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Looking for an affiliate network can be a task of some effort. You might get along with an affiliate network in a particular niche or vertical, but getting a versatile network can be difficult. Cpark is an excellent and versatile network with great offers covering almost all the niches. If you are looking for a great marketplace where you can have both advertisers and publishers in a balanced ecosystem, Cpark is the place.

Cpark calls itself a digital marketplace, as it deals with both advertisers and publishers in a single place. Cpark works as a mutual place for the advertisers and the publishers and delivers mutual profits to both of them. CPark's excellent customer support around both parties helps deliver profitability in almost every offer. Cpark has a wide range of features and verticals, making it a versatile network compared to other affiliate networks.

What Is CPARK?

Cpark is a digital marketplace where marketers and advertisers are getting along with each other to deliver mutual profits to each other. Their official website states CPARK – Digital Performance Marketplace, which is quite true; we'll get along with features and services that make it what they have stated. Cparks affiliate network works as a platform that works on pay-per-action programs. Getting your website along with Cpark is relatively easy, and it involves a few steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Open Cpark's official website.
  2. Signup on the website.
  3. Get approved and verified using your email or Facebook signup option.
  4. Sign In to the Cpark account.
  5. Add your website and get it approved.
  6. Get the website's code uploaded across the Cpark network.

These were the steps involved in getting along with Cpark. Let's take a look at the features and benefits offered by Cpark.

Features and Benefits

Cpark offers a great set of features for its users that have both advertisers and publishers, let's take a look at the features offered by Cpark.

  • AD format by Cpark: One of the great features offered by Cpark is content locking; if you are a publisher, this feature of content locking will help in a lot of ways. The links are given to the products or services, and content marketing with a locker system helps in better monetization.
  • CPark Rates: Cpark offers a great set of features with decent and high conversion rates to its users. Cpark offers only CPA and CPS ads to publishers across their network. They offer moderate rates for CPA and CPS. They offer $0.03 to $0.07 for CPS and $2 to $15 for CPA across their network.
  • Some other key features: Cpark offers some key features that make it a very versatile network; some of them are mentioned below:
    1. Users have complete control over CPM rates on ads.
    2. They provide worldwide coverage across their network.
    3. Easy approvals, as discussed above, for the steps involved for getting along with CPark, the user gets easy approval for their website.
  • Offers: They offer a whole bunch of in-house offers made for almost every user.
  • Payment Methods and Payouts: Cpark offers an excellent payout experience for their users as well; the users can withdraw their money on a monthly, biweekly basis, the user can also get weekly payouts after reaching a threshold of $250 and can withdraw across different platforms such as PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Webmoney, etc.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Cpark offers excellent customer support to its users and the allotted manager to each partner, and this support helps build a reliable relationship between users and CPark.
  • Business Models that cover: The Cpark website claims to work along with different commission types such as CPI (Cost per Install), CPL (Cost per Lead), CPS (Cost per Sale), etc. which as a result helps in promoting the products and services across different platforms such as email, SEO, Social traffic sources, etc.
  • Security: They offer great security features for their users with anti-fraud software. They have manual monitoring for their users and the network to stop any fraudulent activities across their network.
  • Services Worldwide: Cpark offers their service worldwide; they have their network operations across 100+ countries. The worldwide traffic helps deliver better-optimized traffic to their users, both the advertisers and publishers.
  • Services offered to Publishers: Cpark has offered more than $8,000,000 to their affiliates so far. They also offer services that can help affiliates get along with better traffic; Cpark has mentioned features such as Finance, Sweepstakes, Social discovery and mobile content under the section of top rank verticals.

While coming across all the great features offered by Cpark, it also has cons which should be discussed as we go further. One of the cons that Cpark has is its advertisers' control module; the advertisers can control whether your website is all okay to get along with their ad campaigns or not. In addition to that, the CPM rates are relatively moderate compared to some of the similar networks.


Cpark is a great affiliate network that is versatile in many aspects; the balance between advertisers and publishers results in profitability for both parties. It offers its service along all the verticals and parameters with excellent conversion rates. The CPM management that it offers is a great feature in itself.

The advertisers have the authority to get along with your website if your website is a good place for campaigning or not, they have the choice, whether they want to advertise ads over a particular website or not this feature has both aspects, if the advertiser cannot relate with the website or traffic, they might not be getting along with it. You can go with Cpark as a great choice, but it offers more benefits to the publisher side if compared. Overall, it is a great and versatile network with all the aforementioned features.

Specification: CPARK

Number of Offers


Commission Type


Minimum Payment


Payment Frequency

Net-7, Net-15, Net-30

Payment Method

WebMoney, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Paxum, PayPal

Referral Commission


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