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Are you looking for a Cpamatica review? Hundreds and thousands of affiliate networks deliver great value across affiliates, advertisers and publishers across different verticals, but what about Cpamatica? Is it just another affiliate network that delivers common features or has some standalone features that make it a unique affiliate network? In this article, we'll mention everything related to Cpamatica that makes it a good-to-go network among others available in the market. So let's get started!!
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What is Cpamatica?



While comparing most affiliate networks available in the market, Cpamatica offers a full-grown ecosystem for everyone, including affiliates and advertisers. Overall a fully balanced affiliate ecosystem. Cpamatica affiliate network offers some great features and tools under sweepstakes, dating and adult games verticals.

There are hundreds of networks focusing on dating and sweepstakes, but not many in the adult game vertical, whereas in Cpamatica it includes all, which results in making it is a great tool that makes it a good choice to go ahead with. In addition to that, let's take a look at the features offered by Cpamatica and how this can help make your affiliate marketing better along these verticals.

For Affiliates

Many features and tools offered by it to the affiliates is what makes Cpamatica a good choice to get along with. Key features to consider as an affiliate across Cpamatica are as follow:

Main verticalUnlike other affiliate networks, Cpamatica focuses on specific verticals to deliver the best possible value; the verticals under which Cpamatica works are Dating, Adult games, and Sweepstakes. Well, focusing on a specific vertical can help deliver quality traffic compared to those networks that are working all the way.

Range of Affiliate OffersCpamatica offers around 800+ offers making it a vast network compared to most of the networks available in the market.

Commission types offeredCpamatica offers a wide variety of commission types, making it a great affiliate network to get along with; the commission types offered by Cpamatica are CPA (Cost per action), CPI (Cost per install), CPL (Cost per lead) and CPS (Cost per sale). In addition to that, Cpamatica also offers a referral commission of 2%, which is pretty decent compared to others in the market.

Payment methods: If talking about the payment options, Cpamatica offers a minimum payout amount of $50 as in weekly payments, which is comparatively a good option compared to other affiliate networks, which usually offer monthly or bi-weekly payout option; Cpamatica also have a wide range of platforms to complete your payments across it, the platforms offered are Payoneer ($250 minimum payout), Webmoney, WireTransfer, Paxum and epay services.

For Advertisers

If talking about an excellent affiliate, the balance between affiliates and advertisers is a must; this balance in the ecosystem helps create better ROIs for each party involved.

Cpamatica offers some good CPA offers for its advertisers; Cpamatica offers an extensive network of publishers worldwide which can help in several ways by making it a great option to get along with. Most of the publishers in the network works on the CPA (Cost per action) module, making it a decent deal to go with.

What makes Cpamatica a good choice to go ahead with?

As I have already mentioned, Cpamatica offers great features and that too for both Advertisers and affiliates. There are many creatives available for each offer to match the audience you're looking to attract.

Another reason for Cpamatica being a reliable choice is its duration in the market; it was founded in 2015 in Ukraine and has been delivering some great services for its affiliates and advertisers around South America, North America, Asia and Europe, ever since then; if talking of the network, CPAMatica offers localized multilingual traffic offers for web and app traffic in around 100+ countries, making it a global network to work on.

Like most of the top-tier affiliate networks available in the market, Cpamatica's in-house tracking system keeps an eye on almost everything so that the traffic source is not messed up and Cpamatica will deliver the data with lesser errors.

Use Your Custom Domains

This feature can be a game changer for many affiliate and professionals that prefer to use custom landing pages and its quite easy if talking about the interface offered by Cpamatica. It’s in house software enables you to get along with adding your custom domain to Cpamatica account.

Customization offered

Talking about the customization offered, Cpamatica offers some great features, it also offers in terms of delivering the tailored and customized option compared to other affiliate networks available in the market. Unlike other affiliate networks that work traditionally, Cpamatica offers customization so that you can work on your marketing campaigns and goals accordingly.

Cpamatica Partners

Cpamatica offers some partner products, which are offers and campaigns from Cpamatica's partner; these are some high payout offers that enable you to get along with better conversions and other abilities like using creatives and much more. Adplexity, Cpaclub, Adsbridge, PropellerAds, Traffic junky, Offervault and Peerclick are some of the partners, Cpamatica works with.

Dedicated Customer Support

One of the reasons why Cpamatica has become a reliable choice is its dedicated customer support to its users. Cpamatica offers dedicated managers so that you can get over any questions that you might be encountering.

Personal managers are established so that professional service can help you choose relevant offers for your website or app. Cpamatica affiliate manager also provides customized payout rates, marketing methods, and market trends on offers and their conversions. They may even offer early payouts if you qualify for them.

Cpamatica loyalty program

Unlike other affiliate programs, Cpamatica offers some great perks in their loyalty programs so that you can get rewards in the form of coins that can later be redeemed by shopping on their online shop. Well, seems like a pretty deal to me.

They have a simple loyalty program in which every $10 over their network offers 1 point, which can later be redeemed over their online store in the form of mobile phones, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, and much more.

In addition to all these features and offers, Cpamatic also offers some hot hours, which can help make double rewards/points. These loyalty points are active for 365 days from when they are earned, which seems like an adequate amount of time from my point of view.

Cpamatica Dashboard

The Cpamatica's interface is pretty simple and easy to use; after logging into the network, you can access different sections such as dashboard, offers, reports, account, and some extra sections, FAQs, and I need more offers.

Offers: As I have already mentioned, Cpamatica offers more than 800 offers making it a good to go option compared to other affiliate networks available. In addition to that, Cpamatica also gives you access to a preview of the logo (offer), payout per lead, and the status of these offers (whether they are active or not).

Reports: These reports can help you get an overview of how well your marketing campaigns are performing; these results can also help in knowing the types of traffic you might be getting with the traffic source included.

Account: This option enables you to get along with other settings for your account, basically the general options regarding your account settings.

The Final Verdict

Overall, Cpamatica is a good affiliate network to use, and it can be a great choice for both affiliates and publishers. Cpamatica has more than 800+ offers which are comparatively more than most affiliate networks working under the dating, sweepstakes and adult games vertical. From my perspective, having a proper balance between publishers, advertisers and affiliates can help in creating a perfect ecosystem for every user along with affiliate networks; meanwhile, Cpamatica works with a great balance along with all these aspects so that everyone can get a piece of cake in terms of better ROIs and conversions.

In addition to all the features, tools, and offers that I have mentioned above, Cpamatica uses its in-house software, which is a key factor in itself; this, as a result, helps create a secure network with accurate information and reliable data.


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ePayments, Paxum, Payoneer, WebMoney, Wire

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Tracking Software

In-house proprietary platform

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