Affiverse Appoints its New Non-Executive Director: Sarafina Wolde Gabriel

The New Non-Executive Director of Affiverse

Affiverse, a leading affiliate marketing platform, has recently made a significant strategic appointment. The company has announced the appointment of Sarafina Wolde Gabriel, the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Rightlander, as their new non-executive team member. This decision marks an important milestone for Affiverse as they continue to expand its operations and enhance its expertise in the affiliate marketing industry.


Affiverse has established itself as a prominent player in the affiliate marketing space, providing innovative solutions to advertisers and publishers alike. The company offers a comprehensive platform that facilitates seamless collaboration between advertisers and publishers, enabling them to maximize their reach and revenue.

Rightlander, a well-known provider of affiliate compliance software, has been at the forefront of ensuring regulatory compliance within the iGaming industry. Their expertise lies in monitoring affiliate campaigns, ensuring they adhere to industry regulations and guidelines. Sarafina Wolde Gabriel, who has played a pivotal role as CSO at Rightlander, possesses extensive knowledge and experience in affiliate marketing and compliance.

Appointment of Sarafina Wolde Gabriel

Sarafina Wolde Gabriel

Affiverse's decision to appoint Sarafina Wolde Gabriel as a non-executive is a testament to her exceptional track record and expertise. With her experience at Rightlander, she brings a wealth of knowledge in compliance, regulation, and the overall affiliate marketing landscape. Her strategic insights and industry connections are expected to contribute significantly to Affiverse's growth and success.

The role of a non-executive is crucial in providing an external perspective and guidance to a company's executive team. Sarafina Wolde Gabriel's appointment will serve to diversify the Affiverse leadership and bring fresh insights to the table. Her extensive experience in compliance will also ensure that Affiverse continues to uphold the highest standards of ethical and legal practices in the affiliate marketing realm. 

Affiverse's Growth Strategy

Affiverse has been actively expanding its operations, seeking to establish a strong presence in the global affiliate marketing industry. The appointment of Sarafina Wolde Gabriel aligns with the company's growth strategy, as they aim to leverage her expertise and industry network to accelerate their expansion plans.

With her in-depth knowledge of compliance and regulation, Sarafina Wolde Gabriel will play a strategic and efficient role in helping Affiverse navigate the complex landscape of affiliate marketing. Her insights will enable the company to stay ahead of evolving regulatory requirements and ensure that their platform remains a trusted and compliant solution for advertisers and publishers.

In addition to compliance, Affiverse aims to enhance its technological capabilities and strengthen its partnerships within the industry. The company's focus on innovation and collaboration has positioned them as a preferred choice for businesses seeking effective affiliate marketing solutions. Sarafina Wolde Gabriel's appointment is expected to further fuel this growth trajectory and solidify Affiverse's position as a leader in the market.

The Announcement

Her announcement was made by the company by letting the people and the press know that Wolde Gabriel will be supporting the senior leadership team at Affiverse. This team is currently led by the founder of the company as well as the CEO, Lee Ann Johnstone. 

Johnstone stated that she is thrilled to welcome Gabriel to her team while also stating that the highly experienced affiliate marketing expert will be the non executive director at the company.

Johnstone further talking about the same topic stated “Her extensive expertise will be instrumental in cultivating strategic partnerships that drive our agency’s growth and evolution.

Wolde Gabriel holds an experience of more than two decades of digital and affiliate marketing. She will be, at present focusing on accelerating the growth of the affiliate marketing agency through the development of B2B relationships with the affiliates, networks as well as the agencies.

As the announcement took to the limelight, and a number of people congratulated the newly appointed member in the team of Affiverse, Wolde put her words forward and stated I’m delighted to collaborate with Lee-Ann and her proficient team.”

She also said, “I’ve always admired their commitment to excellence in affiliate marketing.”

Besides her tenure at Rightlander, Wolde is also widely known for her time of 18 years that she spent with Paysafe. At the said company, she looked after the affiliate management team and was in the position of Vice President of strategy. 

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