Adsterra 10th Anniversary Giveaway: Adsterra Turns 10 🎉

The Adsterra 10th Anniversary Giveaway is all set with mystery boxes, gift cards, and a mystery grand prize. Know what the giveaway holds!!

For the last decade, Adsterra has been delivering great value to affiliates, publishers, and advertisers globally, and celebrating the last 10 years of empowering individuals and enterprises.

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Adsterra 10th Anniversary Giveaway: Seize Exciting Rewards

Adsterra 10th Anniversary Giveaway

Marking a decade of excellence, Adsterra introduces a remarkable Anniversary Giveaway that promises captivating prizes to fortunate participants who maintain their involvement for a minimum of 15 days until August 31st.

Participating is as simple as following these steps:

  1. Create an account as a publisher, advertiser, or affiliate.
  2. Access the Giveaway by entering your login credentials on Adsterra's dedicated anniversary landing page.
  3. Keep the momentum going by running ad campaigns or effectively monetizing traffic during the specified period.

Over the past ten years, Adsterra has been a steadfast supporter of emerging talents and enterprises, aiding them in surmounting challenges and achieving remarkable milestones. The Adsterra network has been a driving force, propelling countless startups to triumph by providing amplified exposure and revenue avenues. By empowering publishers and affiliates, Adsterra's Self-Serve tools have played an instrumental role in elevating them to new pinnacles of success.

Adsterra places high value on its collaborations with adept and committed publishers, affiliates, and advertisers. Their unwavering dedication has resulted in impressive revenue generation and conversions. With an active community of 28,000 publishers collectively earning a notable $65 million annually and 13,000 advertisers contributing to a staggering 1.34 billion conversions each year, the figures are remarkable, yet Adsterra perceives partners as more than mere statistics.

In the eyes of Adsterra, partners are treasured companions in a joint quest for profit growth. The company has nurtured robust connections through distinctive Partner Care Standards and a shared commitment to advancement.

As the curtains rise on the festivities celebrating the 10th anniversary, Adsterra's commitment transcends the ordinary realms of traffic and promotions. This jubilant occasion serves as a tribute to the company's unwavering acknowledgment of partners' integral roles within Adsterra's narrative of success.

The opportunity to engage in Adsterra's 10th Anniversary Giveaway awaits—take action now and be a part of the celebration!

Adsterra’s History

Adsterra has come a long way since its beginning in 2013. Founded by a group of webmasters and affiliate marketers in Cyprus, the company has grown from a small team of 20 to a workforce of 200. As we celebrate Adsterra's 10th anniversary, let's take a trip down memory lane and explore the milestones that have shaped the company's history.

Adsterra's Growth and Expansion

Over the years, Adsterra has expanded its reach, working with 21K+ direct publishers and 13K+ brands, affiliates, media agencies, and ad networks dealing with both mainstream and non-mainstream verticals. The company's unique Partner Care approach has helped advertisers meet their KPIs and grow ROI, while publishers and affiliates maximize their eCPM.

Looking Ahead

As Adsterra celebrates its 10th anniversary, the company remains committed to providing innovative technology, unique Partner Care Standards, and a mutual drive for development. With a strong foundation and a history of growth, Adsterra is quite dedicated to continuing its journey as a leading ad tech platform in the years to come.

What sets Adsterra Different from other Ad Networks?

Here are the key features that make Adsterra an excellent choice among affiliates, publishers, and advertisers:

  • Diverse Ad Formats: Adsterra offers a rich variety of ad formats to cater to different campaign objectives. These include Popunder, Social Bar, Push Ads, Banner Ads, Native Ads, Video pre-roll (VAST), and Direct Links.
  • Precision Targeting: With Adsterra, advertisers can fine-tune their ad targeting based on Country, Language, Operating System, and Device Type.
  • Real-time Bidding System: Adsterra's real-time bidding ensures advertisers get the best ad placements at competitive prices.
  • Monetization Mastery: Publishers can effectively monetize their website traffic using Adsterra’s network. They are guaranteed a 100% fill rate and extensive global coverage.
  • User-Centric Interface: The platform is designed for ease of use, allowing users to swiftly set up and manage their ad campaigns.
  • Personalized Support: Every user benefits from dedicated account managers who provide tailored support and optimization strategies, ensuring desired outcomes.

FAQs on Adsterra 10th Anniversary Giveaway

What are the prizes in the giveaway?

The giveaway includes mystery boxes, gift cards, and a grand mystery prize.

What is the duration for active participation in the giveaway?

Participants need to remain active for at least 15 days between July 24th and August 31st, 2023.

What is the Adsterra 10th Anniversary Giveaway?

The Adsterra 10th Anniversary Giveaway is a celebration marking a decade of Adsterra's excellence, offering mystery boxes, gift cards, and a grand mystery prize to participants.

With mystery boxes, a mystery grand prize, and no serious goals other than staying active and letting your campaigns run for 15 days, we hope this giveaway brings excitement and joy to our partners. Remember, all you need to do is stay active for at least 15 days between July 24th and August 31st, 2023, and you could be one of the lucky winners of amazing rewards.

Here's to many more years of growth, innovation, and success.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Adsterra!

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