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Looking to hit the jackpot in affiliate marketing? The 1Win Affiliate Program offers a winning combination of generous commissions, stellar support, and robust marketing tools. With commission rates up to 60% revenue share and CPA payments as high as $200 per lead, 1Win enables affiliates to maximize earnings from gambling and betting traffic. Well, the treats don’t stop over here, they will be covered across all the parameters on the go.

This 1Win affiliate program review will help you get along with everything you need to know, the Ins and Outs. For those seeking a transparent program ripe with potential, 1Win deals with a full house of benefits tailored to help affiliates succeed.

Without any further adieu, Let’s get this review started!!

1Win Affiliate Program Overview

1Win Affiliate Program Review

One of the top affiliate programs for iGaming, 1Win targets markets in the CIS, Europe, Asia, India, and Latin America. 1Win offers affiliates some of the most generous terms in the market, with CPA rewards as high as $200 per lead and revenue share rates up to 60%. Real-time statistics, free webmaster tools, and a variety of marketing resources to boost conversions are all included in their feature-rich platform.

With multiple withdrawal methods, timely weekly payouts, and dedicated 24/7 support, 1Win empowers affiliates to maximize earnings from gambling and betting traffic. As a reputable program ripe with potential, 1Win delivers the tools and favorable conditions to build successful partnerships.

Commission TypeRevShare, CPA, and Hybrid
Minimum Payout$2/€2
Payout FrequencyWeekly Payouts
Payment MethodsCrypto wallets, Webmoney, MasterCard, and Visa
Cookie Period365 Days

1Win Partner Key Features

The 1Win Affiliate Program offers several compelling reasons for affiliates to join, here are some of those key features that make 1Win Partners an excellent choice for affiliates:

  • High Commission Rates: Affiliates can earn up to 60% revenue share, with a fixed 50% rate as the minimum. This is one of the highest minimum rates available in the industry.
  • No Negative Carryover: The program does not have a negative carryover policy, meaning that any negative balances are reset at the beginning of each month.
  • Flexible Payment Models: In addition to the revenue share model, 1Win Partners offers CPA and Hybrid payment models, allowing affiliates to choose the best option for their needs.
  • Sub-Affiliate Program: Affiliates can earn an extra 5% commission by referring other webmasters to the program.
  • Wide Range of Products: 1Win offers a diverse product range, including casino games, sports betting, and e-sports, ensuring that affiliates can cater to various audience preferences.
  • Global Market Presence: The 1 Win Partners program is available in multiple regions, including CIS countries, India, West Africa, and is expanding into Asia, Europe, and Latin America.
  • Dedicated Support: 1Win Partners provides round-the-clock assistance and personalized support through account managers, ensuring that affiliates receive the help they need.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The 1Win Partners platform offers a clean and intuitive dashboard, making it easy for affiliates to track their progress, manage promotional tools, and view earnings.
  • Timely Payments: The program is known for its prompt payments, ensuring that affiliates receive their earnings on time.

Why Should I Promote 1Win as an Affiliate?

With a lot of options and affiliate programs being available, 1Win is a popular online betting platform that has been in operation since 2016, initially known as FirstBet. After rebranding in 2018, the company has gained a strong reputation in various markets, including the CIS countries, Europe, and Asia. Since, 1Win offers a wide range of betting options, including sports betting, casino games, poker, and more.

With a focus on user experience, 1Win provides a secure and reliable platform for its customers, offering multiple payment methods, efficient customer support, and optimized mobile and desktop applications for various operating systems. As a legally operating platform with a license from Curacao, 1Win ensures a safe and enjoyable betting experience for its users.

Commission Models Offered in 1Win Affiliate Program

The 1Win Partners Affiliate Program offers three main commission models for affiliates to choose from, allowing them to monetize their gambling and betting traffic effectively:

  • Revenue Share (RS): This model allows affiliates to earn a percentage of the net revenue generated by the players they refer. The RS percentage starts at 50% and can go up to 60% for dedicated affiliates.
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): With the CPA model, affiliates can earn up to $200 per lead. This model is suitable for those who prefer to receive a fixed payment for each new player they bring to the platform.
  • Hybrid: The Hybrid model combines the best of both Revenue Share and CPA models, offering unique terms for each affiliate. This model provides a more flexible approach to earning commissions, catering to the individual needs and preferences of affiliates.

These commission models provide a versatile suite of options for affiliates, allowing them to choose the most suitable model for their traffic and marketing strategies.

How to Join 1Win Partners Affiliate Program?

Joining the 1Win Partners affiliate program is quite easy, follow the steps mentioned below to get the most out of the 1Win Partners affiliate program:

  • Check Accepted Countries: The first step is to verify the accepted countries for the 1Win affiliate program. The program accepts worldwide traffic, but it specializes in markets across CIS, Europe, India, Asia, and Latin America.
  • Join the Program: Visit the official website of 1Win Partners and sign up for the affiliate program. The registration process is simple and quick.
Join 1Win Partners Affiliate Program
  • Understand the Commission Structure: 1Win offers three main commission models: Revenue Share (RS), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), and Hybrid. The RS percentage starts at 50% and can go up to 60%. With the CPA model, affiliates can earn up to $200 per lead. The Hybrid model combines the best of both RS and CPA models, offering unique terms for each affiliate.
1Win Partners Affiliate Program Commision Structure
  • Explore the Benefits and Tools: Once registered, affiliates have access to a user-friendly dashboard that provides real-time stats, free webmaster apps, and an array of promotional materials to boost conversions. The program also offers timely weekly payouts, multiple withdrawal options, and dedicated 24/7 support. Additional tools for retention include individual push-up notifications, personalized email and SMS newsletters, no-deposit bonus deals, welcome deposit bonuses, and promo codes for deposits.
  • Start Promoting: After familiarizing yourself with the tools and benefits, start integrating 1Win promotional materials into your platform. Monitor your progress and outcomes regularly to optimize your strategies.

How to Withdraw an Affiliate Commission from 1Win Partners?

Withdraw an Affiliate Commission from 1Win Partners

To withdraw your affiliate commission from the 1Win Affiliate Program, you must first meet certain conditions for your initial withdrawal. You need to have attracted at least 10 players, and their total deposit amount must be $70 or higher. If these conditions are not met, the funds are stored and will become available for withdrawal whenever these conditions are fulfilled. These conditions do not apply to subsequent withdrawals.

Withdrawals are issued every Tuesday. The minimum withdrawal amount is $2/€2. There is no withdrawal amount limit at the 1win online casino.

You can withdraw your earnings through various payment methods including Mastercard and Visa cards, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT), and Webmoney. The program also supports payment methods for major locations.

Remember, to withdraw your earnings, you must have a verified account.

Common FAQs on the 1Win Affiliate Program Review

What commission rates does the 1Win Partners Program offer?

The 1Win Partners Program offers a fixed 50% rate on revenue shares monthly, making it one of the highest minimum rates available on any affiliate program operating nowadays. The most dedicated affiliates have the chance to earn a top 60% rate on revenue shares.

What are the available cooperation models in the 1Win Partners Program?

1Win Partners offers three common cooperation models: CPA with payments of up to $200 per lead, RevShare with a rate of up to 60%, and a Hybrid model that combines the best of both CPA and RevShare. The Hybrid model is available for webmasters who have been verified by 1Win Partners and have demonstrated high conversion rates.

How does the payment process work in the 1Win Partners Program?

1Win Partners offers prompt and reliable commission payments. The minimum payout is $70, and payments can be made through various methods including WebMoney, Cryptocurrency, and Bank cards.

What is the policy on negative balances in the 1Win Partners Program?

1Win Partners does not have a negative carryover policy. This means that all the balances are reset to zero at the beginning of each month. Therefore, affiliates do not have to worry about negative balances that could threaten their chances of earning commissions monthly.

What is the policy on sub-partner plans in the 1Win Partners Program?

Sub-partner plans are available to the affiliates of 1Win Partners. This particular type of plan has to be requested in order to have it active on the account. The rates and the terms and conditions of the plan are agreed between the marketer and an account manager.

What is the geographical reach of the 1Win Partners Program?

1Win Partners started out working with Russia and a number of CIS countries, but have already expanded their influence further to other countries. The most popular and well-converting GEOs are India, countries of Western Africa, Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS countries. 1Win is also planning on launching Latin American countries in the near future.

Wrapping Up on 1Win Affiliate Program

As we come to the end of this 1Win Affiliate Program Review, it is pretty clear that the 1Win affiliate program offers quite a complete blend of commission rates, a wide range of promotional materials, and a dedicated support team, it's a program that caters to both seasoned affiliates and those just starting out. With a fixed 50% rate on revenue shares monthly and the potential to earn up to 60%, it's no wonder that affiliates are flocking to this program.

But it's not just about the money. The 1Win Partners Program is about building relationships, sharing experiences, and growing together. Every registered member is treated like a full partner, with the opportunity to consult with qualified experts in the field and receive quality advice and pro tips.

With its transparent operations, prompt payments, and in-depth statistics, it's a program that not only rewards your efforts but also empowers you to refine your strategies and maximize your earnings.

Ready to join the ranks of top-performing affiliates? Don't miss your chance to ride the wave of 1Win's meteoric rise and unlock your true earning potential!

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