LeadRock Affiliate Network Review

Affiliate marketing has been a popular business model for many years. It is a form of online advertising that allows companies to promote their products or services on other websites. Affiliates are paid by the advertiser when a lead or sale is made through their connection with the marketer.

There are many affiliate networks that exist for digital marketers to choose from, and figuring out which one is best for you can be daunting.

Affiliate networks help in generating the largest possible revenue for businesses. They can help with promoting your business, acquiring new customers, and increasing your brand awareness.

An affiliate network connects the business with its audience by providing them with customized information and promotions.

Are you looking for an affiliate network that can help you make $$$?

Well, we have just the platform for you! Read this LeadRock review to know more about how this affiliate network can help you get exclusive offers and make you more profits!

What is LeadRock?

LeadRock is an increasingly popular international affiliate network that started its journey in 2017. It's a place where affiliates can make money from their blog or website promoting white-hat and Nutra offers. They have more than 1,200 different offers on offer, and the platform allows its affiliates to run campaigns an extensive list of GEOs.

This is an international network of direct advertisers and affiliate marketers. They work with all sorts of white-hat ecommerce offers, but also a large number of Nutra offers. They have built up the database to include a wide variety of content over the last few years.

LeadRock Features and Benefits

LeadRock is a great platform for both advertisers and publishers. Let's take a closer look at its features and benefits:

  • It provides its members more than 1,200 offers to choose from in the white-hat and Nutra niches that are spread across multiple international GEOs
  • LeadRock has a Keitaro tracker integrated with it, but if that is not what you prefer, it also lets you easily integrate with any other third-party tool. You can even refer to detailed analytics present in your personal dashboard.
  • It gives its members a lot of benefits that include payout bumps for long-term campaigns, conversion-boosting landers and pre-landers and even ad creatives.
  • LeadRock is a platform that can be used by experienced affiliates or even beginners. Their dedicated team will help you with every aspect of this process, from choosing the best offers to set up your campaigns.
  • LeadRock helps maintain complete domain and API control by providing lead capture and integrations. They give you a heads up if something isn't working and offer possible solutions to any problems.

How to Register with Leadrock?

To get started with LeadRock is a very straightforward process that doesn't require approval, just sign up for your free account and create a password. You'll receive an email confirmation with the access code. Follow the steps to activate it. And that's it! You will be set to join!

The LeadRock Dashboard

LeadRock provides you with a dedicated dashboard that is a way for you to see all of your campaigns in one place. It will allow you to see what worked, what didn't and how clients responded. At the top of the page, you will find a toolbar. In the “Help” section of this website, you can browse an array of FAQs and documents to learn everything you need to know about how to affiliate. These resources are tailored for both new and experienced affiliates.

LeadRock Offers

LeadRock has over 1,200 direct and resale offers. All of these are readily available to you on the dashboard. You can rest assured that you receive new and trending offers as it updates its database weekly. It allows lets you add new offers on your own as well, although you will need to contact your account manager if you want to access a private offer or if you have a higher frequency capping.

You can even gain access to new available offers through the ‘News‘ section and also through the exclusive Telegram channel for members.

LeadRock Payout Details

Leadrock has a very frequent payout structure. You can receive payments three days a week, i.e., on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The minimum required payout is $30, and your first withdrawal comes after a 10-day hold period.

There are a variety of payment methods available for your convenience, that include PayPal, Wire transfers, and more. All you need is to choose the best one for you and get started. You'll find out about these methods in the “Finance” section of your dashboard.

LeadRock offers three different payout models: CPL, SS, and COD. You can choose which option fits you the best and get started.

LeadRock Support

On weekdays, the support team works from 11 AM to 8 PM. This time may vary depending on the time zone of your account. However, if there's an urgent issue that needs immediate attention, its support team is always there for you. Every dashboard has a dedicated “support” section that will guide you through any miscellaneous difficulties.

LeadRock Bonus Features

Here are some miscellaneous features that LeadRock offers its users for a better experience:

  • LeadRock has been updated in various ways recently, which can give you better income and bonuses.
  • It has a referral program that offers you a 5% commission of the profit of the affiliate that signs up through you.
  • LeadRock hosts contests at least once a month for its affiliates with very attractive prizes.

LeadRock Alternatives

If this network isn't what you are looking for, here are some alternatives to LeadRock:

LeadRock Vs. Nutragalaxy

Nutragalaxy is one of the leading Nutra/Sweeps/Insurance affiliate networks, and it has a wide range of popular campaigns, a variety of tools, and best-in-class affiliate support.

They are able to operate on a performance basis. This allows for maximum ROI and growth for your business.

It has a database of more than 200 offers. Its payout threshold is $100, while it supports four types of commission that are CPA, CPL CPS and COD. It offers 24/7 support and a referral commission of 2%

LeadRock is superior in terms of payout threshold and offers database, but Nutragalaxy takes the cake when it comes to customer support and commission types.

LeadRock Vs. LeadReaktor

It is a unique CPA network in the Nutra and health niche with in-house offers and GEOs that are predominantly in Europe.

It has a database of more than 80 offers. Its payout threshold is $50, while it supports mainly CPA commission types. It offers 24/7 support and a referral commission of 5%

Again, LeadRock is superior in terms of payout threshold and offers database, but it is at par with referral commissions.

LeadRock Review: Final Thoughts

All in all, LeadRock is a great affiliate network, especially for those in the health, white-hat and Nutra niche.

What are your thoughts on this affiliate network? Leave us a reply!

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WebMoney, Wire, Others

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In-house proprietary platform

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