9+ Best Interstitial Ad Networks: Watch your Revenue Soar 🚀

Ever wondered where the sweet spot lies between engagement and revenue in this advertising world?

Look no further, coz Interstitial Ads might be the answer to this money-bagger question. Interstitial ads have emerged as a game-changing medium, bridging user experience with lucrative monetization opportunities. 

And here's the kicker; With global digital ad spending predicted to reach a whopping $695 billion by 2024, there's never been a better time to tap into this goldmine. However, with such an extensive list of networks vying for attention, how do you zero in on the best?

Let’s puzzle out the best interstitial ad network that promises not just impressions but meaningful engagements, driving the most out of every pixel on your site.

Whether you're a budding blog or an established online magazine, it's time to unlock the power of interstitials and watch your revenue soar! 🚀🎯

9+ Best Interstitial Ad Networks for Publishers and Advertisers

Here is a small tabular overview around the list of top Interstitial ad networks for publishers and advertisers along with the user ratings and the key features that make these Interstitial ad networks the best in the game.

Ad NetworkUser RatingsKey Features
AdMaven4/5High CPM rates, multiple ad formats including interstitial ads, and a vast pool of advertisers.
AppLovin3.7/5Mobile advertising optimization platform with a focus on gaming and app installs
Adsterra4/5High monetization rates, clean ads, and genuine traffic from 18K+ direct publishers worldwide.
Google AdMob4.3/5Large global ad network, advanced monetization technology, and high-performing ad formats.
ExoClick3.7/5Premium segmented quality traffic, extreme traffic targeting, and multiple ad formats
FroggyAds3.8/5Quality traffic, safe ads, and a user-friendly platform
ClickAdilla3.4/54.5 billion impressions daily across 240 GEOs, versatility in offering 13 distinct ad formats.
AdCash4.1/5Wide range of ad formats, advanced targeting, and genuine traffic
Media.net3.9/5High-paying contextual ads network, user-friendly interface, and good customer support
PropellerAds4.3/5Advanced targeting, multiple ad formats, and a large pool of advertisers and publishers

Now, let's get started with a deeper overview around some of the best interstitial ad networks that are worthy of being mentioned in our list for both advertisers and publishers.

#1 AdMaven


As the #1 choice in the Best Interstitial Ad Networks, AdMaven has an impressive reach with over 1 billion users, and around 90% of these users are accessible through direct deals with publishers. This vast pool of potential customers can immensely boost ad impressions, taking monetization to unparalleled heights.

AdMaven’s 24/7 support, personalized assistance through dedicated account managers, and a wide range of ad formats ensure that your advertising strategy finds its perfect match, aligning precisely with your vision and objectives.

AdMaven Key Features

  • Universal Flexibility: AdMaven supports every ad format, catering to all users, across any device, ensuring a truly global reach.
  • Extensive Global Reach: Offering top-tier direct traffic for any country, AdMaven ensures publishers can target their desired audience without borders.
  • Innovative Adaptive Platform: Designed for top-notch campaign optimization, the platform ensures advertisers receive their desired ROI while maximizing publishers' revenue streams.
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support: With a round-the-clock support team, solutions are always at hand to meet your performance and revenue aspirations.
  • Prime Direct Traffic: Access to over 1 billion premium users, with 90% of them available via direct partnerships, ensures genuine, high-quality traffic.
  • Optimization: Regardless of whether you're targeting CPM, CPC, or CPA, AdMaven assures results that elevate your ROI beyond the spent campaign budget.
  • Personalized Assistance: Benefit from a dedicated account manager to guide you in harnessing the full potential of the AdMaven platform and meeting your ROI benchmarks on a global scale.
  • Diverse Ad Formats: From full-screen immersive ads to timely push notifications, AdMaven offers a range of formats to align perfectly with your advertising strategy.

#2 AppLovin


Stepping into the spotlight at #2 among the top interstitial ad networks, AppLovin is the game-changer publishers have been waiting for! Its data-driven network towers above many with a scale that's 5-6 times more expansive than its counterparts, setting a high bar in ad performance and reach. Plus, with their tight-knit association with the renowned IAB tech lab and their strict adherence to key industry standards like sellers.json, app-ads.txt, and the OM SDK, AppLovin promises an advertising journey that's modern, dynamic, and just what the digital world ordered.

AppLovin Key Features

  • IAB Tech Lab Certification: As an officially recognized entity by the IAB Tech Lab for the Open Measurement Initiative (OM SDK), AppLovin underscores its dedication to propelling industry interoperability and offering a versatile choice of measurement partners.
  • Partnership with HUMAN: In a bid to offer unrivaled fraud protection, AppLovin collaborates with HUMAN, harnessing the prowess of MediaGuard — HUMAN’s exemplary pre-bid and post-bid traffic quality protection product. This partnership ensures a bulwark against invalid traffic and curbs non-human ad views, safeguarding the integrity of AppLovin's platform.
  • Diverse Ad Formats with Emphasis on Interstitial Ads: AppLovin's interstitial ads, which dominate the full screen of an app's interface, are strategic masterpieces. Ideally displayed during moments of pause or transitions within apps and games, these ads entice users without unsettling their experience.
  • MAX Mediation and ALX Integration: AppLovin's MAX mediation platform is an ecosystem of over 20 SDK bidders, granting access to the AppLovin Exchange (ALX). This amalgamation empowers advertisers with seamless campaign management and a vast spectrum of ad inventory options.

#3 Adsterra


Holding a strong position in our list of best Interstitial Ad Networks, Adsterra is making waves in the publishing community. Delivering 30 billion ad impressions monthly and an expanded network of 21K+ direct publishers, 13K+ brands, affiliates, and ad agencies, Adsterra is designed to elevate your advertising game. For publishers eyeing to ramp up their revenues and reach audiences with premium full-screen ads, Adsterra is the go-to choice.

Adsterra Key Features

  • Multifaceted Ad Options: Dive into a vast sea of ad formats with Adsterra, ranging from display banners, native ads, and interstitials to pop-under and video ads. Tailor your strategy with the format that resonates most with your audience.
  • Impressive Global Footprint: With an expansive reach manifesting in 30 billion monthly ad impressions, Adsterra guarantees your ads brush across a vast global canvas, amplifying opportunities for conversions and revenue influx.
  • Precision Targeting: Optimize your reach with Adsterra’s sophisticated targeting tools, ensuring your ads resonate with the audience they're meant for.
  • Safe, Clean Ads: Wave goodbye to malvertising concerns with Adsterra's commitment to maintaining a clean ad inventory, creating a trustworthy experience for publishers.
  • Efficient and Streamlined Platform: Navigate effortlessly through Adsterra’s user-centric interface and dashboard, streamlining campaign management and performance analytics.
  • Triple-Tiered Malware Shield: Safety first! Adsterra ensures your ad content remains secure with its three-layered malware protection.
  • Dedicated Support: Publishers can count on Adsterra's expert account management and support, ensuring smooth sailing in their advertising voyage.

#4 Google AdMob

Google AdMob

Standing proudly at #4 in the roster of top Interstitial ad networks, Google AdMob is a powerhouse crafted meticulously for app developers. With its roots deeply embedded in Google's vast ecosystem, AdMob doesn't just promise but delivers a blend of maximized revenue, exceptional user experiences, and a suite of automated tools that furnish valuable insights. Serving millions of advertisers worldwide, AdMob guarantees an active marketplace for ad space, which translates into impressive fill rates and excellent returns for developers.

Interstitial ads, one of AdMob's specialties, seamlessly integrate at transition points within apps. This ensures that users engage with compelling brand narratives without any hitch in their app journey. Furthermore, its synergy with Google Analytics for Firebase provides developers a window into user behaviors and ad efficacies, allowing for informed decision-making.

Google AdMob Key Features

  • Diverse Ad Choices: AdMob unfurls a broad spectrum of ad formats from interstitial, rewarded, and native to banner and video ads, empowering developers to curate the perfect ad experience for their apps.
  • In-depth Analytics: Merging seamlessly with Google Analytics for Firebase, AdMob furnishes developers with deep insights into user activity and ad metrics.
  • Promised High Returns: As a behemoth in the ad network sphere, AdMob offers enviable fill rates and competitive eCPM, ensuring developers pocket handsome revenues.
  • Premium, Tailored Ads: AdMob's ads aren’t just generic; they’re fine-tuned to resonate with users, fostering engagement and a premium user journey.
  • Branding Done Right: Developers have the reins to control the type of ads showcased, ensuring their app's brand integrity remains uncompromised.
  • Monetize Globally: With multi-currency support and country-centric mediation, AdMob simplifies the global monetization maze for developers.
  • Hassle-free Set-up: AdMob's integration is a breeze, ensuring developers transition smoothly from app development to revenue generation.
  • Precise Audience Targeting: The Audience Builder tool fine-tunes ad delivery based on user behaviors, ensuring ads hit the mark every time.
  • Customized Native Ads: Developers can mold AdMob's native ads to echo their app's aesthetic, ensuring users enjoy a cohesive experience.

#5 ExoClick


Holding a proud #5 spot on the top Interstitial ad networks list, ExoClick has been a game-changer since 2006. This giant in the ad world has an extensive network of over 65,000 sites and delivers a whopping 12 billion impressions daily! That's not just big; it's monumental, proving its heavyweight status in the global ad arena.

But what really makes ExoClick stand out? Their unwavering focus on quality and cutting-edge tech. They've got a knack for keeping bots and other unwanted traffic at bay. Plus, with top-notch security features and a wide range of ad formats, ExoClick has made quite a position across marketers globally.

ExoClick Key Features

  • Diverse Ad Options: From Fullpage Interstitial and In-Page Push Notification ads to Banners, Popunders, and Native ads, ExoClick has an ad format for every campaign's unique flavor.
  • Video Ad Versatility: Offering In-Stream, Outstream, and Video Slider ad formats, ExoClick has masterfully curated video solutions that fit seamlessly across user journeys.
  • Instant Insights: With real-time stats on an extensive list of metrics, advertisers wield the power to keep a pulse on their campaigns and recalibrate based on live data.
  • Uncompromising Ad Integrity: ExoClick's vigilant Compliance team operates round the clock to ensure ads are in sync with industry benchmarks, such as IAB guidelines. Coupled with state-of-the-art AI tools like AdSecure, the platform meticulously scans all creatives and landing pages, ensuring a malvertising-free environment.

#6 FroggyAds

Froggy Ads

Claiming the #6 spot on our prestigious Interstitial ad networks list, FroggyAds showcases itself as a dynamic advertising hub, laser-focused on delivering impactful results. Every single day, they're dispatching 41 billion impressions, opening doors for publishers and affiliate marketers to access a vast audience. With a buffet of ad formats and real-time insights, FroggyAds stands out as a prime choice for publishers eager to skyrocket their monetization and traffic.

FroggyAds Key Features

  • Expansive Traffic Access: Get along with 100+ top traffic sources, broadening horizons for publishers and marketers to hit their audience sweet spot.
  • Versatile Ad Formats: From push notifications to video ads, pick and choose from an array of formats to resonate with your audience.
  • Flexible Pricing Models: Whether it's CPA, CPM, or CPL, FroggyAds provides diverse pricing models, catering to various budgeting and optimization needs.
  • Pinpoint Targeting: Zero in on your desired audience with geographic, demographic, and behavioral targeting, ensuring your campaigns strike a chord.
  • Stay Updated with Real-time Stats: Monitor your campaign's pulse with live statistics, empowering you to refine strategies on the go.
  • Round-the-Clock Support: Whenever in doubt, a dedicated 24/7 support team is ready to guide and assist, ensuring a seamless advertising journey.

#7 AdCash


At the commendable #7 position in our lineup of top Interstitial ad networks stands AdCash, a name synonymous with excellence in the advertising domain. With a reach that touches over 200 million unique users daily and processes an astounding 300 billion ad requests monthly, AdCash is undeniably an excellent choice among interstitial ads.

Their extensive suite of ad formats, especially the interstitial ads, are meticulously crafted to command attention, driving heightened user engagement and impressive click-through rates. Backed by advanced targeting, AdCash's commitment is clear: to connect your content with the most apt audience, fueling conversions and supercharging revenue streams.

AdCash Key Features

  • Optimized eCPM for Interstitial Ads: With competitive eCPM rates on offer, AdCash empowers publishers to extract the maximum revenue from their interstitial ad campaigns.
  • Diverse Ad Formats at Your Disposal: Choose from a variety of ad formats ranging from native ads, interstitials, and pop-unders, to video ads, tailoring your content delivery to best resonate with your audience.
  • Unparalleled Global Presence: With a daily reach spanning over 200 million unique users, AdCash amplifies your visibility, reaching corners of the globe and maximizing conversion potential.
  • Precision Targeting: AdCash's advanced targeting tools allow businesses to filter and focus their ad reach based on various demographics such as age, gender, location, and specific interests. This guarantees that your ads engage the most receptive audiences.
  • Robust Anti-Ad Fraud Mechanisms: AdCash has fortified its platform with leading anti-ad fraud technologies. From bot traffic filtering to viewability verification, they ensure that your ad inventory remains pristine and impactful.
  • Hands-On Account Management: AdCash isn’t just about technology; it's about the people too. They offer dedicated account management and unwavering support, ensuring publishers have a smooth and profitable journey throughout their association with this esteemed ad network.

#8 Media.net


Media.net, a name that's steadily gained favor in the publisher and advertiser communities. Notably, Media.net stands out as a premier contextual ad network, backed by the prowess of giants like Yahoo! and Bing. Their specialization in contextual advertising ensures that ads resonate deeply with a website's content, fostering enhanced user engagement and impressive click-through rates.

Known for its impeccable ad supply quality, Media.net seamlessly integrates with major buyer networks and adeptly manages operational overheads, ensuring publishers consistently access elite ads. An added feather in their cap is their commitment to user privacy, demonstrated through their provision of cookie-free yet contextually rich ads.

Media.net Key Features

  • Master of Contextual Ads: Media.net's sophisticated contextual targeting tech ensures ads displayed align seamlessly with a website's content. Not only does this heighten user engagement and CTRs, but it also bolsters user privacy by focusing on content context over user data.
  • Competitive RPM Rates: Leveraging its contextual ads and vast advertiser base, Media.net boasts enticing RPM rates. While these can fluctuate based on factors like traffic and ad placements, their approach invariably leads to augmented RPM rates for publishers.
  • Swift Server-to-Server Tech: Implementing server-to-server technology, Media.net paves the way for brisker, more streamlined ad bidding and delivery. By interfacing directly with ad exchange servers, they minimize page load impacts and amplify the user experience.
  • Prime-Quality Ad Offerings: Aligning with top-tier advertisers, Media.net solidifies its position as a premium ad network. Their alliances with leading buyer networks, coupled with efficient operational management, ensure publishers always get the cream of the ad crop.
  • Ad Units Tailored to Your Needs: Publishers revel in the adaptability offered by Media.net. With a smorgasbord of ad units on offer, each customizable to gel with a website's aesthetics, publishers can explore a range of ad formats like image, text, video, banner ads, and native ads. This malleability ensures optimal ad placements, priming publishers for maximal revenue generation.

#9 ClickAdilla


Occupying the #9 spot on our esteemed list of top interstitial ad networks is ClickAdilla, a platform rapidly gaining traction for its premium traffic services tailored to the needs of publishers and affiliate marketers. Its seamless interface coupled with pinpoint targeting capabilities has made it an advertiser favorite, propelling brand engagement, conversions, and sales.

A look at its impressive stats paints a clear picture: a whopping 4.5 billion impressions daily across 240 GEOs, versatility in offering 13 distinct ad formats and serving a diverse clientele of 16,000 daily. Given its sweeping reach and diverse offerings, it's no wonder that ClickAdilla has become a go-to for affiliate marketers, publishers, and advertisers alike.

ClickAdilla Key Features

  • Expansive Ad Format Selection: Choose from a comprehensive range including on-click (popunder), banner, in-app, web-push, in-stream video, in-page, and tab links, ensuring publishers and advertisers find their perfect fit.
  • Real-time Bidding Mechanism: Advertisers enjoy the freedom to set their ceiling bid for clicks or impressions, fostering budget-friendly, high-impact campaigns.
  • Precision Targeting: Maximize campaign efficacy with advanced targeting, guaranteeing that ads always find their ideal audience.
  • Always-on Support: Whether you need a personal manager or live support, assistance is available round the clock for campaign crafting, optimization, or troubleshooting.
  • Premium Traffic from Exclusive Sources: Benefit from top-tier traffic stemming from exclusive partner websites, tailored for both adult and mainstream domains.
  • In-depth Analytics: Get real-time stats that update hourly, with integrated tools like Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica to elevate your traffic management strategies.
  • Streamlined Integration: A single tag placement does the trick, giving you the reins to multiple ad format management right from your dashboard, making life a tad easier for publishers.

#10 PropellerAds


Climbing to the 10th position in the elite listing of top interstitial ad networks, PropellerAds is soaring high and making significant ripples in the digital advertising space. Primarily celebrated by publishers and affiliate marketers, the platform is backed by cutting-edge technological solutions, emphasizing performance-driven outcomes. With an impressive reach with over 12 billion ad impressions daily, the platform effortlessly connects businesses to a vast pool of over 1 billion global users, amplifying their engagement and expansion potential.

PropellerAds Key Features

  • AI-driven Ad Automation: Effortlessly steer campaigns with PropellerAds' AI prowess. This feature automates and optimizes campaigns, balancing conversions with budget efficiency. Advertisers can choose their preferred automation level, from basic to advanced.
  • Goal-Oriented CPA Bidding: Set your conversion cost target with the CPA Goal. The platform automates bidding and optimizes ads, aligning with set profitability benchmarks.
  • Native Direct Ads: Blend seamlessly into site content with PropellerAds' native direct ads. These ads offer an engaging experience, ensuring visibility without disruption.
  • Self-Servicing Platform: Take control with PropellerAds' self-serve feature. It allows advertisers to set up, manage, and refine campaigns without intermediaries.
  • Broad Vertical Reach: Reach diverse industries with PropellerAds. Their wide reach covers various GEOs and demographics, enabling targeted audience engagement.

Interstitial Ads in Apps (Monetizing Mobile Applications Effectively)

The mobile app ecosystem is thriving, with millions of applications available across various platforms. As the number of apps continues to rise, so does the challenge for developers to monetize them. One of the most effective ways to generate revenue from mobile apps without compromising the user experience is through interstitial ads.

What are Interstitial Ads in Apps?

Interstitial ads are full-screen advertisements that cover the entire user interface of an app, usually appearing at transition points, such as between levels in a game or after completing a task in a utility app. These ads can be in the form of static images, videos, or even interactive content.

Why Use Interstitial Ads in Apps?

  • Engagement: Given their full-screen nature, interstitial ads capture the user's full attention, often leading to better engagement rates compared to banner or native ads.
  • Maximized Revenue: Due to their prominent placement and larger size, interstitial ads typically command higher eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) rates.
  • Flexibility: Interstitials can be timed to appear at natural breaks in the app's usage, ensuring minimal disruption to the user.

Best Practices for Effective Monetization

Timing is Key: Interstitials should be placed at logical transition points. For example, in a gaming app, it's ideal to display these ads between levels rather than abruptly during gameplay.

Timing is the key in Interstitial ads meme

Easy Exit: Always provide a clear and accessible ‘close' or ‘skip' button. Users shouldn't feel trapped or forced to view an ad.

Limit Frequency: Overloading your app with interstitial ads can irritate users and potentially lead to app uninstalls. Strike a balance.

High-Quality Content: Ensure the ads are of high quality, relevant, and optimized for mobile screens.

Test and Iterate: Regularly analyze the performance of your ads. Adjust placement, frequency, and content based on user feedback and metrics.

Testing in Interstitial Ads meme

While interstitial ads offer a lucrative opportunity for app monetization, their effectiveness lies in how they are implemented. By understanding the user journey within the app and placing ads strategically, developers can ensure a balance between monetization and maintaining a positive user experience.

Epilogue on Best Interstitial Ad Network

After considering all the Interstitial ad networks in our list, it is pretty sure that all of them have something different from other ones. For publishers and advertisers alike, these networks offer a blend of impactful engagements and maximized revenues, all while ensuring a great user experience.

The unique positioning of these interstitial ad networks both literally and figuratively – strikes a balance, capturing attention without disrupting the user experience. From my experience so far around several interstitial ad networks, it can be said that the choice of your interstitial ad network can be a matter of different factors such as geo-locations, impressions served daily, retargeting options, and much more.

Even though this article on the best interstitial ad network is quite comprehensive, it is still a snapshot of the present scenario. The true challenge, and perhaps the thrill, lies in anticipating the changes and staying ahead of those advancements. 

So, as you move through your marketing and advertising operations, remember to constantly innovate, experiment, and refine.

Signing off! Have a great time ahead with your perfect ad network!!

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