Well, I was pretty amazed to know about PrimeXBT myself, as it offered some great options in stock indices, commodities, Crypto and Forex. If talking about the period PrimeXBT was established, PrimeXBT has been working in the affiliate ecosystem for quite some time now; it was founded in 2018 and has been working and expanding its network ever since. Within some years, it has been delivering great value to affiliates and partners working in the finance vertical.

Some of the standalone features offered by PrimeXBT as a trading platform are mentioned below:

  • Trading Assets: Where most of the affiliate networks work on limited assets, PrimeXBT offers more than 80 trading assets making PrimeXBT a great option to get along with.
  • Average Trading Volume: Well, this section blew my mind; the trading volume was a bit high as compared to other platforms, the average trading volume on a daily basis is around a whopping figure of $545 million, if taking consideration the sub-verticals/markets under which PrimeXBT works, the figure is very much convincing.


Well, the above-mentioned part was regarding the PrimeXBT trading platform, but the offers and features are not limited by any means; as an affiliate network, PrimeXBT delivers some great value to its affiliates as well, which we'll be discussing in the next section. As an affiliate, you can clear your ways around different ways; PrimeXBT offers 3 different ways of getting along with them as an affiliate:

  • Revenue Share Model: This is a classic plan and offers a revenue share model of 70%, which is much higher than most finance-related affiliate networks. Getting along with this model enables PrimeXBT partners to get up to 70% of all the trading fees paid by their referred users.
  • Popular: This model is an excellent combination of affiliate offers for PrimeXBT partners; this enables you to get along with a conversion rate varying from $40 to $1250. As a popular plan, this enables you to get comparatively higher rates than other affiliate networks/trading platforms. The reason why this is a popular plan is due to CPA possibilities of around $1250 CPA.
  • CPA+Revenue Share Model: This can be considered as a great plan which enables you to get along with a combination of the affiliate offer. This offer enables you to earn in both the ways, the CPA and the Revenue share model as well. This can be considered as an excellent earning through your referrals, as you get two different stages of earning, with one including the CPA model, which gives an earning on every lead and more earnings every time your referral trades. You can term this model as a hybrid offer which makes this plan a standalone offer when compared to most of the affiliate networks available in the market.


PrimeXBT Payout

If talking about the payment options offered by PrimeXBT, I suppose you would have already guessed that the payout won't be having issues as the affiliate network itself revolves around finances. However, the payout methods offered by PrimeXBT are as follow:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Neteller
  • Qiwi
  • Skrill
  • Web money


Who can use PrimeXBT?

Overall, the plan is made for almost everyone, but if talking specifically, PrimeXBT can be a great affiliate network for:

  • Professional Affiliates: This group involves experienced affiliates promoting Forex, Gambling or Options. PrimeXBT can be a great affiliate network for those looking to make more earnings while engaging with verticals, as mentioned above.
  • Resource Owners: This group refers to the groups/organizations that own media sources, telegram channels, or blogs with relevant topics/groups. This can be a great way of earning more money in terms of referrals using your resource and audience group.
  • Influencers: PrimeXBT can be a great way of earning some extra bucks (a whole bunch of extra bucks) who own a popular YouTube channel or maybe a Twitter handle with more than 5000+ followers? The PrimeXBT affiliate offer delivers some great ways of earning extra bucks using your media influence over the relative audience group.
  • Private Individuals: If talking about the platform, PrimeXBT offers a way of earning for professionals and individuals. You don't need to be an expert for being an affiliate with PrimeXBT, and you can be an individual looking to make some extra bucks from referrals.


For Promoters

PrimeXBT not only offers its services for affiliates and traders but also offers some great offers for ambassadors as well; you can partner up with them and take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Offer for Subscribers: PrimeXBT offers some great features and offers for your subscribers if you get along with the PrimeXBT ambassador program, which can help you offer free funded accounts, welcome bonuses, and much more.
  • You get paid for every lead: The PrimeXBT ambassador program enables you to get payouts twice every month while offering high pay-outs with transparent stats.
  • Get up to 50% profit shares: This can be a great way of becoming a revenue-sharing partner with PrimeXBT.
  • Customizable Offers: In addition to all the features and offers delivered by PrimeXBT. They also offer customizable offers so that you get along the journey with PrimeXBT as per your own terms.


Some of the factors that make PrimeXBT a great affiliate network for affiliates:

  • Faster Payouts: One of the significant factors that makes an affiliate network a great one is faster payouts; in addition to that, PrimeXBT also offers personal payment conditions for the most active partners.
  • Real-time reports: Another prominent feature offered by PrimeXBT is its transparent reporting; PrimeXBT offers full stats for essential data such as clicks, conversion data, commissions and payouts, making it a faster and easy to use platform.
  • Promotions: If talking about the promotions and similar practices, PrimeXBT has got great value-adding offers such as HTML banners, landing pages and much more. Basically, it offers overall excellent value-adding promotional materials that can help you make better conversions.



Well, PrimeXBT offers some great features and tools as a trading platform and an affiliate network as well. Overall, the trading tools offered with traditional assets and cryptocurrency exchange sounds like hybrid finance verticals related to an affiliate network, which is quite a standalone thing. In addition to that, the feature that gained my attention was its rev share model, where an affiliate can earn up to 70% commission over trading fees paid by your successful referral. PrimeXBT offers some additional features as a trading platform which involves:

  • Copy-trading module
  • Leveraged trading
  • Trading Contests
  • Trading Accounts
  • Charts for Forex price, Index price, and commodity charts as well


Overall, the features and tools can become more extensive, as PrimeXBT works as a platform performing trading activity and work along with their affiliate network; you can also explore different markets such as stock indices and crypto trading pairs commodities and much more. In addition to all this, it also offers excellent conversion rates, revenue shares and much more; you also get access to hundreds of trading strategies which can be considered as one of the perks of using PrimeXBT as a trading platform which is quite a reliable trading platform as we have already seen.

Hopefully, you have got an idea of PrimeXBT and the features, trading tools, markets, and products offered by it.

Specification: PrimeXBT

Number of Offers


Commission Type

CPA, RevShare, Hybrid

Minimum Payment


Payment Frequency


Payment Method

Bitcoin, QIWI, AdvCash, PayPal, Yandex.Money, Credit Card

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