PiPiADS Review 2024: How I Unlocked 10x Marketing Potential?

Wondering whether PiPiADS is the ultimate TikTok Adspy tool for all your marketing and dropshipping needs? Well, in this PiPiADS review, we'll be covering all the important aspects like product search, ad analysis, and exploring a wide range of differentiating analytics that makes your operations come out with the best outcome possible.

On the positive side, I'll also be mentioning some of the highest-saving PiPiADS coupon codes that can help you get the best-discounted value for your business. It's worth mentioning that these PiPiADS coupons can save you 50% on your PiPiADS paid subscription, with estimated savings to be around $1422 on the PiPiADS Pro plan on yearly billing.

Now, with making you wander, let's get started with how was my experience with PiPiADS and whether is it really the TikTok ads spy tool you might wanna consider. 

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What is PiPiADS? PiPiADS Review

PiPiADS Review

PiPiADS is an ad spying tool that performs ad analysis over TikTok. This competitive ad analysis can be considered the primary end result delivered by PiPiADS. Competitive ad analysis can be beneficial in making better strategies for your dropshipping and marketing operations. Here are some of the primary operations performed by PiPiADS:

  • Performing an analysis of TikTok Ads while searching on ad keywords, ad text, advertiser names, and links as well.
  • Discovering hot-selling products along with advanced filter options that are available for running these in-depth hot-selling products.
  • Using PPSPY for running analysis across live sales, best-selling products, and other important parameters on Shopify store analysis.
  • Etsy product research is one of those features which can make things better for other product research, including the product image with store name, price, total views, total collections, reviews, and estimated monthly sales

Using PiPiADS for TikTok Ads Spying

Like most of the top-tier ad spying tools in the market, PiPiADS has emerged among the best TikTok ads spying tools in the market. One of the major reasons that PiPiADS has emerged as the best is its in-depth analysis of TikTok ads; you can also make your way around some of the advanced filters that result in better targeting of the audience.

It is worth mentioning that using PiPiADS not only helps make things better for ad analysis but can also help in performing ad analysis and product research for platforms like Etsy. TikTok Ad search, Product search, Winning Product, Advertiser, and making your collection are some of the key features delivered by PiPiADS. In simple words using PiPiADS can be called one of the best ways to perform an investigation of Ads.

PiPiADS Features

Using Ad Spy tools is a great way to find & analyze advertising data resulting in better strategies. They help you get a complete picture of your competitors' ads, targeting, and performance. These ad spying tools can be used for many different things, but there are three key areas where they shine:

  • Ads spying tools can help you find new customers by showing you which types of ads do the best job of getting people to buy.
  • They can show you which ads work the best by comparing the results to what other advertisers might be using.
  • The tool can show you which parts of your ad are working well and which parts need improvement.

Now that we have got an overview of what PiPiADS is and what are some of the key aspects of using this TikTok ad spy tool let's take a detailed analysis of the features offered by PiPiADS.

TikTok Ad Search

The key feature delivered by PiPiADS is the TikTok ad analysis. Well, PiPiADS offers two different sections under TT Ad Search; these sections include TikTok and Product Search. Let's have an overview of what are the features and filters offered in the TikTok section. Well, this section enables you to get along with ads that are running over TikTok. In addition to all this, you can also make your way around searching for ad keywords, ad text, advertiser names, and landing pages.

TikTok Ad Search

You can also explore different categories like e-commerce, games, app, dropship, brand, or even all of them. PiPiADS also offers some advanced filters under the Basic, Data, and Period sections. These filters can help perform an in-depth analysis over Country/region, CTA button, ecom platform, Ad type, Landing page, ad impressions, total likes, popularity, days, like rate, last seen, first seen, etc. All these filters combined can be helpful in performing a better-targeted strategy for dropshipping and marketing strategies.

TikTok Ad Search Tool

You can also use Product Search for performing search operations to find that hot product for your dropshipping operations. As a dropshipper, you can also look around some of the additional data, such as first-seen and last-seen date, impressions, likes, and like rate. This, as a result, can help you understand whether a certain product is a good-to-go option for your dropshipping operations.

Winning Products

As the name suggests, the winning products sections enable you to get along with the ads that are performing well on TikTok. This way, dropshippers might get along with products that hold great potential for dropshipping operations; if we look around at some of the details that are delivered by clicking on any of the dropshipping products/ads, these details can turn out to be a game changer for your dropshipping and competitive ad analysis.

TikTok Winning Products

PiPiADS Winning Product section offers important data like the Ads Display Name, Ad Text, Ad Effect (Ad Cost, Estimated Orders, Like Rate), Ad scheduling, Country/Region, Device, Size, Type, Ecom platform, CTA button, TikTok URL and Landing Page. All this data combined can help in making things better for your dropshipping and competitive ad analysis. One of the key features that make this Ad analysis an excellent choice overall is the availability of the landing page; by using the landing page and the product URL, dropshippers can make their way around better strategy-making for their marketing and dropshipping operations.


As the name suggests, the advertiser section lets you get along with a database of advertisers; the advertisers' list can help better analyze your competitors' marketing and dropshipping strategy.

TikTok Advertiser feature

As a result of this feature, you can keep your hand around some of the important data such as the rank of the advertiser, advertiser name, the number of ads ran from that advertiser, ad impression, days, popularity, time, country, newest ads, and action that can be taken on that particular advertiser (advertiser analysis or collecting the data in my collection section).

TikTok Advertiser Tool

By clicking on the advertiser analysis, you can come across detailed ad analysis, including the data such as Advertiser URL, the device that they are targeting, country/region, the group that they fall into, the first and last seen of the advertiser, ad scheduling, ad impression, the number of days the advertiser has been active, the popularity of the ads, FB ads and the best settings that the advertiser has been using. As a result, the advertiser analysis can turn out to be really helpful for strategic tasks for your online business.

Etsy Product

Similar to the operations performed by dropshippers and marketers indulged in dropshipping business, TikTok has also been a great resort for ecom sellers working over platforms like Etsy. PiPiADS offers some excellent features that can help in performing all the above-mentioned operations for Etsy as well. You can explore different ads running across TikTok for Etsy selling operations. Similar to the filters that were mentioned before.

TikTok Etsy Product

These intellectual filtering options can help in performing better-targeted marketing and selling operations. For Example, exploring filter options like categories, data, ad pick, and period can help improve things overall. These filter options have:

  • Categories: Accessories, Jewelry, Paper & Party Supplies, Bags & Purses, Pet Supplies, Shoes, Toys & Games, Weddings, Bath & Beauty, Books, Movies & Music, Clothing, Craft Supplies, and much more.
  • Data: You can come across some of the important data for estimated sales, total views, total collections, total reviews, price, view growth, etc.
  • Period: You can also make your way around the data that can help you make better decisions based on the time stamp of that particular ad. You can categorize certain ads based on duration, such as 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, and 90 days.
  • More: The more section includes some of the data regarding that ad, whether it is a bestseller or an Etsy pick.
TikTok for Etsy Products

In addition to all this, you can also get along with a detailed overview of an ad/product. By clicking on the product detail, you can come across data such as product link, category of that product on Etsy,  added time, estimated monthly sales, and total views on that particular product/ ad. If we look forward to some of the important data, PiPiADS lets you get along with the data trend, including total views, total reviews, and total collection.

TikTok Etsy Products

As shown in the picture, PiPiADS also lets you get along with some of the important parameters for the Etsy Store, including Sales growth, Total sales, Reviews growth, Total Reviews, Collection growth, Total collection, On sale, Opening time, and Action (Shop detail and Collect).


The collection section lets you get along with some of the key aspects such as Ad material, Advertiser, Product Search, Etsy products, and Etsy Store. These different sections let you explore the ads or products that were added using the Collect option. This collection can be beneficial in making things better by performing an in-depth analysis of how your selected ads, products, or advertisers are performing. In addition to all this, you can also make multiple groups and perform operations likewise.

Tiktok Collection Section

How I saved $1400+ on PiPiADS?

Well, I was fortunate enough to get along with the highest savings on PiPiADS, and you can also save the same amount on PiPiADS by using the same steps while getting along with your preferred plan. Here are some of the key factors that you need to consider, these include:

  • Use any of the verified PiPiADS coupon codes such as “AFFCOUPON“, “BLOGE20“, or “AFFTWEAKS” which will give you a flat 20% discount on any of the chosen plans.
  • Now, it is highly recommended to get along with the annual billing option so that it would offer you an additional discount of 30% on PiPiADS.
  • When combined, you can save around 50% on PiPiADS on any plan as per your preference. By following the same steps I was able to get along with saving around $1422 on my PiPiADS Pro plan subscription.

PiPiADS Free Resources

PiPiADS offers a set of free resources and tools that could be used for dropshipping, marketing, and other related operations, these include:

TikTok UTM ParametersDropshipping Traffic Calculator
TikTok Ad Targeting & AudienceDropshipping CPA Calculator
Etsy ProductTikTok Ad Cost Calculator
Shopify Theme DetectorDropshipping Profit Calculator
Shopify App DetectorDropshipping Profit Margin Calculator

Dropshipping Calculators

PiPiADS offers a set of 5 different calculators that can help in multiple aspects of your dropshipping and marketing. The dropshipping and ad cost calculators working on that aspect are as follows:

  • Dropshipping Traffic Calculator: This calculator gives you different parameters like how many orders or visits you need. All you need to do is give some data like Total visitors, total orders, and revenue.
  • Dropshipping CPA Calculator: CPA calculator basically gives you an analysis of what might be your targeted cost per acquisition with input data such as current average CPC, average site conversion rate, and target acquisition cost.
  • TikTok Ad Cost Calculator: TikTok Ad cost calculator gives you analysis across sales, total budget, and clicks that might be needed for your ad campaign on TikTok. All you need to enter is fill in the monthly revenue goal, average selling price, CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions), CTR, and CPA.
  • Dropshipping Profit Calculator: The Dropshipping profit calculator gives an average on the monthly profit while running analysis over some important parameters like Aliexpress supplier price, your margin, and the number of sales per month. 
  • Dropshipping Profit Margin Calculator: The profit margin calculator will give an analysis of what might be your average profit along with your profit margin as well. This whole analysis is performed on things like sales price, supplier price, advertising cost, shipping cost, and misc fees.

Other free tools include the UTM parameter, TikTok ads targeting & audience, Etsy product, Shopify theme detector, and Shopify app detector. All of these free tools serve different services including the ads targeting, competitor shop analysis, and much more.

PiPiADS Chrome Extension (PPSPY)

PiPiADS also gives access to a free Shopify Chrome extension which basically gives excellent insight across multiple criteria including the best-selling product, live sales, products, apps, reviews, and much more. These simple but important insights can help in making your dropshipping and Shopify-related operations much better.

You can also run a good analysis of the product statistics which include the total number of products, average product price, and much more. Here is a table to show you what type of data this Chrome extension can offer.

Total Number of productsAverage product priceLast Published product
First published productHighest product priceLowest product price
Product LaunchesLaunched products based on product typeFacebook Pixel
Theme usedCurrency used as default by storeLanguage and Region

PiPiADS Pricing Plans

PiPiADS Pricing Plan

PiPiADS offers basically 4 paid plans if we exclude the free plan; these plans are categorized on the basis of the search queries and limit of operations for your TikTok ad spying. These 3 plans include the Starter Plan, VIP Plan, Pro Plan, and Enterprise Plan.

PiPiADS Starter Plan

The Starter Plan by PiPiADS costs around $77/month, and will be reduced to $54/month if opted for the annual plan. The Starter Plan can be an excellent choice for dropshippers and Internet Marketers that are pretty much in the starting phase of their online business. The PiPiADS starter plan basically gives access to all the key features, including ads per query, advertiser details per day, product details, ad details, and much more.

In addition to all that, the filters performed over multiple segments such as search per day, categories, CTA, and Country/Region are unlimited. The Starter Plan is tailored for a single user, so dropshippers and internet marketers that seek to use PiPiADS individually can get along with the PiPiADS Starter plan.


The VIP Plan by PiPiADS costs around $155/month whereas the yearly plans will cost you around $116/month. The VIP Plan gives access to all the features that were mentioned in the Starter Plan. At the same time, the number of searches and queries is increased in the VIP plan as compared to Starter Plan. The VIP plan can be an excellent choice for dropshippers and internet marketers with medium-sized businesses.


The Pro Plan by PiPiADS costs around $263/month while giving access to all the features offered by PiPiADS. The Pro Plan can be an excellent choice for dropshipping business owners with medium to large scaled dropshipping businesses.

The PiPiADS Pro Plan gives access to 5 user seats, making it an excellent choice for medium to large dropshipping businesses. In addition to that, you can also get access to some additional features such as not seeing viewed ads and blocking advertisers. It's worth mentioning that the Pro Plan does not offer a $1 trial.

PiPiADS Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan offered by PiPiADS is for large-scale business owners looking forward to getting a plan tailored depending on the features and user seats. To get along with the Enterprise Plan, you need to contact the PiPiADS team.

PiPiADS $1 Trial

PiPiADS offer this $1 trial that can help you in making things better by analyzing what all features are offered by PiPiADS. The PiPiADS $1 trial is operational for 3 days and lets you get along with all the key features offered by it.

Currently, the PiPiADS $1 Trial is available on the PiPiADS VIP and Starter Plan; the $1  trial gives access to features like search ad queries, ad details per day, product details per day, advertiser per query, and looking for advertiser details per day. Exploring all these features can be helpful in making the right decision on whether PiPiADS is the suitable TikTok Ad spy tool for you or not.

PiPiADS Free Plan (Free Forever Plan)

TikTok Free Plan

PiPiADS offers this free plan with all the key features that can help make things better for your marketing and dropshipping operations. Well, these features are somewhat limited since it is a free plan, but can be an excellent way to get along with the features offered by this TikTok ad spying tool. The PiPiADS Free Plan gives access to almost all the key features, including search ad queries, ad details per day, product details per day, advertiser per query, and looking for advertiser details per day; well, it is worth mentioning that these features are pretty much limited but are up to the expectations if we consider it as a free plan.

Why use PiPiADS for Advertising?

Marketing and advertising can be very effective ways to promote your business. However, finding the proper marketing and advertising strategy can be difficult. To simplify your marketing and advertising efforts, using TikTok for marketing and advertising can be an excellent choice to get along with, and PiPiADS can help upscale those marketing and advertising operations using all the features delivered by it. This social media platform allows you to upload photos, videos, or text ads quickly. It also allows you to track how many users have viewed your ads. By using TikTok for marketing and advertising, you can come across better opportunities.

And all these operations can be upscaled using better ads materials and features that can help make things better for your dropshipping business. Performing an in-depth analysis while using all these high-quality ads can turn out to be a game changer in your online business.

Top FAQs on PiPiADS Review & Coupons 2024

Are there any free tools offered by PiPiADS?

Yes, PiPiADS does offer a set of free tools and resources including different types of calculators, Shopify themes and app detectors, along with TikTok UTM parameters.

Can I perform Etsy-related product and ad analysis on PiPiADS?

Yes, PiPiADS offers multiple features for product research and running an in-depth analysis of the ads running over TikTok for Etsy.

What type of advanced filters are offered in PiPiADS?

PiPiADS offers some excellent features and tools for a number of things, but if we look after these advanced filters, you can come across filter options for data, basic data, demographics, and much more.

Does PiPiADS offer any trial?

Yes, PiPiADS offer a trial for 3 days at just a cost of $1 which sounds like a fair deal, you can access almost all the features offered in PiPiADS paid plans.

Where can I find the best-selling products with PiPiADS?

You can find the best-selling products on PiPiADS in the “Winning Products” section seen on the top menu bar.

Final Verdict | PiPiADS Review: Is PiPiADS the Best TikTok Ad Spy Tool?

No doubt that the features offered by PiPiADS can turn out to be a helping hand in performing a detailed analysis of the ads that are running over TikTok. This way, you can make your way around making better ad strategies, resulting in better ROI for your dropshipping business. If we look around PiPiADS, it not only helps keep an eye on the ads running from the dropshipping perspective but can also be an excellent resort for Etsy sellers.

Another major that makes PiPiADS an excellent choice for dropshippers, internet marketers, and Etsy sellers is its $1 trial which gives you access to all the key features for a time period of 3 days. Well, from my perspective, 3 days are more than enough to explore all the features offered by this TikTok ad spy tool. In addition to the $1 trial, PiPiADS also offers a free plan; this, as a result, can turn out to be an excellent way to explore the features and the user interface offered by PiPiADS.

Hopefully, this PiPiADS Review has helped give you an in-depth analysis of what PiPiADS has to offer and How PiPiADS can be helpful in your marketing and dropshipping operations.

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