Giantmobi Affiliate Network Review

Giantmobi is among the leading Affiliate Networks that enable publishers and Advertisers to get Access to exclusive platforms by enjoying volume from DSPs and huge brands. The Network is an Ad network that offers Affiliate Marketing which is a performance-based mobile, video apps & Facebook Advertising agency.

The Platform has its own proprietary technology, which has helped in automated optimization, which is entirely based on numerous methods to offer the highest possible ROI for Advertisers along with providing them competitive CPMs for publishers, which are just prescribed as per their monetization goals.

Giantmobi already has billions of impressions and various offers every month worldwide. Also, the Affiliate network uses an optimum combination of intelligent technology, dedicated service and advanced targeting capabilities for apps, Video, mobile, and Social Inventory which makes it a natural choice for all Advertising requirements.

Top Benefits of Joining Giantmobi Affiliate Network

Following are a few of the benefits you get by joining this Affiliate network:

  • In-house Tracking

The Network has its own proprietary technology and an in-house tracking system through which Affiliates can monitor their campaigns and conversions. Affiliates get Access to comprehensive reports along with key metrics like impression count, click count, conversion rate and more. It also can be integrated with various tracking platforms.

  • Anti-Fraud Detection

For the protection of both Advertisers and Affiliates, GiantMobi offers an antifraud technology that can effectively scan the traffic before it enters the offer's landing page. Plus, the Platform also detects and disregards fraudulent conversions depending on specific clicks or demographic information.

  • Manifold offers

Gaintmobi is not only about just mobile content, but it has a wide range of offers from different categories like Health and Nutra, mobile apps, white label products, downloads, Gaming and more! All offers are available worldwide and come in with multiple conversions like CPS, CPA and more.

  • Multiple Traffic Types Accepted

Gaintmobi is an excellent platform for media-buying affiliates as it accepts most of the traffic types until you offer clean and bot-free traffic. Also, you can use banner ads, pop ads, app walls, domain redirects and more.

Giantmobi for Publishers

Giantmobi believes in giving complete control of the traffic to its publisher. And for this, it offers the right strategy through which you can offer better to your audience. As a Publisher, you also get to choose from a variety of branded campaigns with high payouts. These campaigns are global ones which allow you to clean and mix traffic.

It offers competitive CPIs, High CR and revenues and Ad placements like Video, banner, Redirect, and App wall. Also, the Platform offers an Easy setup as it comes integrated with all tracking solutions, API and S2S pixels to deliver easy tracking. Moreover, you have complete 24/7 support, which is excellent.

The Verticals offered by Giantmobi are:

  • Download
  • Lead Generation
  • Softwares
  • Nutra
  • Entertainment
  • Mobile Content
  • Games
  • Mobile Apps
  • Finance
  • White Products

Giantmobi for Advertisers

For Advertisers, Giantmobi believes in providing the perfect combination through which Advertisers can get a higher ROI. It offers the best strategy through which you can target the right audience. The Network also offers landing pages, offer flow and creative consultation support through which you can achieve your ad goals.

Advertisers can also reach out to the global audience with worldwide traffic, clean, incent mixed, local pubs and DSP platforms and networks. It supports ad types like Video, Banner, Pops, Redirect and App wall. The Ad network also offers a data optimization feature which is excellent, along with 24/7 support.

Antifraud Technology by Giantmobi

  • For Publishers

Giantmobi understands that lousy traffic can have a direct impact on your brand awareness and therefore helps agencies and ad networks to keep their traffic clean with Antifraud technology. Through this, you can improve your reputation by using this proprietary antifraud solution and analyzing your partners to check out any fraudulent activity. Even it helps by proactively rejecting any fraud conversion before reporting to the customer with its personal antifraud expert and training.

  • For Advertisers

Giantmobi is an Ad platform that is 100% transparent and reliable. User Acquisition is critical for mobile publishers, and the Platform understands this by driving high-quality traffic to its advertisers. Mobile ad fraud has become a real significant threat as mobile marketers lose approx 1/3 of their advertising budget but not with Giantmobi. It will help you to analyze mobile advertising campaigns and aid in limiting your budget by offering you precise information to reject fraudulent installs or conversions.

You can easily integrate Giantmobi with the following:

  1. Easy Post-Back Integration
  2. Build a network that is trusted by Advertising Partners.
  3. Personal Dashboard where you can export data in CSV, XLS and PDF format.
  4. Granular Reporting on every conversion you make.
  5. It offers direct Access to data in Adjust and Appsflyer.
  6. Personal Account Managers and Anti-Fraud Experts.
  7. Ultimately saving your Ad budget by rejecting fraud conversions.

GiantMobi Payment and Payout terms

  • The GiantMobi Affiliate Network offers a minimum payout of $100.
  • The payout frequency is Daily, Net-7 and Net-15. Only the VIP Publishers are paid within a day!
  • Also, the payments are made through Payoneer, PayPal, and Wire Transfer.
  • The Publishers also get a chance to earn a 5% Referral Commission on earnings which will be added to their balance automatically.

GiantMobi Contact Information

Office Andress:

Group 03 Cam Gia, Thai Nguyen City, Vietnam

Phone: +84.886.410.794

Whatsapp: +84886410794



Email: [email protected]


After reviewing GiantMobi in detail, it is one of the leading networks that is enabling both Advertisers and publishers Access to exclusive channels and offering them a good medium through which they can scale their brands. It has its own unique proprietary technology, which is helpful for automated optimization, along with various other resources through which advertisers can achieve the highest possible ROI. Also, its anti-fraud technology is something very peaceful for the Publishers, and they can invest in their campaigns and buy quality traffic. In all, we recommend GiantMobi to all those Advertisers and Publishers who are looking for a quality Ad network or Affiliate Network, respectively.


Specification: Giantmobi

Number of Offers


Commission Type

CPA, CPL, CPS, etc

Minimum Payment


Payment Frequency

Net-15, Net-7, Daily

Payment Method

PayPal, Payoneer, Wire

Referral Commission


Tracking Software

In-house proprietary platform

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