Binom Coupon 2024: Get 40% Discount + 31 Days of Free Access

Binom is apparently one of those performance marketing and tracking tools that can help in managing a lot of different aspects in a single place. And to give an additional discount to our readers, I have listed some Binom coupons and discount codes that can help you get up to 70% Off along with some deals that can help you get a discount for a lifetime.

As a performance marketer or an affiliate marketer, having a tool that can track everything for your advertising and similar operations can be a great and resourceful thing overall. Binom has been an excellent choice for managing campaigns, landing pages, offers, affiliate networks, traffic sources, trends, conversions, click logs, and much more.

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Become a Pro at Marketing and Tracking

As a marketer who has to deal with multiple campaigns and marketing operations, having  Binom will of course make things a bit easy for you.

Having complete stats across the group, traffic sources, clicks, leads, EPC, CPC, etc. can help improve your business operations overall. In addition to all this, if you are not sure whether Binom is the right choice for you or not? Binom offers a 30 Day free trial that can help in making the right choice on whether Binom is your tracking companion.

Binom Coupons & Promo Code 2024 (40% Off Coupon)

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Use the “BLOGGINGECLIPSE” Binom coupon code to redeem up to 70% on Binom. Opt for annual billing to get 70% Off.
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How much can I save using Binom Coupons & Promo Codes?

Binom Coupon OffersOffer valid on BinomSavings with Binom Coupon Code
Save 40% OffValid for the first month onlyBLOGGINGECLIPSE
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Start 30 Day Free TrialPay $0 to start your free trialActivate Binom Free Trial

Steps to use Binom Coupon Code

Getting started with Binom is pretty simple, just follow the steps mentioned below and activate your Binom coupon codes while saving the most on it.

  • Get over to the Binom official website by clicking here.
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  • Once you have been directed to the official website, look out for the signup option.
  • Now complete the Signup process and get along with having an account created.
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  • Use the Coupon Code “BLOGGINGECLIPSE” in the promo code section to get an instant discount on the plan chosen.
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  • Once you are done with all these steps, you are good to Start your Binom Account.
  • Remember that you won't be charged in your trial period.

Binom Key Features: Pro Tracking Enabled

Binom is basically a web-based tracking software that works best for affiliates and marketers that seek to get the most out of their ongoing marketing operations. The key features offered by Binom are as follows:

User-Friendly Interface by Binom

Binom boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies the tracking process. Setting up campaigns is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive design and navigation. Even users with limited technical expertise can quickly get started and create their first campaign effortlessly.

Advanced Tracking Capabilities

Binom goes beyond basic tracking by offering advanced features that enhance campaign optimization. It allows users to track clicks and conversions with precision, enabling them to identify the most effective traffic sources and optimize their marketing efforts accordingly.

The software also supports split testing and multivariate testing, enabling affiliates to compare different landing pages, offers, or creatives to determine which ones yield the best results. This data-driven approach helps improve conversion rates and maximize ROI.

Binom's Comprehensive Reporting

With Binom, affiliates have access to comprehensive reports and analytics that provide valuable insights into campaign performance. Real-time data allows users to monitor their campaigns closely and make timely adjustments to improve results.

The software offers customizable reports and metrics, allowing users to focus on the key performance indicators that matter most to them. Whether it's tracking revenue, cost per click, or conversion rates, Binom provides granular insights for effective campaign optimization.

Scalability and Flexibility

Binom is designed to handle high volumes of traffic and campaigns without compromising performance. Whether you're running a small-scale affiliate marketing operation or managing multiple campaigns with significant traffic, Binom can accommodate your needs.

The software supports multiple domains and sub-accounts, allowing users to manage and track various campaigns separately. Additionally, Binom offers API integration, enabling seamless workflow integration with other tools and platforms.

Security and Privacy

Data security and privacy are paramount in the digital landscape. Binom understands this concern and ensures that sensitive data is protected. The software utilizes secure data encryption and storage practices to safeguard user information and campaign data.

Binom also implements role-based access control, allowing users to assign different levels of access to team members and clients. This feature ensures that only authorized individuals can view and manage sensitive data.

Furthermore, Binom is compliant with data protection regulations, providing peace of mind to affiliates who value privacy and compliance.

Customer Support and Training

Binom offers excellent customer support to assist users throughout their journey. The responsive customer support team is readily available to address any questions or issues that may arise.

To aid in the onboarding process, Binom provides video tutorials and comprehensive documentation. Users can access a wealth of resources to familiarize themselves with the software's features and maximize their usage.

Regular software updates and improvements ensure that Binom remains a reliable and cutting-edge tracking solution.

Binom Pricing Plans

Binom Pricing Plans

Binom offers a single pricing plan so far, the plan is basically categorized under the Binom license which costs $99/month if billed monthly, whereas you can get the same plan at a discount of 30% if billed annually.

The plan gives access to some of the basic features like a 31-day trial, one server, unlimited clicks, unlimited domains, and lifetime updates.

FAQs on Binom Coupons & Promo Codes 2024

Can I use Binom tracking software for any type of affiliate marketing campaign?

Yes, Binom is suitable for various types of affiliate marketing campaigns, regardless of the niche or industry. Its versatility and advanced features make it a valuable asset for affiliate marketers across different sectors.

How often does Binom provide software updates?

Binom regularly releases software updates and improvements to enhance user experience and address any issues or bugs. Users can expect a consistent flow of updates to ensure optimal performance and functionality.

Is Binom suitable for both beginners and experienced affiliate marketers?

Yes, Binom caters to users of all skill levels. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for beginners, while its advanced features and capabilities satisfy the needs of experienced affiliate marketers. Binom offers a smooth learning curve and provides resources for users to familiarize themselves with its functionalities.

Can I track traffic sources other than paid advertising campaigns?

Absolutely! Binom allows you to track various traffic sources, including organic search, social media, email marketing, and more. Tracking multiple traffic sources provides a comprehensive view of your campaign's performance and helps identify the most effective channels.

Conclusion: 40% Off Binom Coupons + 31 Days Free Trial

Binom is undoubtedly an excellent choice across affiliate trackers since Binom can take care of multiple parameters including privacy, conversion tracking, click rating, ROI, custom events, traffic sources, and much more; all in a single place.

Offering fast speed, effective organization, traffic distribution, deep analytics, tracking, and API access makes Binom an excellent choice for business and marketing-related operations. On the brighter side, you can get a 40% discount on Binom using our exclusive Binom coupon code “BLOGGINGECLIPSE” to save 40% on the first month, whereas you can also get a 10% discount for a lifetime depending upon the choice you make while activating the plan, i.e. monthly or annual plan.

So, what are you waiting for? Try Binom yourself and experience the power of tracking.

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