PST.NET Review 2024: Is it the Best Virtual Payment Card?

For all the Affiliate Marketers out there, we have for you a Virtual Payment Cards provider PST.NET. And were are here with a complete overview of PST.NET.

As Affiliate Marketers have to make a whole lot of payments to customers, it becomes incredibly important for them to choose a payment provider which offers robust security on cards and is also charging lower fees.

So the attention has now focused on Virtual Payment cards, which offer unique prepaid debit cards that can be used by almost anyone in any country without any bank account or credit card. It comes in two forms: e-cards and physical cards.

Affiliate Marketers have to go through numerous challenges. Apart from common problems, like fetching traffic, they also face issues regarding their payments. This can include delays in payments or brands not following their words and other such issues which people hesitate to talk about or are never highlighted. But Affiliate Marketers, PST.NET is a platform that has perfect solutions to all such concerns.

PST.NET, which issues payment cards in virtual form. So in our PST.NET Review, we will be discussing more the virtual payment cards and how PST.NET has managed to create a space of its own and is offering redefined solutions for its users. And by the end of this article, you will very well come to know why it is among the best platforms.

What is PST.NET? – PST.NET Review

PST.NET Overview

PST.NET is a payment platform that offers high-quality financial services. It is among the best of the lot that offers cards virtually. And the virtual cards offered by PST.NET can easily pass any fraud-checking services without a problem, which makes them more reliable and robust. PST.NET also offers several unique features, like a physical counterpart for each card and ensuring top-notch reliability.

What makes PST.NET different from the rest is that you don't have to worry about any scams related to checks like Check Kiting, Check Floating, Paperhanging, etc. So you can at least breathe a sigh of relief that all of your assets are safe with it.

All the features of PST.NET are easy to use, and the platform has a simple-to-use interface so even new uses can understand all the options provided. And to get your first card can only take 2 minutes! And you can deposit the payment cards with cryptocurrency (BTC and USDT).

As an Affiliate Marketer, you should always be aware of potential fraud concerns no matter what steps you take, like using private proxies or any anti-detecting browsers, which are actually not that enough.

And also, the “Clean Reputation” of bank identification Numbers will regard unpaid bills, abandoned accounts and also unethical or deceptive advertising, which should not be ignored. Also, the credibility of a bank identification number goes down if the cards issued by it with a bank identification number are frequently used for black Affiliate Marketing.

PST.NET is a multilingual financial service that offers services in 13 different languages that at least remove the communication barriers. Just a telegram will provide you with all the notifications related to the services offered by PST.NET. Along with this, the company continuously focuses on improving daily and keeping their clients stress-free.

Exclusive Advantages for Affiliate Marketers by PST.NET 

Affiliate Marketers who choose PST.NET will get the following advantages. 

Advertising Campaigns

The cards issued by PST.NET are usable for all your Advertising campaigns, such as those on Facebook, Google, TikTok and other social media platforms.

Card management

This is the best advantage we fill PST.NET offers, as it allows you to manage your card in a single click. As Affiliate marketers are focused on a variety of problems, this one-click option is going to grant them entire control in their own hands by which they can choose spending funds without any delays or hidden charges.


The cards offered by PST.NET are completely user-friendly, and you don't have to worry about any complexities, and you can figure out everything independently.

Corporate accounts

Affiliate marketers having huge businesses are offered corporate accounts. And it does not end here as they can also get their expenses optimized and controlled through it.


USDT withdrawals and other ones are also available.

3-D Security

The 3-D secured cards issued by PST.NET will allow you to pay for almost all the services you wish to pay for in any part of the world.

Features of PST.NET | PST.NET Review

Next, in our PST.NET Review, we shall discuss the various features offered by this fantastic financial service.

1. Stability 

PST.NET offers the Highest BIN variability among all existing solutions on the modern market. It offers MORE THAN 20 BINS FROM 5 US AND EU BANKS. With all of its cards, there are both cards with Platinum Credit status and cards with 3-D Secure Support that ensures the highest level of trust on any ad platform.

2. No Limits

The platform does not apply any limits on the number of issued cards, spends or deposits on PST.NET. And it just takes a few seconds to issue a card, and all the bank operations are fully automated.

3. Low Fees and Rates 

The Tariffs and bonuses offered by PST.NET are really unique compared to other services, which makes it outstanding.

PST.NET offers the following Tariffs 

TariffCard InsurancePayment for Each MonthCost of Deposit
Premium Facebook$10$102.9%

And with the PST.NET Affiliate Program, the users can get 100% from the first card insurance for each new client who registers by their Referral link. Plus, they also can get 10% of service commissions from each invited client for life!

4. Transparency 

PST.NET ensures complete transparency by offering detailed information about all payments and fees, which can be easily viewed by the user and can be downloaded in the Transactions section on the PST account page.

The platform also charges a 0% commission for:


5. Ease of Use 

Affiliate Marketers always have to be on the go as they have various aspects to look out for. They are kept busy to keep up with the latest trends in technology. So for them, PST.NET offers easy and simple solutions for accessing their financial data. This service platform has crafted a good combination of modern technology with financial institutions to provide easy access to information.

Even the website's interface is simple and allows you to view your data and make changes as needed quickly. You don't have to worry about remembering passwords or signing up for new accounts.

6. Acceptance of Crypto

While we did this PST.NET Review, USD is the main currency of the cards, but in the very near future, EUR is also going to be added.

7. Telegram bot

The platform also provides you with a Telegram-bot service which can help you receive service notifications so that you never miss out on any of them. This also increases the user experience comfort.

8. Virtual Payment Cards 

While you shop online, it is quite easy to get complacent and provide your credit card information to a stranger. But with the PST.NET virtual cards, you stand protected from any sort of fraudulent activity. It is kind of a no-risk from scammers, and you can shop tension-free without leaving your physical card details. Also, you can use virtual cards for any purpose by keeping your identity safe when shopping online!

9. No Document Confirmation 

With PST.NET, there is no document confirmation required for the issuance of the first card. The process is a fairly simple one. Its like the “know your client” (KYC) approach, where you only need to have a photo of a passport.

How to Start with PST.NET?

If you wish to get started with PST.NET, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Step 1- Sign up

It hardly takes 60 seconds to sign up for an account with PST.NET. All you have to do is to enter your email address, a password, and some other info about yourself.

  • Step 2- Adding Funds

In PST.NET, you can transfer your funds from a cryptocurrency wallet or even from a SEPA/IBAN bank account.

  • Step 3- Just Apply!

Instantly apply for the card and begin spending.

PST.NET for Teams

You can also choose PST for your business purposes, as it has several new options to offer in the latest update. The account owner can:

  • Issue and block cards
  • Have access to detailed team transactions
  • Manage each member's account
  • View the corporate account statistics
  • Limit expenses through CSV

You can try out PST without any problem. You can

What are Virtual Payment Cards? 

Virtual Payment cards are digital cards available online that you can create and use to make purchases online. They are not like Physical credit cards as they don't come in physical form and they are also not made of plastic. But they are only numbers that you can use to make your online purchases.

It's a digital card that is designed for one-day use that masks the numbers of an actual credit card. When you use such type of card, the retailer can only access and store the information of the temporary card, and this, in turn, will protect your actual card account information if there is any data breach.

Virtual Payment cards are used mainly by people who don't get access to a credit or a debit card and wish to shop online. But that's not all! Some people use these cards because they offer an extra layer of security while making purchases online, as they don't have to worry about losing their actual card information. These cards are now getting insanely popular because of the convenience and security they offer, and you can apply for them right from your computer with minimal document verification.

Benefits of Virtual Payment Cards

  • You can track your cash flow from anywhere at any time.
  • These cards come at a low cost.
  • Few virtual cards also offer point-earning rewards.
  • In case your card is compromised, virtual credit cards can be revoked easily and quickly.
  • Convenience for E-commerce.
  • You can use them for Recurring payments.
  • More Security.

Top FAQs Related to PST.NET Review 2024

Is the PST.NET Sign up process easy?

Yes. The sign-up process on PST is short for pay, store and transfer, and it turns out to be relatively more straightforward. Also, there is no need for KYC for the first card and also when spendings are less than $500. And if your spendings are more, you will have to verify your account by sending the document photo, which will take hardly an hour.

How many BIN and Card types are supported by PST.NET? 

There are a total of 25 BIN and 6 card types available for users, as mentioned on their website. The cards are in USD and EUR, but soon GBP cards are promised to be available. It has only 10 BIN and 4 Card types for the US.

What are the Fees charged by PST.NET? 

In PST.NET, you don't have any account top-up commissions. But there are card top-up commissions (depending on the card type) – starting from 2%. You can deposit your account by yourself via USDT-TRC20. It is also possible to accept a direct WIRE Transfer from the affiliate network to the PST account.

Does PST.NET offer support for Apple Pay/Google Pay?

Yes. Unlike most of the BINs, PST.NET does offer support for Apple Pay/Google Pay.

Final Verdict – Is PST.NET Reliable? 

After this comprehensive PST.NET Review, it offers the best Virtual Cards Payment service due to its versatility and robust security. Your search for a reliable payment solution ends here. It has many, many innovative features like virtual cards and exclusive BINs and much more, which can be relied on and save you from any fraud. You can easily use these cards for all your successful marketing campaigns and on various platforms as an Affiliate marketer.

We hope that you like our honest opinion on PST.NET. Do let us know in the comments below if you have used PST.NET or if you have any questions regarding it.

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