based on CTR after testing the impressions and clicks, after you have reached a certain amount of clicks and impressions, automatic source optimization comes into play. All these latest updates basically result in better conversions, engagement, reach, etc. in an optimized manner.

Adsistantâ„¢ by JuicyAds

Adsistant by JuicyAds

The adsistantâ„¢ is an AI-powered personal assistant, it is an auto-optimization system, and since it uses AI, similar to what was offered by Microsoft Cortana or Alexa, JuicyAds Adsistantâ„¢ delivers similar values. The JuicyAds Adsistant basically helps in automating several tasks such as the time-consuming process of optimizing campaign sources, some of the common parameters covered include Impressions/day, Clicks/day, Alexa rating, Country, Target Niche, etc.

JuicyAds for Publishers: Publish with JuicyAds

As a publisher, you will be looking forward to things like Banner ads and what type of engagement can be established. JuicyAds offer multiple options when it comes to Banner ads, this diversification results in better results as you get to choose the best suitable option as per your website or marketing channels. Let's take a deeper dive into these Banner ads, Popunders and how can they help you in your marketing campaigns.

Banner ads by JuicyAds

JuicyAds offer several banner ad options in terms of size/dimensions, if we consider the upscaling factors of using Banner ads by JuicyAds, you will be getting optimized banners, an exclusive marketplace, and multiple sizes. These banner sizes offered by JuicyAds are mentioned below in the image:

Banner ads by JuicyAds


Popunders can be an excellent way to engage with users and the audience group, these popunders can help you out in

  • Getting better exposure and engagement: Popunders can be an excellent way of generating better exposure as your ads will be instantly shown to the users as soon as the page is loaded. Basically, these popunders will allow your promotions to be loaded behind the active window and then be available to be seen when the visitor closes the window, creating instant attention to that certain ad.
  • Quality Assurance: Since quality plays quite an important role, JuicyAds constantly monitor how things are going for campaigns. This as a result basically helps in ensuring malware-free traffic for all your marketing campaigns performed using Popunders.
  • Targeted Marketing: As I have mentioned earlier, JuicyAds have multiple options/filters in order to deliver targeted and filtered operations overall. The JuicyAds target different traffic types such as Mobile, Desktop, or Tablets, this as a result can be helpful to publishers in getting more filtered traffic upon the sources they are meant to be targeted.

JuicyAds Payment Options

The minimum payout offered by JuicyAds is $25 which seems like quite an easy level to reach. Users can look forward to using payment models like PayPal, Paxum, and Payoneer; you might need a minimum value of $25 to use the payment platforms mentioned earlier. Whereas if we look forward to cheque payments, the minimum amount required is $100, whereas in order to perform a wire transfer you should have a minimum of $500 for successful transactions.

Users can apply for the payment options ‘on request' but it does have a certain schedule. In order to make these payments, the schedules are as follows:

  • Digital Payments are made every Friday, whereas the publishers should submit their request by Wednesday to perform successful digital transactions.
  • Cheque Payments are made on the 1st and 16th of every month.
  • Wire payments are made in the first week of every month.

Cheque and Payoneer transactions are free of charge. Each payment via PayPal carries a $2.50 cost in addition to a 2% fee for funds placed onto the service. It costs $3.50 on Paxum while a $35 fee is added to every wire transfer. Each time, a publisher needs to click “Request Payment” in order to get paid.

Top FAQs on JuicyAds Review 2023

What is Adsistant by JuicyAds?

Adsistantâ„¢ is an AI-powered assistant that can help you in making things even better for your banner ad, native advertising, etc. The Adsistantâ„¢ by JuicyAds can help in optimization while delivering some great value to you.

What different languages are supported by JuicyAds support service?

JuicyAds support 3 different languages for customer support Spanish, English, and Portuguese. They also offer a 24/7 support service, so no issues overall.

Are there any terms and conditions to stay on JuicyAds?

There are some terms and conditions that one has to follow, some of them include the prohibition of click frauds or other similar manipulations, promoting content featuring violence, illegal money schemes, etc. Basically, any type of manipulation or promotion of illegal things, malicious codes, etc. is strongly prohibited.

What payment methods are accepted by JuicyAds?

JuicyAds work over different payment methods such as PayPal, Paxum, Cheque, and Wire Transfer. Even though the payment schedules, minimum payment threshold, etc. all vary depending upon the process.

Conclusion: Is JuicyAds Worth the Hype?

My overall experience with JuicyAds has been excellent in terms of delivering better value in terms of marketing, advertising, etc. The banner ads along with popunders make JuicyAds a good-to-go choice overall. In addition to that, one of the key factors that make Juicy ads an excellent choice is its ad optimization, on the other hand, the support services offered by them were up to the mark. On average 9/10 of my queries were solved quickly, whereas 1/10 times it can be said that the queries took some time to be solved. The experience around JuicyAds has been pretty great.

If you are one of the affiliate marketers or advertisers that seek to upscale their marketing operations, JuicyAds can be an excellent choice for you as your #1 adult advertising network, at least from my experience so far.

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