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Affiliate marketing has been a great source that does not involve a lot of effort if you are working smartly; getting better results in terms of conversion is what every affiliate marketer wants. Many affiliate marketing networks offer many features, which might create confusion about which one to go for, like almost all of them offer the same features? However, the answer to this depends upon your needs and what exactly you want from the traffic sources you are working upon.
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MyLead is a Poland-based company and has been among the top affiliate networks for the last couple of years. MyLead has been in the market for approximately 7 years now. They are constantly evolving around their domain and have almost all the features needed for your growth in marketing. MyLead is an excellent network in terms of user experience.

Every month, around 15000 users prefer MyLead over other affiliate networks. After coming across many affiliate networks, MyLead is among one of the best affiliate networks from the last few years. It is also known as the best affiliate network in Europe. The features given are top-tier, and the customer experience has been a significant factor in making it among the top affiliate networks around the affiliate ecosystem.

Many affiliate networks are available across the affiliate marketing ecosystem; they all offer a great set of features depending upon your niche, and the goals you are looking forward to, but which one to choose? Let's take a look at MyLead.

What is MyLead?


MyLead is a global Affiliate Network that is tested by hundreds of thousands of publishers and started 9 years ago in Poland and has now acquired millions of users globally; the straightforward UI and customer support have made it one of the top players in the affiliate marketing network. You will understand more about MyLead in the following few sections.

Benefits of joining MyLead Affiliate Program

  • The entire network of MyLead is a trusted one, and they are very, very professional and get all your negotiations, payments, etc., done in a very professional manner.
  • The network also offers various payment methods like ePayments, PayPal, etc., to transfer your payments.
  • As you create an account with MyLead, the mentors at MyLead will come to assist you with their vast knowledge and strategies. This is really beneficial as their skills, and in-depth market knowledge is something which can help you to boost your income.
  • This network also offers publishers in-depth and accurate reports on their statistics which can help them examine their level of effectiveness. It can also help publishers to increase their productivity level and enjoy high passive income!

Types of Marketing offered by Mylead

You can earn in five ways through MyLead. Most of the marketing models are common, and you already know about them, but few of them you might not have tried in the past.

With CPL, you can make a commission each time someone signs up or becomes a subscriber of an Ad service. With CPA, you will be paid when a person performs a specific action.

MyLead also offers PPI, which refers to actual software that your audience requires to download/install on their device, whether it be a computer or laptop or a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. You also have the CPS (cost-per-sale), where you will earn a commission each time someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

IVR is also a new marketing model offered by MyLead, where the publisher receives a commission for every minute of the call. A specially qualified call center is responsible for contact with the client that can talk to consultants either about Esoteric or social topics.

MyLead being a global network offers Smartlinks, which is a combination of a large number of partner programs within one campaign. So with Smartlinks, you can promote everywhere can the customer will be redirected to the portal available in the local language.

Mylead Supported Payment Methods

MyLead does offer a fair share of payment methods, and the best part about some of them is that they don't have any huge fees.

Following are the supported Payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Revolut
  • Bitcoin
  • Wire Transfer
  • Skrill
  • Capitalist
  • WebMoney

Minimum Payout offered by MyLead

You will be paid primarily in 48 hours and in NET-14 days. The minimum threshold for payments by MyLead is set to $20. Now that is another reason why you should become a MyLead affiliate. That's because you will find that on most other Affiliate networks, you first have to earn at least $50 to $100 for you to be able to withdraw your money.

MyLead also provides its users with the option of express withdrawals, which can be ordered at any time after the required amount has been earned

How to use MyLead?

Well, many Affiliates worry about joining an affiliate program or platform where they mostly worry about the human verification processes put in place. But that's not the case with MyLeads. The network will only ask you for some basic information in the beginning, such as whether you have a website, how you intend to market the offers you find on their site and other such details.

Also, the process of activating your account is relatively easy and can be done via email. And once you provide them with your personal information, you will get access to the MyLead dashboard, where you can check out everything from the campaign statistics, community, and your personal profile and also contact customer service if you face any issues.

Though you have to mention and add your main traffic source, which for most of us, would be the website. Spamming, as in the case of most networks, is not allowed. So make sure you don't allow it.

Who is MyLead for?

MyLead is an excellent network that works with great optimization and management in itself. The users may vary depending upon their needs and objectives. It can be said that MyLead is made for every person seeking better conversion across their traffic, with easy to use and easy-to-understand interface.

You can be anyone who wants to get along with the MyLead affiliate network, and there are many influencers, bloggers, and business owners working on the MyLead network. You might be looking forward to gain some popularity across the internet or selling any product or service online; MyLead can be an excellent choice for you.

How MyLead Works?

With millions of users across the globe, you will get to know about the features and offers that MyLead has to offer over here. Here are some small steps that you need to follow for using MyLead:

  • After getting on MyLead, you need to sign up and get over the dashboard/homepage of your MyLead account.
  • After getting a MyLead account, MyLead will help you with running your ad across different platforms, promotion, and getting started with the promotions of your product or services.
  • You can promote your products or services across any platform by targeting and reaching out to the best possible customers and leads. Better conversions and leads will result in broader reach and growth of your company or the product/service you are offering.
  • Later on, if any sales are made from your ad campaign or affiliate links, you will get a part of the sales made, and you can quickly see how much you earned across the affiliate marketing network that MyLead offers.

Features Offered by MyLead:

MyLead offers a great set of features with flexibility that will help you make money with myLead. Some of the features that it offers are as follows:

  • Adaptability: MyLead is made for all type of OS and devices, making it a better choice among other affiliate networks. MyLead offers nearly 4500+ partner programs and customized ad offers, making it a great player in the marketing ecosystem. They work upon 5 models of earning supported along with all the devices and operating systems.
  • Innovative Approach: MyLead has developed applications across different devices and operating systems. The application helps in better data collection and optimization across different platforms; this results in better profits for you.
  • Ease of Payment: MyLead offers an excellent payment withdrawal experience; this makes it popular among users as they get withdrawals quickly compared to some other platforms. You can withdraw your money from MyLead in a circle of 14 days, and it usually takes around 48 hours to get the money into your wallet, bank account, or the payment option you choose. You can choose among different payment platforms such as PayPal, Wire, Skrill, etc.
  • Learn and Earn by MyLead: You can take their training program as well as MyLead is customer-oriented and want to make customers knowledgeable about the marketing practices. You can access the training program from your account, and it has both basic and advanced versions of its program.
  • Customer Experience: MyLead offers a great customer experience for their users and has support 24×7, which has been a significant factor in making it a better product among other affiliate networks. As mentioned earlier MyLead team is focused on delivering satisfaction and has proved it in the past.

They also offer a referral program, as you get around 5% commission across this program for a lifetime depending upon the affiliate link or the marketing practice you are performing.


After reviewing a whole bunch of affiliate networks and coming across all the features that they offer, it can be said that MyLead is a great choice to go with. One thing that amazed me was its $0 starting plan, and you can get along with MyLead without paying a single penny. The customer experience they offer with the educational program makes it a great choice as well.

If you are not well known with affiliate marketing and marketing practices, you can learn it from the MyLead training system, which is available both in basic and advanced versions. If you are looking forward to getting started in the affiliate industry with a great customer experience, you can definitely look after MyLead.

Specification: MyLead

Number of Offers


Commission Type


Minimum Payment


Payment Frequency

most often 48 hours, Net – 14

Payment Method

Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, PayPal, QIWI, Revolut, Skrill, Thether, WebMoney

Referral Commission


Tracking Software

In-house proprietary platform

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