Zeydoo affiliate network has more than 3,000 partners around the world. The team has been working on the CPA market for more than 10 years. Quick feedback on traffic, regular payments, own user-friendly platform and easy-to-use tech solutions for working with traffic all of these points guarantee stability and increasing profit for partners every year.

Trustworthiness of the network is acknowledged by many in the affiliate community:

Zeydoo advantages

What are the advantages of working with this CPA Network?

  • only exclusive offers that you won’t find anywhere.
  • all updates are first tested by the internal media buying team, then affiliates get a foolproof product with a perfectly set funnel.
  • 24/7 engaged competent managers who do everything to help you earn more.
  • quick and regular payments the company has been paying without delays for more than 10 years.
  • quick optimization and feedback on traffic no need to wait for a quality check which simplifies the process of tests and scaling.
  • own user-friendly CPA platform no bugs, 24/7 of stable work.
  • multi-vertical Smartlink that allows you to get the most out of your traffic.
  • unlimited caps for scaling your funnel with unlimited profit.
  • worldwide coverage work with any GEO that converts well.
  • custom rates for your type of traffic.
  • higher rates for partners with big volumes.

Apart from that, to partners with big volumes who are ready to spend and earn more the company offers:

  • custom offer rates we can make any changes if they help increase your profit. For example, in Smart Surveys we can change questions or make change the flow on other offers;
  • user integration and modifications of the products we can change registration forms, design, user flow or any other parameters.
  • custom rates.

Get started with Zeydoo in 4 simple steps:

As an affiliate network, you can get along with Zeydoo in 4 simple steps, which are:

  1. Register: Get yourself registered and all set to get along with Zeydoo's 2.5 million daily conversions (overall stats).
  2. Get approved by Manager: After getting registered over Zeydoo, wait for a while until you are approved by manager, once you are approved you are all set to get along with that.
  3. Pick the best offers and start promoting: Since you are now on board with Zeydoo, get alongside with your best offers around your vertical and start promoting, well seems pretty simple.
  4. Payouts: One of the factors that has made Zeydoo a popular choice among other affiliate networks is its payout options, having a smooth flow payout. Zeydoo offers a bimonthly payout option alongside different platforms such as Paypal, Payoneer, Wire and Webmoney.

The Final Verdict: Is Zeydoo a Great Affiliate Network?

Zeydoo's great offers and features has made it one of the favorite choices among many affiliate marketers. As I have already mentioned that the daily conversion of 2.5 million shows that they have been doing pretty impressive with their 10+ in-house CPA products and they are performing well. One of the other main feature that grabbed my attention was its unlimited caps and worldwide coverage, which are pretty much needed as per your affiliate marketing practices.

Overall, Zeydoo is a great product to get along with, their focus on developing in-house and exclusive CPA products makes Zeydoo a great choice among affiliate marketers.

Well, overall, Zeydoo seems pretty great to me, some of the features and tools offered are pretty common, but on the positive side, Zeydoo is a bit different from others, whereas most of the Affiliate networks are working over traditional methods, Zeydoo has taken it to the next level.

You can give Zeydoo a chance, if you are looking to explore different verticals with great offers and GEOs.

Register in Zeydoo and work with a trustworthy CPA network.

Specification: Zeydoo

Number of Offers


Commission Type


Minimum Payment


Payment Frequency


Payment Method

● Payoneer
● Paypal USD
● Wire USD/EUR
● Wise USD/EUR
● Webmoney Z

Referral Commission


Tracking Software

In-house proprietary platform

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