8 Best PPC Ads Spy Tools: Mastering Online Ads with Ads Spying

Wandering around in the search for the best PPC ads spy tool to peek into your competitor strategies? Running an in-depth analysis across the PPC ad campaigns can result in maximizing your revenues while making that golden ad strategy to supercharge your whole marketing game.

As a marketer or even a dropshipper, these PPC ads spy tools are indeed a flipper; but with thousands of options available in the market, getting your “THE ONE” is still a tedious task. You might be astounded to know that in 2022 alone, businesses spent over $170 billion on PPC advertising, but money isn't the only thing to look forward to. Somewhat around 25% of this whopping amount is wasted on ineffective ads; so having the right tool can help to a much bigger extent in not making the same mistakes that your competitors might be doing right now!!

With a huge database of billions of active users, striking the right spot can help you pave your path toward the goldmine, but how?? 🤔

After covering all the major aspects of the best PPC ads spy tool, I have listed some excellent PPC ads spy tools in the market which will turn your guesswork into a data-driven strategy; and maybe you'll be able to find that sweet spot.

So, let's move ahead with the list of best PPC ads spy tools and start making that standardized golden handbook of marketing strategy that works well for you.

What are PPC Ads Spy Tools?

PPC Ads Spy Tools have emerged as a game-changer for affiliate marketers, social media marketers, and dropshippers. These tools are designed to track and analyze the ad performance of competitors, providing advertisers with the necessary data to make informed decisions and optimize their own ad campaigns.

PPC Ads Spy Tools are essentially digital detectives, providing extensive insights into the strategies of your competitors. They offer a comprehensive view of the online advertising industry, allowing you to understand what works and what doesn't in your industry. By analyzing the ad copy, keyword bidding, and budgets of your competitors, these tools provide a blueprint for success.

One of the key features of PPC Ads Spy Tools is their ability to track ranking positions. This allows advertisers to see where their competitors' ads are ranking in search results, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of their SEO strategies. By understanding where your competitors are succeeding, you can tailor your own strategies to compete more effectively.

Another crucial element of these tools is their ability to analyze ad copy. By studying the language and messaging used by your competitors, you can identify patterns and strategies that resonate with your target audience. This can help you craft more effective ad copy, increasing your click-through rates and overall ad performance.

Keyword bidding is another area where PPC Ads Spy Tools shine. These tools can reveal the keywords your competitors are bidding on, as well as the amount they are willing to pay for each click. This information can help you make more informed decisions about your own keyword bidding strategies, potentially saving you money and improving your return on investment.

Perhaps one of the most valuable features of PPC Ads Spy Tools is their ability to provide insights into competitor ad budgets. By understanding how much your competitors are spending on their ad campaigns, you can better gauge the level of competition and adjust your own budget accordingly.

Now that we have covered the important aspects of what these PPC Ads Spy tools are, let's hop into the list of the best PPC ads spy tools and help you choose the right companion for your business and marketing operations.

🔍 8 Best PPC Ad Spy Tools for Skyrocketing Sales

Here we have compiled the list of top PPC ads spy tools of 2024, that will help you to win the spy game like never before! Let’s check them out below:

1. Minea


Staying ahead of the competition is crucial and that's where Minea comes in. Ranked as the #1 PPC Ads Spy Tool, Minea is a game-changer for marketers and dropshippers looking to gain a competitive edge. Looking forward to the stats that Minea has, the tool covers around 80+ markets along with 921 million+ ads being analyzed on all social media networks, while targeting 2 billion+ users by online advertising.

Minea offers a comprehensive solution to spy on top-performing products across various social media platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. It allows you to track your competitors' successful campaigns, targeted keywords, and audiences, providing you with the insights you need to optimize your own strategies. Minea also offers a browser extension that can help in running an analysis on the go.

Key Features of Minea

  • Minea is user-friendly and compatible with all devices, making it accessible to everyone.
  • Minea seamlessly integrates with various social media platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest, making it an ideal tool for boosting your dropshipping business.
  • With Minea, you can analyze your competitors' winning strategies and build unique strategies for your own ad campaigns.
  • Minea's advanced search filters allow you to search by keyword, domain, and page name. You can also narrow your search filter by age, country, and gender for targeted audience demographics.
  • Minea provides the most accurate and reliable results for any niche, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Minea includes a huge database of 10 million Facebook ads, complete with detailed analytics.
  • The analytics feature allows you to gauge the success rate of your campaign by analyzing the engagement rate, followers, and total impressions.

Minea Pricing Plan

Minea offers a free plan that includes 250 research credits. Additionally, it offers three pricing plans:

  • Lite Plan: Priced at €0/month, the Lite Plan includes 500 research credits, Facebook ads, Influencer placements, advanced filters, and a Chrome extension.
  • Starter Plan: Priced at €49/month, the Starter Plan includes 10,000 research credits and all the features of the Lite Plan. The annual plan is available at €34.50/month.
  • Premium Plan: Priced at €99/month, the Premium Plan includes 1,00,000 research credits and all the features of the Starter Plan, along with additional features like TikTok ads, Pinterest ads, and shop analysis. The annual plan is available at €69.33/month.

2. PiPiADS


Ranked at the #2 position for the best PPC Ads Spy Tools, PiPiADS is a free TikTok ads spy tool that is revolutionizing the way marketers and dropshippers do business. If you're looking to gain insights into the latest TikTok ads that are bringing immense benefits to your competitors, PiPiADS is the tool for you!

Whether you're in the gaming, dropshipping, or affiliate marketing business, PiPiADS provides you with the ability to find the best-performing TikTok ads that can help you optimize your own campaigns. On the other hand, what makes PiPiADS much better is that it is not limited to Shopify but also covers other platforms like Etsy.

PiPiADS Key Features

  • PiPiADS provides various search filtering options, allowing you to discover top products, trending products, and winning products. This can help you identify the most profitable niches and successful keywords.
  • With the product search feature, you can discover the most creative video ads and filter your ads by demographics.
  • Users can also run a good analysis across different parameters like Shop search, advertiser search, product search, etc. These small features can be of great value to dropshippers running an ad analysis.
  • PiPiADS offers a PPSPY Chrome extension that allows you to spy on eCommerce stores like Shopify and identify their winning ads strategies and top-selling products.
  • PiPiADS provides detailed analytics for popular and trending TikTok products and ads, including the number of impressions, the cost of the ad, the liking and sharing rate, the targeted audience, and the devices used by visitors.

PiPiADS Pricing

PiPiADS offers a 3-day trial for $1, allowing you to access its features for free. Additionally, it offers three subscription plans:

  • Starter Plan: Priced at $77/month, the Starter Plan includes 200 ads per query, allows up to 50 ad details and 50 product details per day, unlimited winning products, and is limited to one user. The annual plan is available at $54/month.
  • VIP Plan: Priced at $155/month, the VIP Plan includes 2000 ads per query, 200 product and ad details, 1000 advertisers, unlimited winning products, and is limited to one user. The annual plan is available at $116/month.
  • Pro Plan: Priced at $263/month, the Pro Plan includes 5000 ads per query, 1000 ads and product details, 3000 advertisers per query, 1000 advertiser details, and is limited to five users. The annual plan is available at $181/month.

3. AdSpy


AdSpy is a leading Facebook Ad spy tool that boasts the largest database of Facebook Ads with instant scanning and daily updates. This tool is a treasure trove of over 230 million ads from more than 13.7 million advertisers across 210+ countries, making it the largest social Ad database among all other social media Ad intelligence tools.

On the other hand, AdSpy also offers some excellent features for landing page URLs and more; well users can also get along with advanced filters for media type, device type, site type, and much more. For example: If you are an affiliate, the filter for affiliate ID and offers can help in making things as per you affiliate marketing operations.

AdSpy Key Features

  • AdSpy offers basic and enhanced research with the highest level of search filters and advanced features to see affiliate ads running on Facebook.
  • With various advanced filters, you can conduct an in-depth analysis of your competitors' strategies.
  • AdSpy allows you to search through comments, likes, total likes, total dislikes, and more to understand the engagement of your competitors' ads.
  • AdSpy provides accurate demographics with country, region, gender, age, etc., helping you to target your ads more effectively.
  • AdSpy calls affiliates to showcase the best Affiliate Ads by the affiliate network or affiliate offer id. You can also use AdSpy to find Affiliate offers from Clickbank and other affiliate networks.
  • AdSpy has a huge database of Ads with daily updates, keeping you updated with the latest trends.
  • AdSpy's rapid interface helps you to find ads quickly, saving you time and effort.

AdSpy Pricing Plan

AdSpy offers a free trial for new users to explore its cool features, but remember that these features are basically limited to some extent only. Unlike other PPC Ads spy tools in our list, AdSpy has got a single pricing plan of $149/month and can be reduced to $75 per for the first month or you can also opt for $50 Off for the first 3 months of your AdSpy subscription.

4. Anstrex


Ranked at the #4 position for the best PPC Ads Spy Tools, Anstrex is a native ad spying tool that is making waves in the digital marketing world. With a massive database of 10 million ads, covering 27 ad networks across 80 different countries, Anstrex is the tool of choice for marketers and dropshippers looking to create winning ad campaigns.

Whether you're a media buyer looking to optimize your push notification ad campaigns, or a dropshipper seeking to discover the most popular products, Anstrex has got you covered. It's a must-have tool that allows you to stay ahead of industry leaders, especially if you're an affiliate marketer.

Key Features of Anstrex

  • Anstrex allows you to spy on millions of native ad campaigns from various advertisers and publishers.
  • Anstrex supports 27+ ad networks and covers around 64 major countries and regions, providing the most accurate data.
  • With Anstrex, you can filter ads as per duration, dates, category, country, devices, affiliate network, and more.
  • Anstrex includes a specific keyword search feature that allows you to filter your search using foreign-language ads.
  • With Anstrex, you can mix your searching and filtering options for more precise results.
  • Anstrex offers a built-in downloader that allows you to download multiple pages, saving you time and effort.
  • With the HTML editor, you can customize texts, images, and links.
  • Anstrex provides detailed insights into your campaign performance, showing you the profitable ways to target your traffic, geo-locations, and relevant ads.

Anstrex Pricing Plans

Anstrex offers three subscription plans:

  • Solo Plan: Priced at $69.99/month per user, the Solo Plan supports native ads only. It includes 27+ native ad networks, provides data from 64 countries, and includes advanced search and filtering options, a landing page ripper, competitor alerts, and 24/7 online chat support.
  • Bundle & Save Plan: Priced at $139.99/month per user, the Bundle & Save Plan supports native and push ads. It includes all the features of the Solo plan, covers 38+ push ad networks, includes CPC bids on push campaigns, and offers a no-obligation trial for 2 days.
  • Ultimate Combo and Savings Plan: Priced at $219.99/month per user, the Ultimate Combo and Savings Plan supports native, push, and popup ads. This plan includes all the features of the previous plans, covers 32+ pop ad networks, provides data from 92 countries and 850+ mobile carriers, and provides accurate data from mobile devices.
Note: The pricing plans might vary from each other mentioning depending upon the type of product you choose, i.e. Anstrex Native, Anstrex Pop, Anstrex Push, or Anstrex Dropship.

5. BigSpy


Securing the #5 position for the best PPC Ads Spy Tools, BigSpy is an affordable tool that empowers marketers and dropshippers to craft the most creative ads strategies and stay ahead of the competition. With a massive database of 600 million ad creatives, BigSpy is a must-have tool for the advertising industry.

Whether you're looking to discover the most profitable ad campaigns of your rivals, analyze trending ad campaigns, or monitor your Facebook ad campaigns, BigSpy has got you covered. It supports various sites such as Shopify, WordPress, Magento, BigCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, WooCommerce, and much more!

Key Features of BigSpy

  • BigSpy supports 9 major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Yahoo, YouTube, TikTok, Unity, and Retail ad spy.
  • BigSpy offers a simple user interface that caters to both newbies and professional advertisers.
  • With BigSpy, you can create winning ad strategies using innovative ad creative ideas.
  • BigSpy allows you to analyze your competitor's ad ranking position, trending products, and best-selling products.
  • BigSpy offers advanced filtering and sorting of your ad search, providing a detailed analysis of the target audiences.
  • BigSpy provides 24/7 live chat support to assist you whenever you need help.
  • With BigSpy, you can search and filter your ads by customizing options such as country, ad format, niche-specific, CTA, date, and language for accurate data.
  • BigSpy helps you track ads for various niches, analyze the performance of your ads, and get influenced to optimize your ad campaigns.

BigSpy Pricing

BigSpy offers four pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan: Priced at $9/month, the Basic Plan includes Facebook and Instagram platforms, 20 daily queries, helps you to track and download 25 ads daily, switch industries 3 times a month, and is limited to 1 seat only. The yearly plan is available at $79/month and offers extra features.
  • Pro Plan: Priced at $99/month, the Pro Plan includes unlimited queries, 250 daily downloads, and ads tracking, helps you to track 20 FB pages, offers limited featured ads, creative ad ideas, equipment, and online support, and can be switched between 3 industries. The yearly plan is available at $69/month and offers extra features.
  • Group Plan: Priced at $249/month, the Group Plan includes all the features of the Group plan and is limited to 5-seat usage. The yearly plan is available at $175/month and offers extra features.
  • VIP Enterprise: Priced at $3600/year, the VIP Enterprise includes 9 social media platforms and helps you to track 100 FB pages and includes additional features such as playable ads, new trending ads, top charts, multiple account seats, and expert team support.

6. Semrush


SEMrush is a top-tier PPC ads spy tool that offers a comprehensive suite of features to help you stay ahead of the competition. This tool is a favorite among Search engine optimization marketers, content marketers, advertisers, social media marketers, marketing agencies, and market researchers.

It's packed with features that allow you to discover the most successful ad copies and keywords used by your competitors, giving you a competitive edge in your PPC campaigns across Google Ads as well. The positive side is that Semrush is not just limited to social media ads and analysis but also runs an excellent analysis across the search engine and related operations.

On the other hand, SEMrush is a powerful tool that can help you gain a competitive edge in your PPC campaigns. With its extensive list of features and straightforward pricing plans, it's a worthy investment for any marketer or dropshipper.

Semrush Key Features

  • SEMrush allows you to spy on your competitors, providing accurate data on their bidding strategies and the performance of their YouTube ads. You can also compare your keywords with them using the Keyword Kombat feature.
  • This tool enables you to compare the age, gender, and interests of the target audiences, helping you refine your marketing strategies.
  • SEMrush helps you find out organic keywords and backlinks, as well as both paid and organic traffic sources.
  • With SEMrush, you can spy on your competitors' source of traffic and figure out the best-performing keywords for your PPC campaigns.
  • SEMrush provides a complete picture of your competitor's backlink strategy, allowing you to improve your own.
  • If you're a social media marketer, SEMrush is the perfect tool for you. It allows you to schedule posts on your social media platforms, analyze how your posts are performing, and optimize your own social media ad campaigns to boost your revenue.

Semrush Pricing Plans

Semrush offers three subscription plans: Pro, Guru, and Business.

  • Pro Plan: Priced at $119.95/mo, this plan is designed for small businesses and includes 500 keywords to track, 10,000 results per report, and other SEO, social, and PPC tools. The annual plan costs $99.95/mo.
  • Guru Plan: This plan costs $229.95/mo and includes all the features of the Pro plans. It's best suited for medium businesses, allowing you to track up to 1,500 keywords and generate 30,000 results for each report. It allows you to create 15 projects.
  • Business Plan: Priced at $449.95/mo, this plan includes all the features of the Guru Plan and helps you to track up to 5,000 keywords and 50,000 results for each report and 40 projects.

7. Similarweb


SimilarWeb is an exceptional PPC ads spy tool that provides a complete analysis of your competitors' total traffic volume, including both paid and organic search results. This tool is designed to give you insights into how your rivals' PPC campaigns are performing, enabling you to drive more traffic by improving your own ads strategies.

SimilarWeb is a powerful tool that can help you gain a competitive edge in your PPC campaigns. With its extensive list of features and straightforward pricing plans, it's a worthy investment for any marketer or dropshipper.

SimilarWeb Key Features

  • With this feature, you can analyze and monitor the performance of the top 25 competitors in your niche. You can also uncover various niches similar to yours and discover their organic traffic, paid traffic, and top-performing keywords.
  • SimilarWeb allows you to analyze the quality and engagement rate of your competitors' traffic. This includes understanding search volume, total reach, and device distribution.
  • SimilarWeb provides in-depth metrics that help you figure out the winning PPC ad campaign tactics and the cost of the PPC ad spent by your rivals. This information is crucial in building your own profitable ad campaign strategy.
  • This tool helps you analyze the total number of paid search traffic, the duration of visits, the total number of pages per visit, and the bounce rates. This information can help you improve your paid search traffic for your ad campaigns.
  • SimilarWeb allows you to create converting landing pages by analyzing the top keywords and the amount spent on the URL.
  • This feature helps you discover more ad formats that boost the click-through rate (CTR).
  • SimilarWeb helps you discover how your competitors are spending on their PPC campaigns.
  • This tool allows you to build high-performing landing pages by analyzing your competitor's ad campaigns.
  • SimilarWeb helps you target profitable keywords that your rivals are targeting, allowing you to drive more traffic and improve the engagement rate of your ad campaign.

Similarweb Pricing Plan

SimilarWeb offers a free trial and its pricing starts from $150 per month ($125 if billed yearly). It includes features such as keyword research tools, ad research tools, web traffic and engagement metrics analysis, seasonal trends in traffic identification, and uncovering the most profitable ad strategies.

8. PowerAdSpy


Securing the sweet spot of #8 on our list of best PPC Ads Spy tools, PowerAdSpy is a comprehensive PPC ad spy tool that stands out in the competitive digital marketing landscape. It's not just a tool, but a full-fledged platform that provides you with the insights to analyze the top-performing ad campaigns of your competitors. With its advanced filter options, you can set your ad positions and analyze which ad positions increase your conversion rate.

This tool gives you a clear vision of the analytics of the competitor ads, allowing you to understand the live posts and engagement rates of your ad campaigns. With a huge database covering over 100+ countries, PowerAdSpy helps you discover the most trending and fresh ad campaigns.

The powerful search algorithm sorts your search ads with popular keyword terms and identifies the best ads by likes, shares, and comments. Moreover, it uncovers the most winning ads by analyzing the social engagement status such as relationship status, age group, and more.

PowerAdSpy Key Features

  • PowerAdSpy offers advanced filter options where you can set your ad positions such as social ads which include news feeds and analyze which ad positions increase your conversion rate.
  • This tool provides you a clear vision of the analytics of the ads, where you can figure out the live posts as well the engagement rates of your ad campaigns and also understand how your audience's reaction to your ad posts.
  • PowerAdSpy includes a large database of over 100+ countries and allows you to discover the most trending and fresh ad campaigns.
  • This tool allows you to sort your ad searches based on various filter options such as keywords, specific niches, the advertiser's name, and also the URL of your competitors. Moreover, you can also analyze the winning ads of your rivals.
  • With the bookmark feature, you can now add the most trending ad concepts, which reduces the need for searching for them for later use.
  • Using the powerful search algorithm, you can sort your ad search with popular keyword terms and figure out the best ads by likes, shares, and comments.
  • PowerAdSpy helps you to uncover the most winning ads by analyzing the social engagement status such as relationship status, age group, and more.
  • PowerAdSpy helps you to figure out the best Call To Action that can boost your ad campaigns.
  • With the Geo-targeted feature, you can now easily identify the targeted audiences who are highly interested in your niche.
  • This tool allows you to combine videos and image ads for increasing the response rate of your audience.

PowerAdSpy Pricing Plan

PowerAdSpy offers a free trial plan for 3 days, and 6 paid plans which include Basic Plan, Standard Plan, Premium Plan, Platinum Plan, Titanium Plan, and Palladium Plan.

The plans range from $0 to $7 for 3 days of usage, with varying features such as the number of ad views, the number of ad networking platforms, keyword research, sorting by likes, comments, and share, bookmark, and data interval search options, call to actions, domain search, and advertiser search options, country and ad type filter, and many more. The monthly plan for the above-mentioned PowerAdSpy plans starts from $49/month and $349/month.

How do PPC ads spy tools work?

PPC Ads Spy Tools operate on the principles of competitive intelligence and data analysis. They work by crawling the web, collecting data on the PPC ads that your competitors are running. This includes information about the keywords they're targeting, the ad copy they're using, and even the landing pages they're directing traffic to.

These tools then analyze this data, providing you with insights into your competitors' strategies. For instance, you can discover which PPC keywords are driving the most traffic for your competitors, giving you the opportunity to target these keywords in your own campaigns.

Moreover, these tools can provide demographic data about the targeted audiences of these ads, helping you understand who your competitors are reaching out to. This can be particularly useful for marketers and dropshippers, as it can help you refine your own audience targeting strategies.

In essence, PPC Ads Spy Tools provide a window into your competitors' strategies, giving you the competitive intelligence you need to optimize your own PPC campaigns.

Now that we have covered all the important aspects of how PPC ads spy tools work, let's now get started with the list of best PPC Ads spy tools that can upscale your marketing as well as dropshipping operations to the next level.

FAQs on Best PPC Ads Spy Tools

How accurate is the data provided by PPC Ads Spy Tools?

While the accuracy can vary between different tools, most reputable PPC Ads Spy Tools provide highly accurate data. They use sophisticated algorithms and large data sets to provide reliable insights into your competitors' PPC strategies.

What is a PPC Ads Spy Tool?

A PPC Ads Spy Tool is basically a software or SaaS tool that allows marketers, business owners, affiliate marketers, and dropshippers to analyze and monitor their competitors' Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising strategies. These tools provide insights into the keywords, ad copies, and strategies that competitors are using to drive their campaigns.

Do PPC Ads Spy Tools offer trial periods or demos?

Many PPC Ads Spy Tools offer trial periods or demos, allowing you to test out the tool before committing to a subscription. This can be a great way to see if the tool fits your needs and can provide the insights you're looking for.

Can I use a PPC Ads Spy Tool for platforms other than Google?

Absolutely! While Google is a popular platform for PPC advertising, many PPC Ads Spy Tools also provide insights for other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. This can help you create a comprehensive, multi-platform advertising strategy.

Final Words on Best PPC Ads Spy Tools

After covering all the best PPC ads spy tools, you might have got some excellent tools in your cart. Well, after reviewing all of the tools, I can say that not every tool is the perfect tool, something which is the USP of one tool might be a missing factor in other tools, but before you make your decision of choosing that one lucky tool, I would recommend analyzing the important factors which align with your marketing strategy.

On the other hand, before spending a big chunk of money on any of these tools, why not try out the trial, as most of these tools offer a trial which is less than $5 and free in most cases? Once you have explored the tools, you might step upon the tool which works best for you. See guys, marketing isn't a sprint but a marathon filled with regular learning, adaptation, and outperforming your own last strategy.

So, choose to try out the PPC Ads spy tools mentioned above and use the extensive data and insights offered by them to learn and improvise by analyzing your competitor's marketing strategy. Remember, the right tool can make all the difference. It's not just about spying on your competitors; it's about learning, adapting, and outperforming them.

Hopefully, this article on the best PPC Ads spy tools has cleared some of the common questions that you might be having while choosing the best ads spy tool for your marketing and dropshipping operations.

Until next time, Happy Marketing!!

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