Adsterra Interstitial Ads Rolled Out: The Next Level Advertising is Here

Brush up your online advertising with Adsterra: introducing Interstitials, a much-anticipated ad format on the Self-Serve Platform!

Once appearing to constitute up to 50% of the ad demand from Social Bar users on Adsterra's managed accounts, Interstitials secured their way to the SSP. Now, no longer exclusive, they are open to all SSP advertisers. Moreover, Adsterra has created a stack of top-performing templates for various industries like Mobile Utility, Finance, E-commerce, Dating, iGaming, ensuring a surge in your online advertising success!

What Are Interstitials?

  • Full-screen ads, unmissable atop web content.
  • They consist of a large image/text area, optional heading, and description, darkened background layer, CTA, “Close” button.
  • They take up 45% to 80% of the webpage.
Interstitial Ads on Adsterra

What Interstitials Have to Offer?

Adsterra released Interstitials as a subformat of the prominent Social Bar, allowing A/B testing with up to 15 visuals in a single campaign. To spice up the power of Adsterra Interstitial Ads, take a look at their features:

  • UX-friendly and brand-oriented.
  • Streamlined creative uploads.
  • Unrivalled viewability.
  • First-in-row ad placement reduces the need for a prelander.
  • Top performance for CPI, CPD, and CPL campaigns.
  • Competitive CPM rates.

How Can Adsterra Interstitial Ads Help Advertisers?

Designing an ad format at the confluence of shock, interest, and curiosity, that's a challenge that we have successfully tackled at Adsterra, Gala Grigoreva, Adsterra's CMO, says. We believe that advertising should be assertive enough to break through ad fatigue while also staying user-friendly and intelligent to meet the demands of today's users who want both beneficial and entertaining experiences”. Thus, Adsterra’s Interstitials will be able to assist you in your advertising endeavours bearing with a handful of matters:

  • Broaden your Popunder campaigns.
  • Pour top-notch creativity into your ads.
  • Make your CTR surge.
  • Reconnect with users who didn't convert by redesigning your ad message attractively.
  • Prioritize a friendly approach for the smoothest user experience.
  • Provide a more immersive and enjoyable alternative to slightly outdated pop-up windows.
Type of Ads on Adsterra

Start Your Journey!

Now, you’re all set to embark on an interstellar journey with Adsterra’s Interstitials by clicking here. A quick reminder before you go: don't miss the chance to earn $200 by sharing your Interstitials results. Try Interstitials, track your metrics, and send your case study over to Adsterra. You may even be the first Interstitials success story!

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