You might be amazed to know that Zeydoo offers around 5000+ partners,  with almost 8 years of experience making it a great choice in terms of loyalty and services. The factor that really gained my attention was its 1.5 million+ daily conversions, which is pretty impressive in terms of delivering value to the affiliates and advertisers.

Well, Zeydoo is a CPA network that has been backed up by PropellerAds, which can be considered as one of the top-tier players in the advertising business.


As an affiliate network, Zeydoo has expanded itself in terms of verticals, some of the verticals offered by Zeydoo are as follow:

  • Dating: This vertical can be considered as one of the primary verticals under which Zeydoo works, in addition to that Zeydoo offers 20+ offers in more than 230+ Geos, with rates going around $7, which is pretty impressive compared to other affiliate networks available in the market.
  • Mobile Content: In recent times, mobile content has made its way around the internet and advertising, Zeydoo offers around 70+ offers in mobile content vertical, which is offered in almost 28 Geos, with a rate going upto $8.
  • Finance: As a CPA network, Zeydoo has made some name in the finance vertical, this vertical can be considered as one of the highest paying vertical with rates going upto $48, which is pretty impressive.
  • Software: Well, software vertical has been found in very affiliate networks, Zeydoo working along side the software vertical, which offers upto $53, with around 250 Geos, which is pretty impressive as per my perspective.
  • Streaming: Streaming vertical can be considered as one of the vertical, which is not found in most of the CPA networks, the streaming vertical which is counted as one of the primary verticals has made pretty much a good way around the platform. Zeydoo offers 31 offers with a rate upto $35 which is pretty good in comparison to other affiliate networks. (163 Geos)
  • Games: I don’t need to mention that gaming is considered as one of the growing verticals around the CPA networks. Zeydoo offers around 10 offers, with rates upto $67, which can be considered as one of the highest paying vertical offered by Zeydoo. (220 Geos)
  • Other verticals: Sweepstakes, lead gen, push subscription and utilities.

Get started with Zeydoo in 4 simple steps:

As an affiliate network, you can get along with Zeydoo in 4 simple steps, which are:

  1. Register: Get yourself registered and all set to get along with Zeydoo’s 1.5 million daily conversions (overall stats).
  2. Get approved by Manager: After getting registered over Zeydoo, wait for a while until you are approved by manager, once you are approved you are all set to get along with that.
  3. Pick the best offers and start promoting: Since you are now on board with Zeydoo, get alongside with your best offers around your vertical and start promoting, well seems pretty simple.
  4. Payouts: One of the factors that has made Zeydoo a popular choice among other affiliate networks is its payout options, having a smooth flow payout. Zeydoo offers a biweekly payout option alongside different platforms such as Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill and Webmoney.

The Final Verdict: Is Zeydoo a Great Affiliate Network?

Zeydoo’s great offers and features has made it one of the favourite choice among many affiliate marketers, you can use the verticals and offers provided by Zeydoo as per your experience in affiliate marketing. As I have already mentioned that the daily conversion of 1.5 million shows that they have been doing pretty impressive in terms of juicing out different traffic sources. One of the other main feature that grabbed my attention was its fraud protection, which is pretty much needed as per your affiliate marketing practices.

Overall, Zeydoo is a great product to get along with, the extensive list of verticals and offers make Zeydoo a great choice among affiliate marketers.

Well, overall, Zeydoo seems pretty great to me, some of the features and tools offered are pretty common, but on the positive side, Zeydoo is a bit different from others, whereas most of the Affiliate networks are working over traditional methods, Zeydoo has taken it to the next level.

You can give Zeydoo a chance, if you are looking to explore different verticals with great offers and GEOs.

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Wire, PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, Skrill

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In-house proprietary platform

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