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Leads.su Affiliate Review

Are you looking to get the best affiliate network in Russia? Or are you looking to know about Leads.su? If yes, you are at the right place as we have credible information for you about Leads.su. In this peak phase of digitization, affiliate networks have gained significant momentum in the marketplace. In this regard, enormous affiliate networks have come to the forefront to facilitate users.

Furthermore, it often becomes difficult to select the best affiliate network due to the availability of various alternatives. Therefore, it requires a lot of research and development and a thorough investigation into the marketplace for choosing the best affiliate network. Hence, we have come up with a feasible solution, i.e. the best affiliate network in Russia, which can help you greatly. Yes, we are talking about Leads.su! Please read our full article to be accustomed to every aspect of Leads.su.

What exactly is Leads.su?

Leads.su is a renowned affiliate network in Russia. Since its inception, it caters to the banking sector and has catered to numerous clients. Moreover, it highly uses the CPA model and gathers numerous CPA networks in the banking sector of the Russian market.

Top features of Leads.su

Every tool, software, app, and affiliate network becomes popular when it has some appealing features. Hereunder are some appealing features of Leads.su:

A single control panel: You need only to set up a personal account on Leads.su. Afterwards, you can find the advertising networks of some prominent companies like Google, VK, Target, and others. Hence, it will help you refill your account and manage your advertising budget. Eventually, it can help you save tons of money.

Top-notch offers: You can find ample useful offers in the Leads.su dashboard. There are 17 different categories of offers. In addition, advantages, disadvantages, and functionalities are mentioned for every category in detail. Eventually, it helps explain to the customers the benefits of every offer.

Microloan: It is the popular category that attracts affiliate networks in the financial sector. In this offer, you can generate decent profits and revenues in ample inexpensive conversions. In addition, you can generate enormous traffic by using a link. Interestingly, the traffic restrictions are less than other loans.

Consumer loans: You can get up to 10,000 rubles for each conversion in this offer. In addition, it has an attractive payout, but the traffic restrictions are more than the microloan offer. Moreover, it allows you to drive the traffic only through the landing page. Additionally, there are hard limits to this offer. The traffic should meet the advertisers’ requirements, and leads should also pass the scoring conditions. Hence, this is the best offer when you have your website.

Extensive support: Of course, a constant yet robust customer service team is important for any business. So, Leads.su understand and prioritize customers’ choices and concerns. In this regard, it offers the customers a manager to help them in any point in time. Moreover, the manager also helps customers avail themselves of the best offer as per their choices.

A unique promotion: Leads.su always emphasizes the customers to earn attractive profits and prizes. In this regard, it has developed a unique promotion strategy in the CPA sector. In this strategy, monthly tasks will be added to users’ personal account. The user needs only to click “Accept quest.” Afterwards, users have to complete as many quest steps before the month ends. Once they close the reporting, they can get attractive prizes for every completed stage. Eventually, it opens a room for rewards and participation.

Separate categories: There are separate categories for every webmaster. Moreover, Leads.su has divided the webmasters into 5 categories for the promotion strategy. The categories include Bootlegger, Broker, Banker, Capitalist, and Monopolist. The webmasters are put in the categories as per their traffic and they get prizes accordingly.

Best offers and special conditions: When you navigate on the website of Leads.su, you can find the best yet curated offers. In addition, it shows various offers as per the categories like credit cards, consumer loans, microloan, contributions, business services, mortgage, car loans, debit cards, insurance, and others. Additionally, you need only to mention your name, contact details, and number of conversions to want the special conditions for any offer. However, you need to adhere to every policy of Leads.su.

Traffic type: It displays offers and the respective traffic types like SEO traffic, public pages, teaser networks, Popup advertising, and others. So, it helps users in availing themselves of the best offer.

Some disadvantages of Leads.su

Every coin has dual aspects. There are some disadvantages of using Leads.su:

Only caters financial sector: Of course, the financial sector is large. However, Leads.su does not cater to other industry verticals, which limits its reach. Eventually, many users cannot avail themselves of the services of Leads.su.

No detailed pricing plan: Like any other affiliate network, Leads.su does not mention its detailed pricing analysis. Hence, it does not help the user to get a clear picture of how to avail of its plans. It is a major impediment to the growth of Leads.su.


Interestingly, Leads.su has held more than 50 shares in 2019. In addition, it has paid more than 2 bn rubles. It has an average of more than 800 conversions per day. Additionally, it has more than 300 advertising partners. Also, it has paid 50 million as a bonus to webs. Leads.su has more than

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