10 Best Push Notification Ad Networks for Publishers in 2024 : Non Intrusive Ads ๐Ÿš€

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Ever thought about what makes Push Notification Ad Networks a preferable choice among advertisers and publishers?

Well, one of the key reasons is their click rate can be up to 7 times higher than email marketing, indicating a higher user engagement. Moreover, with proper segmentation, push notifications can achieve an impressive 93% retention rate.

But even after all this data and stats available on why push ads are a preferable choice, the question eventually arises.

Which Push Notification Ad Network is going to be my rightful companion?

Push notification ad networks offer a unique blend of high deliverability, engagement, and retention rates, making them a powerful tool for marketers.

Stay tuned as we explore the top 10 push notification ad networks!

What is a Push Notification Ad Network?

Push notification ad networks are platforms that allow advertisers to send and monitor push ad campaigns. These networks have their own subscriber base and also from their partner publishersโ€™ brands.

Once advertisers create a push ad campaign using the ad network, they need to select the specific audience based on certain interests and other crucial aspects like location, gender, operating system used, browsers, and many other categories. All these types of subscribers are provided by the ad network itself.

10 Best Push Notification Ad Network in 2024

Push Notification Ad NetworksUSPs of the Ad Network
Adsterra30 billion ad impressions per month
Push.House14 billion impressions daily
HilltopAds73 billion ad impressions per month
SmartyAdsOffers DSP, SSP, Ad Marketplace, and White Label Solutions
RichAdsDetailed reporting and easy-to-understand interface
ExoClickOver 20 different ad formats.
EZMobHigh-performing inventory from 80,000+ publishers
MyLeadOver 3000 Affiliate Programs
PropellerAds12 billion ad impressions daily
TrafficStarsSpecializes in Adult Traffic

1. Adsterra


Established in 2013, Adsterra Ad Network has emerged as a global leader in the digital advertising space, delivering over a billion impressions daily. Its unique focus on CPA marketing campaigns has revolutionized the industry, making it a preferred choice for affiliates across various verticals such as VPNs, Utilities, Subscriptions, and Sweepstakes.

Adsterra's strategic positioning, offering the best deals on premium ad placements, has attracted affiliates from all over the globe. The experienced team at Adsterra, with over two decades of industry knowledge, has been a key driver of its success, solidifying its reputation as an excellent Push Notification Ad Network.

Key Reasons to Choose Adsterra as Your Push Notification Ad Network

  • Adsterra serves over 30 billion ad impressions per month worldwide.
  • Diverse range of ad formats including popunders, display banners, video pre-rolls, and push notifications.
  • Advanced Targeting Options with over 20 targeting settings.
  • Payment methods including CPC, CPM, CPV, CPA, and fixed cost.
  • Own anti-block solution, which increased publisher revenue by 20%.

2. Push.House


Established in 2018, Push.House has quickly grown into a key player in affiliate marketing, specializing in push ads and connecting advertisers with interested users who have opted in to receive such notifications. This Ukraine-based ad network has been providing advertisers with their daily dose of push ads since its inception, making it one of the pioneers in the industry.

Push.House extensive coverage around the globe gives it unrivaled access to a large audience, distributing 14 billion impressions daily. This ensures that your ads are seen by the right audience at the right time, making Push.House is a great choice for advertisers seeking a specialized network that knows how to reach users through push notifications.

Key Reasons to Choose Push.House as Your Push Notification Ad Network

  • Push.House operates in 180 countries, ensuring wide coverage for your ads.
  • With a subscriber base of 525 million active subscribers, Push.House offers traffic from direct sources and third-party suppliers.
  • Known for providing high-quality traffic.
  • User-friendly dashboard allowing advertisers to have control and be hands-on with their campaigns.
  • Platform operates on a cost-per-click (CPC) model with rates starting from as low as $0.0001.
  • Ads are typically approved within 15 minutes.

3. HilltopAds


HilltopAds Ad Network is a remarkable platform across other push notification ad networks. It has carved quite a position for itself by offering a wide range of monetization opportunities to website owners and advertising agencies while providing advertisers access to millions of potential customers.

HilltopAds is a UK-based advertising network that has been in the game since 2014, and its expertise in the digital advertising market is evident in its innovative and user-friendly platform. The network's commitment to maintaining user privacy while delivering effective ad campaigns sets it apart from many other ad networks.

Key Reasons to Choose HilltopAds as Your Push Notification Ad Network

  • HilltopAds offers a range of ad formats including Pop Ads, In-Page Push Ads, and Video Ads.
  • Comprehensive targeting options such as Geo, Browser, OS, and Mobile carrier.
  • Security system that minimizes bot and fraud traffic, ensuring that ad campaigns run smoothly.
  • HilltopAds offers an API that allows advertisers to interact programmatically with the network.
  • Delivers more than 73 billion ad impressions per month.
  • HilltopAds provides a personal account manager to assist advertisers with campaign setup, optimization, etc.

4. SmartyAds


SmartyAds Ad Network is a remarkable choice for push notification ad networks due to its comprehensive programmatic ad tech solutions. With a focus on simplifying advertising, SmartyAds has developed a transformative full-stack programmatic infrastructure that caters to both advertisers and publishers.

Over the past 8+ years, they have built a robust system that includes a Demand Side Platform (DSP), Supply Side Platform (SSP), Ad Marketplace, and White Label Solutions. These platforms streamline the process of ad trading, allowing users to prioritize their trading strategies to quickly achieve their desired goals.

Key Reasons to Choose SmartyAds as Your Push Notification Ad Network

  • Full-Stack Programmatic Infrastructure including DSP, SSP, Ad Marketplace, and White Label Solutions.
  • Offers custom white-label solutions that can rapidly scale and provide high-quality traffic.
  • Precise targeting when integrated with Data Management Platforms (DMP) or Customer Data Platforms (CDP).
  • Omnichannel Presence with over 25,000 in-app, global desktop, and mobile web partners.
  • Platform supports multiple mobile and video ad formats.

5. RichAds


RichAds Ad Network is a highly efficient and effective platform for delivering ads. It is a cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-thousand (CPM) ad network that connects advertisers with publishers, ensuring that businesses can reach their target audiences more efficiently.

RichAds has evolved from being a push notification ads provider to an advertising platform that offers multiple advertising formats. It is specifically designed for affiliates who are media buyers, performance marketers, and advertising agencies. Businesses of any size can leverage this network to promote their products and services to a wider audience. Since its inception in 2018, RichAds has grown significantly and continues to offer a wide range of features and benefits that make it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

Key Reasons to Choose RichAds as Your Push Notification Ad Network

  • RichAds offers five different types of ads: push notifications, in-page push, calendar push ads, pop-ups, and domain redirects.
  • Split Testing feature to test different versions of your ad to see which one performs better.
  • Categorized Traffic Sources to help advertisers know what to expect from the traffic that they buy.
  • Detailed Reporting that provides detailed reports that show you how your ads are performing in an easy-to-understand interface.
  • Automatically create blacklists and whitelists for different sources, operating systems, etc.
  • Offers Micro Bidding feature to spend your budget wisely.

6. ExoClick


Founded in 2006, ExoClick has grown to become the 4th largest ad network in the world, serving over 8.5 billion geo-targeted ads per day to a global network of 65,000 mobile or website publisher platforms. ExoClick is particularly known for its quality control, fraud, and bot protection, ensuring a safe and secure environment for advertisers and publishers.

It is also recognized for its advanced targeting options, real-time reporting, and 24/7 customer assistance, making it a reliable and efficient platform for ad campaigns. While it is specially built for Adult content, it also caters to the Lifestyle and Entertainment niches, making it a versatile choice for various types of businesses.

Key Reasons to Choose ExoClick as Your Push Notification Ad Network

  • Publishers have complete control over the Cost Per Mille (CPM) rate of their ads.
  • The approval process is straightforward and user-friendly.
  • Global reach by serving ads to a network of 65,000 mobile or website publisher platforms.
  • ExoClick offers over 20 different ad formats, including In-Page Push Notification, Mobile Fullpage Interstitial, and more.
  • Offers Advanced Targeting and Retargeting.
  • Provides real-time insights and advanced reporting, with data refresh every 60 seconds.
  • ExoClick ensures that all ads are Google and Better Ads Coalition compliant.

7. EZMob


EZmob Ad Network is a remarkable platform across most of the Push Notification Ad Networks. It stands out due to its comprehensive and efficient self-serve advertising network that caters to a wide range of users including advertisers, agencies, and app developers.

EZmob provides monetization solutions for website owners and SSPs and enables access to billions of ad impressions generated by direct publishers and premium SSPs. With a reach of over 3 billion impressions per day across different channels such as display, pop, push notifications, and native ads, EZmob offers direct access to high-performing inventory from over 80,000 publishers.

Key Reasons to Choose EZMob as Your Push Notification Ad Network

  • Global reach with over 3 billion daily impressions.
  • EZmob provides direct premium advertisers and brands promoted on your site or app.
  • Access to high-performing inventory from over 80,000 publishers.
  • EZmob focuses on the most effective ad units.
  • Offers a 100% fill rate and competitive eCPMs for qualified traffic.
  • EZmobโ€™s self-serve advertising network is built for performance marketers, trading desks, and app developers.

8. MyLead


MyLead Ad Network is a globally recognized affiliate network that has made a significant mark in the industry since its inception in 2014. It is a comprehensive platform that offers a variety of partner programs, allowing users to earn without leaving home or investing money.

MyLead's focus on innovation and technology, coupled with its dedication to supporting its users, sets it apart from other affiliate networks. The platform provides access to a wide variety of offers, advanced tracking tools, and helpful resources to help users maximize their earnings.

Key Reasons to Choose MyLead as Your Push Notification Ad Network

  • MyLead offers over 3000 affiliate programs in various categories.
  • MyLead operates globally, offering smartlinks that automatically recognize the customer's country and device, selecting the right portal.
  • Offers a range of training and education resources to help its affiliates improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Many options for advanced users, including features like deeplinks, product feed, API, or postback.

9. PropellerAds


With a global audience exceeding 1 billion, PropellerAds has established itself as a go-to network for media agencies, brands, and affiliates seeking to reach new users and grow their businesses. The platform is lauded for its high-quality push traffic, which is often considered the best in the market.

PropellerAds has been instrumental in helping businesses test and scale successful campaigns, with offers that work on PropellerAds traffic typically performing well elsewhere too. The platform's intuitive user interface, 24/7 support, and advanced optimization capabilities make it a preferred choice for those seeking higher returns on investment.

Key Reasons to Choose PropellerAds as Your Push Notification Ad Network

  • PropellerAds ensures audience quality through advanced anti-fraud algorithms.
  • Platform registers over 12 billion ad impressions daily, covering more than 195 geographical locations.
  • Offers in-depth analytical tools for data-driven decisions, including a traffic estimator, win rate, and smart rotator.
  • With features like CPA Goal and auto rules, PropellerAds allows users to choose their desired automation level.

10. TrafficStars


TrafficStars is a leading ad network that offers superior monetization and media buying solutions for both advertisers and publishers. Established in Cyprus in 2014, the platform has grown into a reliable network, serving over three billion daily ad impressions. It specializes in adult traffic but also caters to a variety of verticals including dating, nutra, and gambling.

TrafficStars offers a wide range of ad formats such as banners, native ads, video, classic push, in-page push, interstitial, and popunders. It also provides a variety of targeting options, allowing advertisers to reach their desired audience effectively. The platform uses state-of-the-art technology to develop special features, ensuring the creation of performance-oriented campaigns.

Key Reasons to Choose TrafficStars as Your Push Notification Ad Network

  • TrafficStars offers high-quality worldwide traffic, with a concentration of high volumes, especially in tier 1 GEOs.
  • TrafficStars provides detailed, real-time statistics, offering valuable insights for campaign optimization.
  • Advertisers can target users based on location, site, language, category, device, and more.
  • The platform supports multiple ad formats including banners, push ads, popunders, native ads, etc.

Why Should I Consider Push Notification Ads?

Push notification ads have several benefits for advertisers:

  • They offer a fraud-free environment as users themselves choose to subscribe to all notifications if they wish to receive them. Hence, push ads are directly transmitted to the users whose subscription numbers are attributed to their mobile devices.
  • They have a bigger impact at a lower price. Such small alert notifications require minimum costs as well as effort. Thus, they drive the highest customer engagement by delivering only a short, precise message.
  • They ensure maximum viewability. One of the proven benefits of push ads is that advertisers can target their potential users on any device or platform โ€“ it helps to attain higher retention rates and reach new clients on a global scope.
  • They reduce manual operations due to automation. Push notification advertising is an indispensable part of omnichannel advertising campaigns. They aim to reveal more possibilities for content promotion to fulfill all your business purposes.

Concluding on Push Notification Ad Networks

As we move towards the end of this article, we have come across some of the best Push Notification Ad Networks that can help you upscale your business operations to the next extent. The choice of the ad network can depend upon some of the important parameters like your way of marketing, geos, your verticals, etc.

The list of best push notification ad networks mentioned above is some of the best ad networks that align well with different factors such as geos, impressions, etc.

With thoughtful selection and strategic application, push notification ad networks can become a potent instrument in your digital marketing toolkit.

So, what are you waiting for, maybe one of these push notification ad networks might be your companion to your marketing operations.

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