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Rize Ads automates critical functions like tracking, payments, and compliance so affiliates can focus on driving results. The platform offers robust analytics and reporting to inform your marketing strategies. Rize Ads empowers affiliates to choose ideal advertisers, decide optimal promotion methods, and rely on an automated system to handle operations.

This infrastructure allows affiliates to specialize in generating conversions and earning higher commissions through Rize Ads' data-driven approach. The network aims to boost the user experience with swift redirects and credits cross-channel conversions to showcase full impact.

Why Should I Consider Rize Ads as My Affiliate Network?

Rize Ads is a premium affiliate network offering 270+ diverse offers and commission models such as CPA, CPL, and CPC. With a minimum payment of $500 and bi-weekly payment frequency, affiliates can receive their earnings through Wire, ACH, PayPal, or Venmo. The network also provides a 5% referral commission and utilizes an in-house proprietary platform for tracking.

Some of the top advertisers in the Rize Ads include H&M, Walmart, Shopee, and many more. With additional features like Link builder, Internal tracking system, API integration, etc. make Rize Ads an excellent choice among affiliate marketers.

Types of Payment Models Available on RizeAds

RizeAds offers 3 major payment models as mentioned below:

  • CPL (Cost Per Lead): In this model, affiliates are paid for each lead generated. A lead is a piece of information that can potentially lead to a sale in the future. It could be a request for a quote, brochure order, or completion of a questionnaire. This model is beneficial for advertisers who want to build a database of potential customers for future marketing efforts.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click): This model calculates earnings by dividing the total publisher commission generated within a certain timeframe by the number of clicks received. It's a popular model for advertisers who want to drive traffic to their website or a specific landing page.
  • CPM (Cost per Mile/Impression): This model counts the number of ad views or engagements per X number of ad impressions on a web page. It's typically used in campaigns where the goal is to increase brand awareness or exposure.

Some of the Best Offers Available on Rize Ads

Rize Ads offers a variety of top-tier offers for affiliate marketers. Some of the notable ones include:

  • eHarmony (Worldwide): This popular dating site offers a 15% commission on all successful referrals. It's a great opportunity for affiliates in the dating and relationship niche.
  • LiquidWeb (Worldwide): A leading provider of managed hosting services, LiquidWeb offers a generous $150 CPA for each successful referral. This is an excellent offer for affiliates in the tech and web services sector.
  • BigCommerce (Worldwide): As a leading e-commerce platform, BigCommerce offers commissions starting from $20 for each successful referral. This offer is ideal for affiliates in the e-commerce and online business niche.

These offers provide affiliates with the opportunity to earn substantial commissions while promoting high-quality products and services. Well, there are a lot of other high-paying offers available on Rize Ads.


Overall, Rize Ads aims to provide affiliates with the infrastructure and support needed to maximize their earning potential. By automating critical functions and offering robust analytics, the network enables affiliates to focus on driving results rather than operations.

With competitive commission rates, diverse offers, and partnerships with leading brands, Rize Ads creates ample monetization opportunities. Though relatively new, Rize Ads demonstrates significant potential in empowering affiliates to boost conversions and earn higher commissions through its data-driven approach.

For affiliates seeking top-tier advertiser programs with strong budgets and transparent tracking, Rize Ads presents itself as a worthwhile option.

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Specification: Rize Ads

Number of Offers

270+ Offers

Commission Type


Minimum Payment


Payment Frequency


Payment Methods

Venmo, Wire, ACH, PayPal

Referral Commission

5% Referral Commission

Tracking Software

In House Software

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