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Earning Money through a CPA network takes work. You require a blog or website along with good traffic to make good Money. Also, most of them don't even pay that much, but today we bring you OGAds, which is a premier CPA network that claims to be the highest-paying CPA network. Let's learn more about this Affiliate Network.
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  • A variety of payment options are offered.
  • Easy to a used and intuitive dashboard
  • It is also regarded as the best content locker network.
  • OGAds are high-paying sites.
  • You can only withdraw your earnings once a month.

OGAds Affiliate Review

OGAds is a legit site and is also considered among the best Affiliate and CPA Networking sites on the market. If you join this network, you can earn the maximum earnings from them. This mobile and desktop content-locking CPA Network pays its users to drive traffic to the content locker and then mandates them to complete a task like submitting an email, installing apps, and so on.

More about OGAds

OGAds is a #1 Mobile & Desktop Content Locking Network which offers the top mobile content locker in the industry. The network is known for its high-paying apps, exclusive CPA, Pin submits, and weekly burst campaigns, which are the major norms of this mobile + desktop content locker. It is a US-based mobile Affiliate network where it is possible for app developers and also mobile webmasters to make Money by promoting iOS and Android Apps plus content service along with downloads for desktops. OGAds has the top-performing content locker and also offers due to its advertiser connections. It claims to be a content-locking network that can produce maximum profit.

So to understand how this network works, let's see this example: You will have to send people to your customized content locker and promise them a few products or products for free, but to get those, they have to complete a few tasks like installing an app or submitting an email to remove the content locker. The rates of each of the tasks will vary depending on the country from this the task is done, but you can expect $0.10 – $20. And you will get it every time when someone installs an app or completes the defined task on our content locker.

It offers conversion such as:

  • CPA (Cost per action)
  • CPL (Cost per lead)
  • CPS (Cost per sale)
  • CPI (Cost per Install)

How to get started with OGAds?

Step 1: Head to OGAds.com and click on sign up.

Step 2: After that, you need to select a username, email, and password.

Step 3: Next is where you have to provide a few of your personal information.

Step 4: This step is very important. You have to provide the information quite honestly and tell them about what you are doing. The network wants solid answers to join their network, and only if your answers are confident will you get accepted. Don't lie, and be honest.

Step 5: Confirm and submit your application.

Typically, you have to wait up to one week for the network to approve or decline your request. And once when you are approved, then you can log in to your account.

How to make Money with OGAds?

You get two main ways by which you can make Money with OGAds.

#1 Content Locking

As explained in the example before, the basic process of content locking is where you can lock part of your website content, and in order to access them, your traffic has to perform a few actions, like visiting the site or downloading the product.

Content-locking is among the high-paying tasks on the internet today, and OGAds is among the highest-paying content locker network in the world.

#2 Paid Offers

OGAds also provides you the option to promote various products and services directly. So if someone buys or uses the product and services, you will get paid. Though these offers pay higher, they are hard to convert. You will probably have to run ads to get the conversion.

Top Features of OGAds

So while we did this OGAds Review, we found the following three main features.

  • Good Support – Each of the members is offered their own account manager who is always ready to help.
  • Weekly Payments – Each publisher is eligible for the NET7 weekly payments. So you will get your payments quickly.
  • Best Performing – OGAds is among the top content-locking tools, which also makes it the most profitable content-locking monetization solution available.
  • Extensive range of tools – OGAds also has some of the most distinct and awesome tools like the content locker, mobile rewards, mobile locker, Mobile Video Locker, Smart Links along with API. You are also free to select any tool as per your promotion method.
  • High rate of conversion – As per a review, it has been observed that in most cases, the conversion rate is approximately 40%. But the users are going to get around a 10% conversion rate at other similar CPA networks out there, whereas the publishers can get up to a 20% conversion rate.

OGAds Payment Methods

Following are the payment methods offered by OGAds for its publishers.

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Check
  • ACH
  • USDC

Minimum Payout and Frequency of Payment offered by OGAds

The minimum payout threshold is $50.

Also, you get paid once a month as long as you reach the minimum payout threshold. If you earn more than $500 per month, then you can request to get paid every week.

OGADs Offers

OGAds is among the pioneers of the CPA marketing industry when it comes to the quality of mobile offers. The network comes with an excess of 1000 active offers to promote, along with a payout of as much as $30 for every offer.

Along with this, OGAds also offers you different types of Social Media offers, irrespective of whether it is on Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Twitter and so on. It is even possible for you to generate revenues starting from $11 to as much as $75 per conversion.


To conclude, OGAds is among the best affiliate networks and content-locking networks on the internet. It is also the highest-paying site to earn Money online. If you can manage to bring in the traffic to your locker, then you can certainly make a lot of Money with it. The more targeted traffic you have to your locker, the more Money you can earn. Plus, you can also create a product or tool in demand and promote it to your audience for free. And then, you can lock the content to get better conversions.

We will recommend OGAds if you have a decent site with large traffic and you wish to start decent size earnings.

Specification: OGAds

Number of Offers


Commission Type


Minimum Payment


Payment Frequency

Net – 30, Weekly

Payment Method

ACH, Check, Payoneer, PayPal, Wire

Referral Commission


Tracking Software

In-house proprietary platform and Custom content locking

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